Mar 162007

Update! I put the numbers 1 – 290 in the random selector and it picked #28. I just checked and the winner is CHARMAINE. That’s crazy….she is becoming a great blog friend of mine. Check out her blog if you haven’t done so yet! She does the most amazing work!!!

 I am getting close to 50,000 hits and it is time to say thank you to you all again with a little candy!


Thanks for always checking my blog! Thanks for making me feel so special.

This blog candy contains:

  1. Ten big Prima Jamaica flowers from the Caribbean collections
  2. Five Chipboard flowers from Stampin’ Up!
  3. Silver Diamond shaped brads from Stampin’ Up! vintage brad collection
  4. Happy Harmony stamp set unmounted
  5. 8 different ribbon from May Arts about 5 yards each
  6. The Dance card from yesterday or the day before

To win this blog candy please leave a comment on this thread. Please only one comment per person. I will draw a winner Sunday at 2:00 p.m. central time with a online random selection program.

To celebrate spring, please answer the following question in your comment:

What plants do you love to have/grow in your yard?

For me that’s easy. I fell in love with the amethyst plumbago , multicolored Lantana as well Oleander and Esperanza’s in San Antonio.  To make Florida feel more like home we did plant Plumbago and those Lantanas last weekend in our front yard. I can’t wait for them to get big and bushy.


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375 Responses to “It is TIME”

  1. I grow lavender, and heather in my yard. I have it lined up along my walkways, so when I walk by you can just smell it in the air. I have this long curvy walk to my pool, and I always brush it to smell them.

  2. Iris… they were my mom’s favorite flower, one of the first to bloom in spring, and require very little maintenance.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tulips. Right now mine are about halfway up, but they are covered in snow 🙁

  4. I love wildflowers… I have to have something that needs no assistance!! Thank you for your constant inspiration!!

  5. I love tulips, they are my favorite.. Nothing reminds me of spring more then tuplips!

    Love your blog. thanks for the great tutorials (I just did the triangle trifold card!) and sharing your beautiful cards…


  6. I lov eseeing the snow crocus comming up. They will bloom in light snow cover. They let me know spring is finally here. My favorite flowers are kinda a bush/tree. I love Hydrainga. We have the most beautiful periwinkle colored variety. I also love Lilac but am violently allergic and have to live on drugs during thier 2 week bloom~Very pretty to look at though.
    BTW:You do not need to give me anything more. I come here because you are an incredible inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talent with me!

  7. Hey,

    I can’tthink of spring without thinking about pink and yellow tulips. My granny and I would plant them every year when I was small. It brings back a lot of memories.

    LOVE your bolg!!!!

  8. What a beautiful bouquet of candy!

    I don’t really grow anything but weeks in my yard… total black thumb!

  9. My favorite flowers in the garden have to be the lilies…….they stand so tall. Another favorite is primula; the first sign that there actually will be flowers in the garden. None there yet though..waiting for about 6 inches of snow to fall overnight. *sigh*

  10. Lilacs, they are so pretty and fragrant. When they are in bloom I fill my house with cuttings!

  11. I love all tiger and asiatic lilies. I have a bunch and am hoping they come back again this year (new garden last year). I also love clematis. The big purple flower varieties always make me smile. I also love hydrangeas, but they are kind of a bush.

  12. My favorite are the fragrant gardenia bushes at the fron entrance walk way to my house. When they are in bloom you can smell them everywhere. I always cut some and put them by my bed side and float them in bowls all over the house. I love how delicate they are.
    I also love the hibiscus I have, they are just a burst of color. I love when everything blooms……it’s like a new beginning!

  13. I love your blog! Check it every day without fail. My favorite flowers are azalea and peony bushes; the colors are so bright even though they don’t last all summer. Pansies are another one of my favorites. Can’t wait for gardening weather around here. I’m in Canada, British Columbia, on the west coast. Your blog is so interesting and I get lots of inspiration to try my hand at different things. Your tutorials on SCS are great as well.

  14. Tulips! I love tulips in the spring…..

  15. Great blog candy!!! I love all kinds of plants in my yard but I would have to say that my absolute favorites are ferns and iron plants.

  16. For me it’s tulips. They are already coming up (which is amazing with all the ice we’ve had!) and I can’t wait for them to bloom!
    I would love a chance at this basket of goodies.

  17. Beate,

    I love Crocus, Tulips, Daffodils & Hyacinths. My hubby planted so many last year and they are really starting to peek up and some have even bloomed! You are such a rock star – 50,000 hits? I am really happy for your success as a blogger!! Smiles to you!

  18. I love all kinds of flowers, used to have a yard full of flowers and plants, but I can’t keep them. See, I live in a city, not a huge city, but my house is a townhouse near a corner. I love mums, but they were ripped out of my flower bed in the front, by the neighbor’s 3 yo DD who wanted to give them mommy ~ all 4 plants. Then I put pots of flowers around my porch, those were stolen, pots and all. DH suggessed I put everything in my backyard. I worked hard, planted hostas, that never die, lavender, mums, and some pansies. The neighbor’s dogs (all 3 of them) seem to enjoy them so much that they have to rip them out of the ground. So, I’d love to plant more flowers and plants, but I think I have to settle for admiring everyone else’s.

  19. we have lots of stuff in our yard!! sweet william…silver mound..lavender…roses…carnations…elephant ears…daffodils…tulips…marigolds….snapdragons…

    wow….50,000 hits….you are amazing!!

  20. Ohhh this is a good question. I love plants and this is my favorite time of year. I’m so ready to plant my flowers for the summer. I have Hosta’s that come back every year, some mums too. But my all time favorite is my bleeding heart. I have had 3 and this one has finally taken off. It gets bigger and better every year. I have had it growing now for 7 years. I can’t wait to see what it is like this year.

  21. I love any color of Gebera Daisies! I think they are so pretty and always make me feel happy! I can’t wait to plant them again!

  22. Well unfortunately most things don’t last long for me. And we weren’t at this house in the spring last year so I didn’t get to plant anything then. I guess I will have to go to the nursery when spring finally arrives here in NY and see what can grow around here. And my thumb isn’t exactly green so I’ll have to see what wants to work with me.

  23. My favorite flowers are yellow daffodils. They are the first flowers to bloom here and they seem to grow wild all thru the neighborhood. Great heralders of spring.

  24. This is so easy for me…wanna know why? ‘Cuz I don’t really kknow the names of my flowers in my garden. I just spent the time planting them. I do know I love hyacinth (sp?) and I do have those in my garden. For the life of me though I cannot get my absolutely favorite flower to grow here in the Northwest…Lily of the Valley. Oh, well! Thanks for such an awesome blog Beate…you ROCK!!!

  25. Wow, that’s quite the blog candy! What plants do I love to have/grow? Well, we’re just starting to plant our gardens after having planted our grass last spring … I love Lilac bushes. They smell so pretty and the beautiful colour just livens up any home!

  26. Congrats on your hits. I would have to say that I love the crocus, tulips, dafodils and the early spring blooms. But I guess my spring time fav would be crocus.

    My fav plant in my garden is my butterfly bush. It is huge, and starts blossoming around early Aug. I get so much enjoyment out of watching the monarch butterflies on this bush. This is my all time fav thing in my garden.

  27. Spring in Arizona is like summer everywhere else – we’re already in the 90s. But when I was young and lived in Oregon the crocus, daffodils and tulips started to pop, you new spring was on it’s way.
    I love you site and constantly refer to it for ideas …. guess I should spend more time stamping and less time looking!
    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  28. I love my little vegetable garden. I grow tomatoes, peppers, radishes, herbs, and squash, broccoli, and onions. I am going to try a few new things this year.

  29. I’d have to say yellow Lantana. I have a BROWN thumb and these take the heat or the habits of a forgetful gardener!

    Love your blog!!!


  30. Hi and thanks for the candy!

    In my yard (at my house, which we are selling )-`: ) I have some miniature rose bushes and my pride and joy, a very strong and healthy butterfly bush. I love that thing and will miss it. Other than that, I have a ton of weeds… planted by neglect! ~Tracey

  31. Oh Beate, this topic is so intense for me! I have just completed a course to become a master gardner and I am just so excited. I (We,my DH) have been gardening for 25 years. We have experimented with so many plants. Our year starts with crocus, then daffy’s, tulips, all the bulb type flowers and then the rhododendron’s and azaleas. Of course that is along with the flowering trees. Then comes the green period where the perennials start to grow. Not long after I will start to buy the annuals. So if I could select one it would have to be one of my all old fashion favorites the Snow Ball bush. We had a huge one in our backyard when I grew up and that brings back fond memories.

  32. I have lived in Florida for 37 years and my favorite spring flowers are still the ones that I cannot grow down here . . . lilacs, tulips, daffodils, forsythia – but I can get them at the grocery store – that helps. Congrats on reaching 50,000 hits!

  33. I have to say my favourite thing to plant in the garden are cherry tomatoes and dill….I love to eat them both fresh! Not exactly spring plants but….

    I love your blog!!
    Tracy H.

  34. I really like any flowers and plants, especially ones that smell good. I really like lavender but I don’t have just one favorite.
    I really enjoy your blog. I have it saved in my favorites. Thanks!

  35. love your website. also am thinking of spring since it is smowing here in Massachusetts today. My favorite spring flowers would have to be tulips. I plant them every year as well as give them as a gift to family and friends

  36. We have a short growing season in Calgary so I like things that can grow in a short amount of time and are hardy in our clay-like, dry soil. So a plant called chicks and hens is my fav!

  37. I LOVE Lantana and I also discovered it here in Texas as you did. I like the multi-colored too – the ones that go from red to orange to yellow, or pink to orange to yellow. Another of my favorites are Johnny Jump-Ups. I also really like Snapdragons and it’s so fun to make them “snap ” at my girls by plucking a bloom and squeezing at it’s base. They giggle every time. I love brightly colored flowers and wish I had more of a green thumb 🙂 I’m having the hardest time with plants! As for all of your contests – you’re going to be giving tons of candy away because you’re going to keep hitting milestones quickly with such an AWESOME blog!!! Thanks so much for all of the inspiration. I don’t know you “in person”, but you seem like such a positive woman who really cares about making others happy. Take care!

  38. That basket sure makes it look like Spring! I am not much of a gardener and we have not been in this house a year yet, so there’s not very much except Day Lilies growing in our yard, unless you count the flowering weeds. My favorite is the hydrangea and I hope the winter didn’t kill it. I would love to have those all the way around the house.

  39. My favorite plant is the hosta. I love, love, love the deep blue green leaves!

  40. I tried something different last summer and LOVED it! I live in Zone 3 (Manitoba) and wanted a tropical feel, so I went to Home Depot and got a couple palms! Planted them in huge pots on the deck with some bright flowers and trailers. As beatiful as they were, the best part was the sound of those fronds swaying in the breeze!

  41. Wow! Great blog candy Beate! My flower favorites, which I have just a few, are day lillies and tulips. I love to see them bloom in the spring. I always want to plant more, but never seem to get around to it in the fall. Maybe THIS year!

  42. Beate, I love your blog. It is an inspiration, and so fun to see your new creations. I love anything flowery that I can get to grow in my yard. My favorites are my rose bushes, when the pesty bugs don’t eat them up and rob me of my beautiful blooms. My other favorites are the impatients I plant because they don’t require a lot of maintenance and are always pretty in bloom for a long time.

  43. Great Blog Candy! I love Dafodils because for the first time ever I have a garden and I actually grew some!

  44. WOW Beate that is one LOVELY RAK!!!

  45. Growing up in Sequim, WA (NW WA State) we have a Lavender Festival. There are tons of lavender farms. It smelled so good.

  46. I love irises in my garden, all colours, all sizes. I love how they look and smell, they are definitely my favorite spring time flower!

  47. my favorites for my yard and have to be’s are . . .
    geranium – they take the summer heat so well here in Kansas
    allium – for their beauty alone!
    strawberries – right off the front porch for easy pickin in the mornings!
    crown imperials – for their beauty and STINKINESS! gotta love them for keeping those pesky moles away!
    pink poppies – those just seem to make me feel peaceful with their beauty.
    oh I could go on and on . . .
    but let’s talk about the beauties you are giving away ! lol someone is gonna be so happy to get that!
    thanks for all the inspirations you share with us!

  48. Yummy blog candy…how generous!! I’m not really great with flowers, but I have an awesome strawberry patch, which I share with family & friends…love it! Congats on 50,000 hits!

  49. You have a great blog, such an inspiration.
    My favorite spring flower would be Tulips. They are so bright and cheery.
    Thanks for the blog candy!

  50. I love Tulips and Daffodils but they don’t last very long it seems. I’m not very good about tying the tulips down, etc.
    Chris Hauck

  51. I love honeysuckle. It’s so fragrant and the scent is a simple and light one that just floats to you and captures you!

  52. Hi there!

    I just stumbled upon your blog; I have enjoyed reading it! My favorite flower is actually the African lily. Thanks for the inspiration from your blog!

  53. I can’t wait to see the tulips! Unfortunately we still have a ton of snow and it will be awhile before it melts. We are expecting more snow next week I hear. So the tulips will have to wait a little longer!

  54. Oh, I love this question! I have some beautiful iris’, poppies, roses, clematis, lilacs, hibiscus, tulips, catmint, and many more! On our courtyard, I have up to 25 planters with lots of pansies, mixed in with all sorts of other flowers; and of course some geraniums, too. I LOVE FLOWERS!!! Thanks for the chance at blog candy; I can’t believe you are up to 50,000! Did you know you were so loved???!!! 🙂

  55. I really love tulips – but not planting them. My idea of attempting to have a garden is having my friend over and I play with the kids while she tends to my “garden”. But I love cut tulips – I make a garden in my house…. Thanks!

  56. I love Lantana too! It is about the only thing left at the end of a hot summer that still looks good in our yard. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us on your blog!

  57. Nothing speaks of Spring than the bright yellow of the Forsythia bushes. We’re only 4 weeks away from a riot of yellow gold in St. Louis… and I can’t wait!!!


  58. We live in the fog belt and nothing grows. I want to get another lemon tree and try again – for the 3rd time – to have fresh lemons.

  59. I am so not a yard/garden person, so to be perfectly honest, I have to say the only things that grow in my yard are weeds! Is that bad? I just don’t like yard work so much! Neither does my husband! But I LOVE looking at other people’s pretty yards! Our yard is very boring, but it is nice and green! 🙂 Lisa K

  60. I have to say I love roses, especially the pink ones.

  61. I’m not much of a gardener, but I like to plant rosemary, basil and snapdragons and pansies.

  62. I would have to say I love daffodils – they remind me of “happy”. They bring a smile to my face and I think they add cheerfulness and sunny feelings to the yard!

  63. I love tulips. They aren’t up yet but with the warm weather we had this week they are starting to peak thru the dirt. I also have wildflowers, the ones that attract butterflies. Our purple iris start blooming all across the back of our yard. I just go flower crazy when May comes. Thats when I plant the rest of my flowers that I’ll enjoy for the summer.

  64. For me, it is my daisies…I *adore* them!!!

  65. Oh heavens, I’ll never win! The odds are stacked against me. You’ll get like a zillion comments you’re so hot in the blogging world!!!! Oh, silly me, I’ll play anyways….let’s see, my favorite plants that grow in my yard are my roses and my clematis’s! Spring is my very, very, very favorite season of all! Thanks girlfriend!


  66. I wish that everyone had identified their gardening zone. Living in Maine and Florida is quite the challenge now. If we get back to our cottage on the lake in time this spring, I might be able to save the hostas from the deer – there are some that deer will not eat thank goodness. And of course, I treasure each and every fern that I have transplanted out of the woods. In Florida, I find coleus will survive all summer, and if I should fail to cover when a frost is going to hit, they still will recover very well . . . and with all those colors . . . who could ask for more?

  67. I absolutely LOVE purple pansies. They remind me of my grandmothers and always have to have a pot or two at my doorstep.
    Great blog candy!

  68. I love bluebonnets, roses, lantana & oleander. I’d like to throw some wildflower seeds at our new property & have all that & more, because we want to keep it native looking

  69. Gerber Daisies! They are my absolute fave, and were the main theme of my wedding!

    Love your website! You are such a creative inspiration!

  70. I love bleeding hearts. They are so delicate and take no work at all on my part to grow except watering and fertilizing once in a great while.

    Love your website, Beate!

  71. Wow, what great blog candy! Congrats on 50,000!!!
    I rent my house now so I can’t plant anything outside, but I used to have lilac bushes and tulips. Love them both!

  72. A number of years ago, my grandfather gave me 50 tulip bulbs sent directly from Holland. I love when the come up every year. They multiply and fill my front yard with a wonderful red color. And red is my favorite color!

  73. More blog candy!

    I can hardly keep grass growing in my yard, but I have a little stand of mint and I love making mint tea in the spring/summer! Oh, and if I could get them to grow I’d have bluebonnets everywhere…they’re the state flower of Texas…where I grew up!

  74. Great gift.I do not have a green thumb but my DH and MIL do. I had them put tulips in my yard. They are my favorite!

  75. Well, my favorite thing in my yard is my irises – I originally dug up bulbs from my grandmother’s little iris garden and I’ve split them, moved them, and I still get gorgeous blooms every spring!

    Cool blog candy! and really cool blog!!!

  76. I love cherry tomatoes!

  77. Awesome! I check your blog almost every day! Thanks so much for all you do!

  78. My favorite plants are my roses…I chose ones with a strong fragrance. I love to go out and smell them in the morning! I also enjoy my Japanese toad lilies – the flowers are so delicate!

  79. I grow Hydrangea’s – they are beautiful and about the only thing I can keep alive!

  80. I love planting lillies, daffodils & paper whites in the Spring! I love all kinds of flowers. I do also love getting my yearly Easter gift of a gardenia plant. They smell heavenly!

    All the best to you, Beate!

    Teresa in MD

  81. I love to grow gladiolas,every time I see them, they always bring back memories of my grandma. It’s harder to grow them here in Indiana, as opposed to back home (WA), but oh how I miss grandma, just conjuring up the image of the flowers, I can almost smell them sitting on her table. Thanks for the memories from your question!

  82. I have to say, I love planting pansies and petunias. I know they are old fashioned and rather easy, but I have 3 little boys and they are in love with the idea of planting little seeds and seeing them grow into flowers. These ones are easy enough for us to look after together and have such great (almost instantaneous) gratification for both myself and the kids. I have really only been blog-stalking and have never left a comment on this one, but I do rather enjoy it and find it very inspiring! Thank You!

  83. Dianthis, Wine and Roses, and Oleander (just to name a few)

  84. Gerber daisies are my favorite but I can’t seem to keep anything alive in a garden! I just found your site and am loving it. thanks

  85. I look hyacinth and tulips. Here in Colorado I can’t wait for my bulbs to come up in the Spring and breath some life into my yard. They don’t last very long, but do get me over the hump before I can do A LOT more planting.

  86. Flowers????? I wish I could plant flowers. The deer ALWAYS eat them. One year I was so excited because I had planted row after row of tulips. I planted them in rows of like colours and they were going to fill up my partitioned box (large) in my front yard. I was super excited when the snow melted and I could see the tulips sprouting. I watched them day by day and finally one day I knew they would bloom the next day. The sun was shinning bright that morning and I rushed out of bed to see them in full bloom. No word of a lie, a deer came along and deheaded 50 bulbs!!! I was sooooo sad. It just so happened we got posted that year and I never did get to see them. Now we live in another part of the province where the deer even like the GREEN PLANTS they aren’t supposed to eat. I spent over $100 planting the “non-deer” plants and EVERY single one of them was gone about 4 days after they bloomed. Sigh… Just so you know, I adore daffodils and tulips.

  87. Much like my stamping/cardmaking/scrapbooking/crafting/etc. (lol) habit, I like to buy a lot of different things and see how I can put them together in a variety of different thing (pots, beds, borders, etc.)to make my yard pretty.

  88. My two favorite Springtime flowers are lavender – for its purple beauty and fragrance and yellow daffodils, reminds me of when my daughter was little and would pick them for me. Happy Spring to everyone- when it finally arrives.

  89. What a wonderful question to ask! I don’t even know where to begin. What plants do you love to have/grow in your yard? OMG all of them! Okay, lets see how I do…Calla Lilys, I love them..actually all Lilys are wonderful I have wild ones, tiger ones, calla ones, if its a Lily chances are I grow it. I love my Cedium, the texture is so nice especially next to my Japanese Ferns. I also have four other varieties of ferns. Then I hove something called parrot tulips that are yellow with red veins and Iris, several types of Iris. I hope to be planting Mother Earth Iris’ and a few other varities for the next season. Well….I’m sure I’ve bored you by now, but if you ever want to hear more let me know I can go on and on 🙂

  90. Tulips, Tulips and more Tulips and maybe a few Daffodils. Bright colors are the best as they chase away the winter Blahs!

  91. My favorite flowers are the roses in our front garden. They bloom from June to October and are the hardiest flower in the garden.

  92. Wow! You sure do spoil us out here in the blogosphere! Thanks so much! I’m more of an edible garden person, myself. If I could only plant one thing, it would be strawberries. Mmmm….

  93. I love all kinds of flowers, but I am not great at growing them. Some of the better ones for spring and summer that I’ve had good luck with are: impatiens, begonias, and tulips.

  94. I love the old fashioned multi-colored Lantana (that’s a must have) It does well in the heat we have during the summer. It comes back every year & grows so quickly too. I was given a start of Peter Satchel Iris several years ago (large, fragrant, deep purple blooms). They have really taken over & need to be transplanted & thinned. I plant lots of colorful flowers all together every spring so I can see them from my window. I don’t really know how to explain it – they just seems to make my heart happy!

  95. I am a bit old fashioned and love roses! I got spoiled when I lived in California and wild roses grew everywhere. Now that I am also in Florida, I have a wonderful rainforest yard full of ferns and elephant ears. I have to say that my favorite plant now is the awesome trees we have. They date back to Columbus! How amazing is that?
    I love your art!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  96. I absolutely love tulips and so sad that they don’t last longer. When the tulips bloom then I know summer is not far behind. Thanks for sharing such nice blog candy!


  97. Hmmm. I’ll have to say that azaleas are my favorite! 🙂

  98. My favorite flowers are those that do not need a whole lot of maintenance. I usually get the wildflower mixes, and all I have to do is weed and water them. ;0

  99. I love to plant lavender in my yard. I also love my water garden plants-lilies,lotus,irisies, ect. Lantana is beautiful and the hummingbirds love it. It is hard to choose that is why i spend way too much on plants every spring.
    Carla Hoffman

  100. WOw Beate, What a generous blog gift. It should be the other way around. We should be sending you stuff as a thankyou for taking time to post wonderful ideas on your blog and Splitcoaststampers.
    I love flowers period, but I’m not much of a gardener I’m afraid. I depend on really hardy plants that can survive through a lot of different weather conditions. I usually plant red geraniums and purple petunias as their colours are so rich and they really brighten up our yard. I did have tulips but some dang rabbits/squirrels have dug up things looking for their peanuts(?) or whatever. Congratulations on the success of your post and thanks again for blessing us with your talent. Jennifer, Calgary, ALberta

  101. You know I love your stuff, Beate. You are and always have been an inspiration to you, and you set the standard by which I set my aspirations. Thanks for sharing all of your talent with us!

  102. We rent so it’s hard to plant stuff in our little yard. But I do love my two rose bushes that I have gotten free. One from a food convention and the other that was given to me from a friend who has an aunt who works at a “Garden” who had gone “dumpster diving”! Each year the rose gets stronger and produces more roses! And it was thrown away! 😮

  103. I like to grow lilies they are my favorite garden flower and tiger lilies (orange) remind me of my grandmother on the farm.

  104. I love Plumerias. The flowers, scent and colors rock!
    Lavender is another favorite to grow.
    [email protected]

  105. Wow! That’s huge candy!! I live in an apt but have a balcony that gets a lot of sun. I think I am one of those people with a brown thumb, but I keep trying every year!!! Anyway this year I thought I’d try my hand at some herbs. Pretty and useful! Plus some african vilots…I’ve been told it’s pretty hardy!


  106. Unfortunately I don’t have a yard – but growing up we used to have tulips that lined our driveway. It was so nice to see every year !

    Great blog candy – congrats on 50K!

  107. Wow! You are SO generous! That is some great blog candy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that card too! 🙂 My favorite flower to have/grow is a sunflower. They make me very happy. Daisies are a close second. . .although some people consider both of them weeds! 🙂

  108. Wow, you are so sweet, Beate!
    My fav plant would be my lavender that lines my front walkway and down the driveway. When I open the front windows of my house and a breeze blows….OH how sweet it is!!!! I can’t wait for spring…it is still only 30 degrees here in Illinois!
    ~Lana B.~

  109. Living in the Northwest you can’t help but love the Rhodedendrons and Azalea’s when they are in full bloom. I have 15 Rhoddies and 6 Azalea’s in my yard and when they are in bloom it is like heaven.

  110. I love lilac bushes and have one planted right outside my kitchen window. When that bush is in bloom the smell that comes into my kitchen window is like heaven. Its awesome. I want to plant some more lilac bushes this spring. If spring comes back to Chicago..LOL


  111. we love to grow petunias there are so pretty and bright, we also love cosmos!Great giveaway , love your blog!

  112. So funny that you would ask, I live in the arctic and we don’t grow anything in our yards. I’ve seen some of my neighbors put out silk plants and flowers but it kinda looks silly and out of place. If we lived somewhere else I would plant roses in honor or our three month old daughter. Her middle name is Rose. Thanks for asking.
    🙂 Nancy Grant

  113. I have very little sun in my yard so I plants lots of ‘shade-loving plants. My favorites are Impatiens they bloom all summer and are available in a wide selection of colors. A close second are the Hybrid Begonias.

  114. Wow, you’re going to be making alot of trips to the post office if you keep this up! I have just two sets of flowers in my yard – roses and orchids growing in pots. The roses aren’t doing very well but the orchids are blooming! Whites, lavendars, pinks, yellows, and oranges (all different plants) – so pretty right now. Thanks!

  115. I have a big English-style garden which includes anything I can grow at our altitude of 6,400 feet. Among my favorites are delphiniums, roses, clematis, rhubarb, creeping phlox, trumpet vine, iris, primrose and much more!

  116. Sadly, I am without a garden right now! But I love the early spring flowers best – daffodils, tulips and irises – all signs that spring is on its way! When I had a patio garden I would always grow impatients, petunias, geraniums and other fairly hardy flowers with lots of color and plenty of blooms. Maybe I will plant a few things this year!

  117. Congratulations on 50,000 hits, that is incredible — although not suprising considering how talented you are. I have a whole week to stamp!! It is Spring Break!!

  118. I love Daisies! They are so happy and fresh. Pansies are a favorite too, they remind me of my grandmother who would sing a little song about them.

  119. you are so generous Beate! I adore the goodies from the last blog candy 😀 I wish I had plans for my yard, but alas – I have no yard! I would love to get into container gardening though, but am not sure where to start – I have 100% shade on my back patio & my front patio is quite dark (there I have a pot of beautifully fake cream & yellow zinnias to brighten up the doorway) 😀

  120. Beate congrats on your bloggings and closing in on 50,000 now! Gardening is one of my loves also (pictorials in my website). My Springtime garden here in Australia includes lots of Sth. American tibouchinas in flower – a flourish of purple! Geisha Girl Durantas (more purple/white flowers), and hydrangeas. I plant annuals where there’s space for them and blue salvias are top of the list.

  121. I lOVE Purple Cone Flowers…they make me smile

  122. I grow big huge beautiful and fragrant red roses!

  123. Right now I have some red calladiums in my back yard – they are sooooooooo pretty, and they popped up by themselves!

    Wow, congratulations on another milestone!

    dini on SCS

  124. I love tulips coming out of the ground. It starts the summer off and then I love sunflowers and marigolds. All of these are pretty easy to grow, that might be why I love them so much.

  125. I am the worst gardener on the planet. I killed mint. Twice. I have fake daffodils (my fave flower) from Mike’s in a pot of real dirt on my front porch.

  126. Tulips are my favorite. I’m waiting to see if mine bloom this year. We planted the bulbs last year, so hopefully we will see some beautiful tulips. I had all tulips in my wedding. Was married on April 13th, and the tulips were in full force. The Botanical Gardens were beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

  127. Um, I’m sooooooo not a plant person. I once killed a spider plant. But, I love to look at the roses in the front yard across the street. The current owner moved to a care facility cause of his wife. I just hope that whoever buys the house knows how to take care of “our” roses.

  128. i so don’t have a green thumb, i once killed a wild flower (don’t remember the name)and didn’t try ever since. maybe when i get a real garden, then i’ll try again. but i love tulips! i’d love to see tulips grow in my future garden. lol.

  129. I love everything that you do… and would love to win your blog candy…. I love Primas 🙂 thanks Janet

  130. I love the daisy. I plant them in my garden. I don’t really like how they smell but I love how they look.

  131. The only plants in our yard are really trees. A Ruby Red Grapefruit tree and several orange trees grow outside my back door and right now they are blooming and OH! they smell so sweet and nice. You can be certain it is spring down here in the Rio Grande Valley in southwestern Texas.

  132. I love any plant that comes from a bulb. They are so easy to maintain and I enjoy seeing them return to our garden each year. Of course, I always find other bulbs to add to them-daffodils, tulips and irises are a few of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  133. I think you need to switch to giving candy every 25k hits girl…you’ll be sending stuff out every 3 days if this keeps up!! 🙂

    So far, I haven’t planted anhything over here, but keep eyeing the primroses at Real. However, I was quite thrilled to have pussywillows and hydrangea already growing in our back garten… love them both, and haven’t had pussywillows since I was a child growing up in Maine. Guess I’ll wait until my mom gets here toplant new flowers so she can help! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy St. Patty’s day!!


  134. I think I would have to say tulips. I’m such a gardener wannabe. I admire everyone else’s gardens but don’t have a green thumb myself. I prefer things that come up and look pretty on their own!

  135. More candy???? Your are rockin’!

    I love hydangeas and lilics at the moment. Anyhting popping up in the spring, daffodils and tulips…

  136. I love sunflowers!!!!!!!! I plant them everywhere! My house is like a BIG sun! Wow!

  137. This is going to be our first year having a garden and we are putting in lots of veggies. I think the must have for me is probably corn and for flowers I am hoping to put in sunflowers.

  138. I love day lilies which thrive in the hot mid-west climate. I also love roses and any flower that will bloom all summer to add color to my garden. Love your blog.
    Beverly A

  139. My absolute favorites are lilacs. Some of the ones I have were actually transplated from my parent’s house but they are originally from my great grandparents house. My grandparents then dug some and moved them to their home and then my parents to my childhood home and now I have them with me. As a kid, my bedroom window was right near where all the lilacs were planted and when they bloomed in the spring and I had my window open all you could smell were those flowers! I love them!

  140. super basket of goodies. I always have had to have Lilies of the Valleys planted. But my husband has turned our backyard into an amazing perennial garden(odd for me to enjoy because I do not like the out of doors…but I do look often from the window or just to wander around with the dog). We have Cardinal Plants, Japanese Iris, fire plants, man…I cannot even name all of them. But come visit and we’ll show you.

  141. OMG 50K already!
    My favorite flower is the purple bloom on a Russian sage bush. I couldn’t grow much in Colorado, because of the bright sun and the hungry animals. Although every summer in the midst of the hottest days; the Russian Sage bloomed without fail. I especially loved to watch the bumble bees, the size of half dollars, fall asleep on its branches at night. What a sight!

  142. I love all flowers! I love the tulips that show their faces in the springtime. I have many rose bushes and they bloom all summer long. Morning Glory is a favorite that wraps itself around the wrought iron bed frame I have in one of my flower gardens. One of my all time favorite flowers is Allium in all different sizes. My stress relief in the summer is working in my flower gardens. I love the look of your cards!

  143. I love all flowers! Outside I have tulips for the Spring and inside I a Christmas cactus for the Winter. I do have some others but these are my favourites.

    I love your blog and I check it everyday.

  144. Hello Beate;

    What flower do I love to have in my garden? Hummmmmmmmm…every single one of them. We’re limited here in Nova Scotia but I do have a few microclimates in my back yard so I can grow a few special plants.

    Thanks for all your great publications. It truly must be a passion for you.


  145. My project from last summer was Day lilies, we have alot of rocks and they cover so well. Seeing we are just getting over another foot of snow today it will be awhile before I have to weed.
    Love this website, thanks for the great ideas.

  146. WOW! what fabulous candy to give!!!
    my favorite flowers(and my yard is filled with them) are daffodils, they are the trumpets of spring, gerber daisies and cone daisies(crimson,yellow and a gorgeous purple), we have pink, yellow and orange roses, and can’t forget the irises… i love my yard, it is peaceful, tranquil and forces me to slow down whenever i step into it…
    right now we have 8 inches of snow covering my daffodill heads and little crocuses that were starting to pop, but a nor’easter hit us yesterday and well, i hope they are ok, cause they are buried!!!

  147. I like flowering trees. Right now we only have a dogwood that flowers once in a while. But the tulips will make up for the lack of flowers.

  148. I love to plant daisies. All different color daisies.

  149. Hello, congrats to the success of your Blog!!! As far as my love for flowers, I will always love a pink rose, any type, small or large or climbing or even carpet! I love pink and I love roses too so Ihave a few small ones in the front, like around 5 small bushes and I have around 5 larger bushes in the back. Some are white and of course pink too!!! What I love about them is that you can just cut off a limb and pretty much stick it in the ground and pray it grows! At least that’s what I do and it works!!! I also LOVE Hydrangeas!!! Any color is great..Cockscomb is a really cool looking plant/flower, its gorgeous reddish pinkish velvety flower??? I guess you could call it is just awesome!!! Thank You, Christina

  150. I have planted purple coneflowers, liatris, blue iris, snapdragons, cosmos, roses, white clematis, sunflowers, peonies. There are probably more but have a senior moment and can’t remember their names. :}

  151. Wow, Beate you are always so generous! I check out your blog every day and LOVE seeing what you come up with!

    Flowers are hard b/c my husband does most of the planting. We have bad soil in our area (mostly clay) so we can’t grow much. We typically have marigolds and impatiens. My favorite are double impatiens because they look like little roses, which are my favorite flower.

    Congrats on 50,000!!!

  152. Hi Beate what beautiful BLOG candy! You are the best….Now for flowers…Okay I must admit I KILL SILK!!! I have a totally black thumb if it wasn’t for my husband we would have all greens that do not die. We have Hostis (sp?) they practically grow themselves…but my favorite is GARDENIAS….my Mom always said you cannot buy them yourself they have to be given to you for luck..well I have been hinting to my family for years….My Mom is gone 11 years and I haven’t gotten a Gardenia…

    HAPPY SPRING! We just got a snow storm so I am looking forward to SPRING!

  153. We MAKE you feel special?? Girl, you ARE special! I’m always amazed at the things you do. Your talent is mindboggling! I don’t always comment, but I certainly check out your blog when you have something new.

    Thank you for sharing your special-ness with US! :o)

  154. I LOVE blackeye susans. I must have them in my garden somewhere. I love that they are so hardy and that they bloom pretty much the entire summer!!

    Love your blog, love your art, you are so talented!!

  155. Hi Beate –

    Wow. I check your blog almost every day. What wonderful ideas and so inspiring! Thank you.

    Flowers- I think my favorite flowers in my yard are the little pink wild roses! They spring up and there smell is so divine.

    Have a great weekend!

  156. I have a large perennial garden in my backyard that I just love. However, since I live in MA, it is right now covered in snow. Boo! My favorite things that grow there are…… my peony bushes. They are one of the first things to flower and they are just so pretty! They always remind me of my wedding day. I also have a set of hydrangea bushes that remind me of summers at the beach. They don’t bloom nearly as well as the ones at my mother’s beach house, but they still make me smile!

  157. I love it that you take time to share your talent with us. My favorite flower in the yard are my roses.

  158. What plants do you love to have/grow in your yard?
    I love creeping flocks because they are so bright and springy. I love Hostas because they grow ANYWHERE and I can’t kill them. I love Lilies because they are different each year it seems and my daughter is Lily so that is a bonus.
    Beate, I just wanted to say you are such a generous person and I am always in awe over your “candy”

  159. Hi Beate!
    What a fun basket of goodies!! I LOVE spring….my favorite plants are anything that attracts butterflies and herbs. This year we are planting an herb garden with lots of basil, cilantro and arugula. I can’t wait til harvest time! Thanks for such a great blog!
    Mary Ellen

  160. I love love love Irises. They are so pretty and delicate yet incredibly strong!

  161. I really like Purple Cone flowers & Hydrangeas! I can’t grow them but I love them! Can’t wait for spring & flowers, in Michigan it is still in the 30’s!!! Thanks for the chance for some awesome blog candy and keep up the awesome art work Beate!

  162. This will be the first summer for me to plant flowers – we’ve never had a place with a front yard without flowers and plants from a previous owner/tenant. Tulips and crocus will be growning there in the spring, if it ever gets here (we are in the middle of getting another 15 or 16 inches today), and then we’ll look at planting some daisies and other summer flowers that my soon-to-be three year old will enjoy. She would also like us to plant some sunflowers.

  163. OOOHH, ich habe Deinen Blog vor ein paar Tagen erst gefunden und bin soooo…. begeistert davon. ;0)
    Your Blog candy is just “WUNDERBAR” and I had to try and see if I can get lucky here!
    As for flowers,- hmmm… anything blue will do for me. (I am bad with remembering flower names). My favorite one is- and I can only rember the german word for it- Rittersporn. A few years ago when I was back home in Germany visiting my parents and sister, my Dad gave me some seeds of it (and I smuggled them into the USA, LOL!) and planted them in my front yard. Another thing I love is Hydreangas(sp?), the blue ones of course. And daisies and black-eyed Susans. I’m not really a good gardener, I just plant things I like and then see if they grow, if not, I pull them out and plant something else.
    Thanks for a great blog and this YUMMY blog candy offer!

  164. Since I don’t have a garden – I know sad :} but my inlaws do & I love anything bright & springy – I have no idea what they are called! I just love flowers in general oh & Lilacs – I love the smell.

  165. I don’t have a specific flower that I HAVE to grow in my yard, I guess being military family I haven’t wanted to dig up a small patch for the sunflowers that I love to see. Perhaps after DH retires (maybe in two years) I will feel comfortable having a little patch for some sunflowers. 😀

    Congrats on 50K Beate, you’re awesome!

  166. Well since we have such a shaddy yard it is hostas and there many different colors of green leaves. TFS your blog and the awesome candy!!

  167. Wowsers! 50,000 hits! You go girl! What a fun fabulous blog prize! Love it, love your blog! Love your work!

    Plants in my garden…hmmm…still covered wtih snow. But underneath it…waits my hostas, my irises, tulips,, daylilies….I love all those things that keep coming back and that I can’t kill! LOL

  168. So glad you didn’t plant oleanders as they are poisonous! Yay, blog candy! My favorite flowers are roses and tulips, neither of which I can grow in central Florida. The heirloom roses I brought down here in pots all died and tulips won’t grow where it doesn’t freeze the ground. They might grow up in the Panhandle, so good luck. Sooo, I stamp my rose and tuilips images for a little bit of home. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll go find my tulip images. Kathy

  169. I have tulips and daffodils for the spring and then we plant a ton of impatients, petunias, marigolds and geraniums for the summer. I have a very large dolphin birdbath fountain that we have to plant a ton of flowers around. It is so pretty by July. I really enjoy it and the birds do too. Your blog is wonderful and the prize is too.

  170. Wow! Nice one again. Finally I am able to enter. I was keep missing the others, because I didn’t get the automatic e-mail update on time.
    So…I am not a plant person. I don’t have a garden. We have a big yard though.:o) One day I will get into having flowers and plants around me. I love roses, so it would be really nice to have rose bushes. My mom and sister love plant, flowers…
    Happy Stamping!

  171. I love growing zinnias in lots of different colors. Also sunflowers are a big hit with the kiddos.

  172. Like many others…tulips shout spring to me. I love them anywhere, but hope to get them into my yard this year so NEXT spring they’re also at my house!

  173. ok, I am trying this again. I havn’t been able to post a comment. Don’t have a garden, but tulip is the first flower that comes to my mind in the spring time. :o)

  174. another fellow Floridian here, my favorite plants right now are the gardenias and jasmine – love the smell. Our Crepe Myrtles will be starting to bloom soon, to bad they don’t have any scent as they are so beautiful and full of flowers.

    great blog.

  175. I love daisies!! I can’t plant and keep anything alive but I try with some rose bushes. I also love the Texas Bluebonnets…sad that don’t last very long.

  176. I love impatients. Luckily, here in Florida they are in bloom all year round in my yard. I just planted some gerbera daisies this week as I love those also!

  177. I love impatients and gerbera daisies!

  178. I am not sure if my comment posted..ugh My answer to the question is DAISIES! I love daisies. I can’t keep plants alive though so I don’t plant anything. We do have some rose bushes in my backyard but they do their own thing. I also love love the Texas Bluebonnets

  179. I love sweetpeas….especially when you are sitting on the deck on a summer evening and you get a waft of them. I also really like peonies and hydrangeas( they won’t grow here)
    Congrats on your 50,000, that is alot of friends you have….
    Thank you so much for the inspiration..

  180. Dahlias, Lilies (primarily Asiatic and Oriental, but will try Orienpet’s this year!), and real, honest-to-goodness smelling ROSES! Oh – and lavender. Oh and iris, and creeping phlox, and coneflower, and bee balm and yarrow, and … I love gardening, can you tell??



  181. I love hostas-but so does my dog. He thinks they are his presonal bedding and pee pot!

  182. I love hostas-but so does my dog. He thinks they are his personal bedding and pee pot!

  183. Hi Beate!! 🙂

    I love LOTS of things…crocus and snowdrops are just filling in, and I see the tulips and daffs stretching their little heads up these days! I look forward to the hydrangea with great anticipation. But my favorite of MY plants has to be my irises ~ I have a huge variety, including 2 “never before seen” ~ they came from a horticultural farm in Ontario where they were crossbred…..I have a lilac colored one that smells like GRAPE!! My aunt is the ONLY person outside that farm who has some…..and brought my mom and I each one…as well as a gorgeous apricot colored one that smells fantastic! I smile when I see them in bloom – because I know, other than my favorite aunt, that NO ONE ELSE has them (mom’s died!) anywhere else!

  184. I would have to say tulips! I got them from Holland and they pop in all beautiful colors.

  185. Wow! 50k! Thats a lot!! Congrats!! =)
    I love daisies! Although I have never planted them, I just may have to now! In the summer I love to plant honeysuckle and grow some juicy tomatos, mmm!!
    Thanks for having this great blog!!

  186. I love your blog and what wonderful candy! We moved a couple of years ago and I’m trying to get used to lots of trees and shade. I have only one really sunny spot for my favorite and that’s lantana! I also love Russian sage but just don’t have a place now.

  187. I love all kinds of plants. My favourites would have to be the lilies and lavender that are planted next to my deck, when you sit out there you get to enjoy the fragrances from both. Nice and relaxing.

  188. Thank for your daily inspiration. You truly are an amazing artist/designer. I look foward to reading your blog daily. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.I love your tutorials. They are so easy to follow. Today I will try your trifold card.
    As for my favorite flower I love to grow roses in my garden. Thank you again

  189. After looking through your blog, not only are you talented but you have some very talented frineds. What a joy to look through. Thanks. Now I’m off to see your SCS gallery. Have a great day!

  190. Hi Beate! Here is what I have growing in my garden.

    Tulips, Daffodil, Crocus and Hyacinth (all of which are starting to pop up out of the soil). I also have Peonies, Roses, Lily of the Valley, Bleeding Heart, Columbine (a must have in CO), Hostas, Daylilies, Daisies, Pincushion flower, Violets, and Sedum.

    My garden has been hit hard by the drought that CO has been in for the past several years (and the watering restrictions that came along with it). With our snowy winter this year, I’m looking forward to a plush garden this year.


  191. I love planting in the spring…it is my favorite thing to do. We have iris’s, dianthyss, flocks, tulips, lots of ground cover, hosta, azaleas, and on and on. I just love when everything blooms. I had my second son mid-April of 2004. When I left for the hospital that Saturday morning, nothing was blooming. When I came home 4 days later, the trees had the beginnings of leaves and the flowers had started to bloom. I truly believe that nature gave us a beautiful Welcome Home!

  192. I tend to have a “black thumb” most of the time, but I have had good luck with azaleas (they are survivors and are easy to take care of). I’m jealous that you are doing your Spring planting already. Being that I live in the Northeast (and we just got about a foot of snow last night), we’re going to have to wait a while for the ground to show up again before starting our planting. 🙂

    Great blog. I love all your tutorials on SCS, such great ideas and well presented (I’m a visual learner and the pictures are so helpful!).


  193. I love tulips and peonies and lilacs. Congrats on the 1,000’s of blog readers!
    Lois H

  194. I have a bit of a “black thumb” when it comes to plants, but I can usually keep azaleas alive (they are pretty hardy plants).

    I’m jealous that you are doing your Spring planting already. I live in the Northeast and we just got a foot or more of snow last night, so we’re going to have to wait for the ground to reappear before planting anything. 🙂

    Great blog and blog candy. I love your tutorials over at SCS, you have such great ideas and they are so well presented (I’m a visual learner and the pics are so helpful!


  195. MORE blog candy already? You are the best! Great blog, the candy is just the icing on the cake!
    We grow lots of lavendar here, because it grows well in the poor soil here (Nova Scotia). I’d love to grow a Fragrantissma (rodedendron?sp!family, I think) bush as it reminds me of my Mum, but I’m not that good a gardener! It will have to wait until I go home to New Zealand. I have a couple of rhodies here, but they don’t do very well.

  196. Have to admit my husband is the one who tends to the flowers, gardening and landscaping. I don’t have much of a green thumb but I love tulips and daffodils.

  197. I love tulips, but dont really have much of a green thumb;-)

  198. I have a bit of a “black thumb” when it comes to plants, but I can usually keep azaleas alive (they are pretty hardy plants).

    I’m jealous that you are doing your Spring planting already. I live in the Northeast and we just got a foot or more of snow last night, so we’re going to have to wait for the ground to reappear before planting anything. 🙂


  199. tulips and violets are my favorites, but i dont have much of a green thumb

  200. Hi Beate!
    My flowers that I MUST have are Hydrangea’s. I love the new reblooming Endless Summer variety. I also must have Peony’s, even tho’ they only visit for a brief time. After that, I just plant what whimsy dictates when I’m shopping at the garden store.
    Love your blog!

  201. What a yummy piece of blog candy! My daddy planted me some freesia by my front door 15 years ago on my birthday,, they are my favorite.

  202. Tulips and daffodils are my favorites.

  203. I don’t know, what the english name, i like ‘Stiefmütterchen’ and ‘Primeln’, the nice little spring flowers. Since i have a little yard, i like planting, i never thought, i will do, but i like it…. i love the colourful spring look in the garden….

  204. My favorite flower in my garden is the traditional tea rose. I love pampering them and fussing over them. The reward is great! The beautiful perfume fills the patio. Thanks for the chance to win candy!

  205. Beate
    I just have to enter this one!

  206. Wow!! Awesome Candy!!

    The last few years we have spent getting our back yard the way we like it…2 maple trees and 1 apple tree, 2 Ninebark, 1 barberry and 1 burning bush. This year we would like to work a little on the front. We plan to plant some bushes under our front window…not sure what yet, but most likely some Ninebark or Barberry. Love to plant some flowers in boxes on our deck too. I love pansies!!

  207. I have Daffodills all over my back bed. They are so cheerfull.

  208. Wow, I didn’t spend any of the evening on the computer last night and now look how many replies beat me here. Too bad for me.

    Anyway, I absolutely love lilacs. The smell of them while they are in bloom is so soothing and just brings a smile to my face.

    Heather S.

  209. YUMMY blog candy!! I live in a condo and have NO green thumb, so no yard and no luck at growing any plants at my place, but my dad grows sunflower trees that bloom in fall time that i adore and just love see, they go up higher than the house and its so beautiful… thanks for sharing such kindness with your blog candy, have a great weekend, take care and blessings, dawn g
    ps i get updates from your blog and each time i am so inspired, thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  210. What plants do you love to have/grow in your yard?

    Thanks for blogging, even though I don’t comment, I love checking it every day.

    I do not have a yard yet, but I love to look at tulips in peoples yards in the spring, in the summer I love to look at all the fruit growing on peoples trees, and lilacs.
    Thanks again

  211. What plants do you love to have/grow in your yard?
    I am building a house right now, and so my yard is yet to come. I love however to see tulips in spring, and in the summer love to see the roses and fruit coming on trees.

    Thanks for blogging, check it every day!!

  212. I’m not really sure what happened, I tried to post a comment and it gave me an error so I’m trying this again. My favorite flowers to have grow in my yard are lilacs. I love their scent. Just smelling them when they are in bloom brings a smile to my face and makes me happier.

    Heather S.

  213. We have a little bit of everything in our Nebraska yard, mostly planted by me! I tend to go for things that bloom for longer periods, my favorite being a shrub rose that is bright pink called Knock Out. THe spring favorites would be giant red tulips and yellow daffodils (if the deer and rabbits stay away!). Following the tulips are Iris & Lilacs, Peonies, bleeding hearts, hostas, salvia, coneflowers and more! I usually do annuals (Petunias) too in pots and mixed into the landscaping. Its just starting to turn green around here and I’m SOOO ready!

  214. I love tulips in the spring and roses in the summer. I love to look at people who have the green thumb’s yards, because I don’t quite have a yard yet.!
    Keep blogging I love looking at your site!


  216. I love Peonies!! We had them growing up–from my Grandmother’s garden, and was THRILLED when the home DH and I bought came with some plants! They are beautiful! I also love Glads, tulips and am excited about the new iris I planted last year! We also have bleeding hearts that are always gorgeous! Ok, so I guess I love them all! 🙂

  217. Just the other day the 4 ft wall of snow had finally melted off of my garden and there were crocus there and you could see the flower of a purple and a yellow one. Today though they are again under the snow!!!!!!!!!!!! (southwestern ontaio canada)
    My favorite flower seems to be the columbine. I say they are the angel fish of the garden. I love the huge white ones with their long “tails”. For some reason they remind me of my mom. They float above the garden like angels.

  218. Well, my very favorite flower is a hydrangea. We planted some in our house in Ohio and left there almost 10 years ago. My husband has had several TDY’s (business trips) to that area and he always drives past for me. There are still there and doing great, that makes me very happy.

    I also love any little wildflower my 8 year old twins pick for me. I press them all in books and they are trud treasures.

  219. I love peonies! We had some growing up–from my Grandmother’s garden, and I was thrilled when the house DH and I bought had some planted! I also love tulips, glads, bleeding hearts, ok, so I love them all! 🙂

  220. Well, my very favorite flower is a hydrangea. We planted some in our house in Ohio and left there almost 10 years ago. My husband has had several TDY’s (business trips) to that area and he always drives past for me. There are still there and doing great, that makes me very happy.

    I also love any little wildflower my 8 year old twins pick for me. I press them all in books and they are true treasures.

  221. I absolutely love Tulips! They just never seem to last long enough though! I really love my roses…. & pansies are always so beautiful with the different color combinations. Great question. I am so glad Spring is on its way!!!

  222. Day lilies are the only plants that seem to thrive in the heavy clay soil with which I’ve been blessed. I have over a dozen varieties which I’ve accumulated over the last 15 years. Each is so beautiful in its own way; my favorite is named Butterfly Kisses. “Consider the lilies of the field… Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” I love your blog and all your examples; thanks for sharing with us in this way.
    — An Arkansas Stamper

  223. I love flowers. I grow tulips because they are beautiful and because we live in a small town with a very strong dutch heritage. We host a tulip festival every year in early May. The town plants thousands of tulips. It is beautiful. I also LOVE irises and pansies because they remind me of my grandma.

  224. I love Daisies!

  225. I tried to answer this a few moments ago but it gave me an error so i will try again. i have no green thumb but my dad grows awesome beautiful sunflower trees i love
    I also love the inspiration and creativity you share here, thanks so much. Take care and blessings, dawn g

  226. In the spring love my daffodils. They only stay pretty a few days, but when the pop up, I know summer is around the corner. In the winter, I love violas. I have two topiaries outside my front door and I fill them with various colored violas and sweet alysum. Great color when all the colors are gone and the sweetest smells!!!!!!!!

  227. I got two errors but going to try one more time for blog candy. My dad grows pretty sunflower tree in fall that I love. Take care, Dawn

  228. In the spring love the daffodils that pop up in my yard. They only stay pretty a few days, but when the pop up, I know summer is around the corner. In the winter, I love violas. I have two topiary baskets outside my front door and I fill them with various colored violas and sweet alysum. Great color when all the colors are gone and the sweetest smells!!!!!!!!

  229. My mom and I have a couple hundred Daylilies– different varieties. But I love any flower and will be planting more this spring. Love your Blog and look at it almost daily.

  230. I love tulips ’cause it’s the first sign of spring, but the lilacs really are fragrant and really mean that summer is on it’s way. I dont do much planting myself, but thankfully I have a talented gardener next door. No work- all I have to do is peek out the window 😉

  231. Ok!! I am drooling for that candy!! I love gingers in the garden and my unfailing blue plumbago! I also enjoy watching the maidenhair fern come back to life as the weather warms. It is just such a girly plant!
    Thanks for your great blog!

  232. I am drooling for that candy!! I love to plant gingers in the garden and enjoy my unfailing plumbagos. I also enjoy watching my maidenhair fern come back to life in the spring!! Thanks for your blog.

  233. Good Mornig Beate,
    I am a relatively new lurker, but absolutely love and appreciate your tutorials and your beautiful art work! You are truly inspiring! Here in BC, our first spring flowers would be crokus’ and daffodils. Absolutely stunning! My favortie would have to be hydraenga though. We just moved into this house last year and to my delight I have two! Have a great day!
    Tara Macfarlane

  234. Beate, Love your blog! We have Oleanders, Mountain Laurel, and various rose bushes. We tried Lantana, but unfortunately the deer really like it! We also have lots of native Texas plants, like a century plant, and Joshua tree to mention a few. I must really find something that the deer don’t like to eat! grin!


  235. Beate, Love your blog! We have Oleanders, Mountain Laurel, and various rose bushes. We tried Lantana, but unfortunately the deer really like it! We also have lots of native Texas plants, like a century plant, and Joshua tree to mention a few. I must really find something that the deer don’t like to eat! grin!


  236. My favorite plants to grow are bearded iris. I love the way they look when they bloom.
    Claudia F.


  237. I’m a daisy girl but definitly do not have a green thumb. I can’t grw anything very well!!

  238. BLOG CANDY!!! YUPPIE…I horribly don’t plant anything..Why you ask..well first of all South Carolina is just TOO HOT to “love” any type of plant from Hawaii. But most importantly..Ryan and I live in government housing. This was the longest duty station we have been at in the past six years..BUT we are about to move again in July..Well just down the street..don’t ask me why they are making us move..but if you know anything about the officer enlisted world of the military it is why I have to move. But I do wear a flower in my ear everyday. It’s my touch of home…and I don’t have to plant it..or water it!

  239. Well I have planted four box shrubs and a hibiscus in the middle of my flower box. I love the hibiscus because it has four different color blooms on it: a plain red, a pink with red and white center, a red with pink center and a pink with a white center. For some odd reason it bloomed all through winter (I live in Texas so winter wasn’t that long) and now it lost all of it’s leaves and flowers, but is growing new ones. Weird huh?!?

  240. Love the blog candy!

    back in germany i was not into gardening at all but now since we have a house i discovered gardening as my second hobby besides stamping.
    i guess i can not tell you just one plant there are two peonies, i love to cut them and just put a single flower floating in a bowl of water. almost what you did with the fowers your husband gave you when you had stamp camp.

  241. beate,
    i love peonies. i like to cut them and put just a single flower in a bowl of water. just like you did with the flowers your husband picked for you the other day.

    i also LOVE your blog candy of course. *smile*
    thank you for spoiling us rotten

  242. We have Ivy, mint, and verbena in our front garden and wild trumpet vines (the bright red ones)growning along our red tips and our back fence line. In the fall we have chrysanthemums that crop up in deep maroon and bright yellow (left from the prior owners). And there is lots of monkey grass and jasmine so there is low to no edging around the trees, structures, and the flower boxes.
    This year we plan on planting Anenomes to add some more color. I just love the cottage flowers and we now have a great folliage base to work with. This may be more info then you wanted but here ya go! Thanks for sharing everyone, love all your comments.

  243. Petunias…Nice and simple with large variety of color. I also have several pots of geraniums. BTW…your card creations are truly amazing:)
    Linda SS

  244. What a great blog candy package….I sooooo hope I win. As for my yard – I have a serious black thumb, so anything that grows naturally without my help is welcome. At this time my azalea bushes are blooming and they are so pretty. I don’t do anything to these bushes and they just come back each year – I love it!!

  245. Beate, What a beautiful & generous candy blog! I have oleanders, roses, mountain laurel, Joshua trees, a century plant and alot of native Texas plants in my yard. I love Lantana, but unfortunately so do the deer! I’m trying to find something pretty that the deer don’t like! lol


  246. Beate,
    I don’t have a green thumb at all. My mom spends 100s+ on flowers for her yard every year! She always have a beautiful yard with flowers and tasteful decorations. I did plant tulips in around my mailbox that I love. I have to have plants that don’t require to much work. We planted some Jap. maples and other bushes in our yard that don’t require much work. I love to look at beautiful yards I just have never felt the need to spend that much time outside when I can be inside STAMPING!
    Christina Vertefeuille

  247. I love blackeyed susans. They are so beautiful and hardy. This year I will be able to split them and move them to different areas in my yard. Can’t wait!

  248. I have lily of the valley, lilies, and roses growing in my yard. They aren’t what I would have picked, but they were already here when I moved in. We also have 3 peony bushes and I do LOVE those!

  249. I love black eyed susans. There so colorful and hardy. This year I will be able to split some and put them in other areas of my yard.

  250. My favorite flowers are daffodils, and I’m excited to have them blooming in my yard right now. Also love my roses and lavender, and have been enjoying planting some new flowers and vegetables with my little guys.

    Really enjoy your blog! Congrats on passing 50,000 hits!

  251. Wow, congrats on 50,000 hits Beate!! That’s amazing.

    Plants that I grow in my garden – mostly perennials like day lilies & geraniums and my favourite annual is impatiens.

  252. First, Congratulations on 50,000 hits!! You Rock!! And here’s to 50,000 more!!!!

    My favorite flower has to be pink roses…I had a beautiful rose bush where we lived before and left it when we moved. Needless to say I was and still am heartbroken about it. We had the best little garden….I still miss it.

  253. 50,000 hits?! That’s awesome!

    My favorite spring flowers are pink peonies. The are gorgeous!

  254. Wonderful blog you have! I love my rose bushes but I really look forward to my Mexican Heather getting huge and purple. I just love the purple flowers and there is a tree here in Texas blooming right now with gorgeous purple buds. I dont know the name of it but I love it. Karen

  255. Roses are my favourite.

  256. I have so many favorites but my peony bushes are at the top. The plant I have is one I took from my grandmothers garden after she passed almost 20 years ago. She was a very important person in my life not only as a Grandmother but she was a special friend. I was fortunate to live with her when I was in college and have some very special memories of our days together. The peony has moved with me to tow different homes and doesn’t bloom every year, but when it does, I fell like my grandma is sending me a message that she is always near.

  257. I love jasmine. every time you walk by you get a delightful whiff of fragrence. Thanks for offering the awesome goodies!

  258. I would have to say my favorite spring flowers are the petite daffodils… the real yellow ones…then some my other favorites would have to be hyacinths!!! I am so ready for Spring…we just had a major snow storm…I am tired of seeing white…ready for some color!! TFS :o)

  259. Love the basket of goodies. My favorite flowers are violets. They love the shade and are such a beautiful shade of blue. You don’t often see violet shaped stamps. I wonder why?
    Connie H.

  260. Thanks for the candy. I love Crocuses and tulips for spring. But my favorite climbers are sweet peas and morning glories.

    My absolute favorite is Terra Cotta Million Bells (like petunias) they are getting more popular and hard to find. But I love that the flowers are different shades of colors from yelllow to almost red.

  261. I apologize if this is posted twice. I received an error message the first time. Anyway….

    I love tulips. I live in a small town with a VERY strong Dutch heritage. We celebrate out tulip festival every spring and the town is filled with thousands of tulips. I also love irises and pansies, mostly because they remind me of my grandma.

  262. I love my peony bushes! They came with the house and need to be transplanted, but I keep hesitating to do so, because once I do, they likely won’t bloom for a few years again.

  263. I absolutely LOVE gerber daisies!! They are my favorite. I, sadly don’t have any in my garden. We do have lovely yellow roses though. Congrats on 50K! That’s amazing!! ~Crystal M.

  264. What a great question as I look at the lingering snow and the ice on our pond. But since you asked, I started peeking out my stamping window only to see that my daffodils and a few tulips have started to peek through the mulch. This is exciting for someone in MN! I love all kinds of plants but this spring I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how the flowering crab and apple trees we planted last spring have fared through this past winter. Oh yes, and I better not forget about the Black Eyed Susans that I planted to take over once the tulips outside my stamp window begin to wane.

  265. Hi Beate!
    You are the best for tutorials! Thanks so much!
    Now I’m going to tell you something that is true(hopefully you will feel sorry for me and pick me! LOL) but unfortunate……I don’t garden. Only because I don’t have a clue about it or a “green thumb”. I am an eager learner and LOVE flowers… but have only planted some annuals in pots…I guess I can tell you that my fav are pansies because of the different colors!You have reminded me that this is the year I should and WILL venture out and buy some perennials!

  266. I adore tulips! They are the penultimate spring flower to me!!! I adore them in any color and any variety! Yup, tulips!

  267. You have a wonderful blog, thats why so many hits! One of my favorite flowers is Purple African Daisy’s. Also snail vine…Lots of purple stuff in my yard.

  268. I’m definitely not a green thumb but I planted irises for the first time this year.

    Love your blog!

  269. i love Calla Lilly, i have about 8 different colors on my backyard =)

  270. Oh! What a bunch of goodies, thank you! Your work is always so inspiring, we should be sending you the goodies! Thanks for sharing so much! 🙂

  271. Oh dear! I missed the part about choosing what we like to grow in our yard. Our goal at this point is to keep the grass growing! We don’t have green thumbs or good soil, and we have too much shade from large trees. We love the trees, don’t mean to make that sound like a bad thing. I do love daisies, I would shoot for those if I had the talent. I was decorating a client’s home once, and she showed me her flower beds that were filled with “faux flowers” from Michael’s. I’ve never seen that before, especially in Texas, where we have pretty good weather year round. I’m not quite to that stage yet, but at least she had flowers…hmmmm….

  272. For sun, I love to throw zinnia seeds in the ground or in a pot. They are cheap, come in lots of sizes and colors and you can cut them and have fresh bouquets all summer. They just keep growing! For shade, I love coleus. They are easy to grow, inexpensive, also come in many different colors, and they get very large. You can break some off and root in water to make more very easily. You are offering some wonderful blog candy, girl!

  273. I love rose bushes. We had 50 of them at one time, but don’t have the time to take care of them now – I really miss having them. Love your blog – thanks for sharing your amazing talent!


  274. I love Tulips and Violets, but don’t really have a very green thumb;o)

  275. I love all flowers however i dont have many sunny places to plant
    so i save those few spot for black eyed susans .
    i’m new to checking out blogs so im not sure im doing this correctly , but love your site..

  276. for me its Peace roses and Provence lavender; haven’t bee too successful with the lavender.

  277. I love stargazer lilies. Sadly, they don’t last very long once they bloom, but I have some planted under my window in my family room and when the window is open and there is a nice breeze happening..ahhhhh, sweet sweet smell is heaven on earth!

  278. Love your art work. Like all kinds of flowers especially red flowers so we can attract hummingbirds.

  279. Bearded Iris, lupine, foxglove and lots more.
    Claudia F.

  280. We have these two mini rose bushes at the end of our driveway, I love it when they bloom out, sometimes in the morning while the dew is still wet on them, DH will go out and snip me off a bunch and put them into a small vase we have and leave it on the table to surprise me when I wake up in the morning. Nothing makes my heart swoon more then seeing these beautiful tiny red roses on the table, sure does brighten an early morning!

  281. Beate,
    I love tulips! Can I grow them…..I don’t have much of a green thumb! I try and try again the next year. I guess I should use my 40%off to buy some silk flowers. Thanks for the great blog candy.

  282. Daffodils. LOVE them. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. They are such a wonderful spring flower, and they are always the first to bloom in my yard 🙂

  283. Beate,
    I’m new to your blog and so thrilled I found it! I’ve been a big fan of yours after seeing all your work on SplitCoast. Spring is my favorite season and the flower that delights me most are the yellow daffodils. They’ve just opened up this week in my yard. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful tips and tutorials with us!

  284. I have 21 peony plants in my garden that pop out sometime in June. It is absolutely wonderful!
    But who can choose their favorite flower – it’s like choosing a favorite set of stamps – IMPOSSIBLE!

  285. I love daffodils. They remind me that spring is in the air!

  286. I really love my magnolia tree. I think azaleas are pretty too when they bloom in clusters. Oh and these are necessarily classified as “flowers”, but those little weeds with the purple flower on the ends that grow up all around in the grass are cute in a little bouquet brought to me by my little boys! 🙂

  287. I love flowers too! I have all kinds planted. . .lantana, hydrangeas, canna, daylilies, & mexican heather to name just a few. I love your flower cards! Thanks for the inspration!!

  288. I don’t plant a garden because I’m in an apt. My favorite flower though is a tulip. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  289. Hi Beate! I have a love for all things flowers. Growing them in CO can be a little tricky (due to the ever changing climate). I have the following in my yard: Crocus, Tulips and Hyacinth (all are starting to peek out of the soil now). I also have Hosta’s, Columbine (a must in CO), Bleeding Heart, Lupine, Sedum, Roses, Daisies, Pincushion Flower, Daylilies and Violets. I have a few more plants (really tall ones) but the name is escaping me right now.

    I’m looking forward to a lush garden this year. We’ve been in a drought the past several years and with watering restrictions enforced on us by the city, it’s been really hard on my garden.


  290. I live in Illinois and we have tulips that come up in the spring. But as far as what we PLANT, it’s mostly impatiens. Lots of different colors! I love that it grows really easily and survives my lousy gardening skills!!

    [email protected]

  291. Although they are more bushes than flowers, I LOVE lilacs and magnolias!

  292. WOW! This is some amazing blog candy!! We should be sending you candy for your inspirational blog! One of many favorites would have to be Blue Hawaii. The hummingbirds love it.

  293. Beate, I love your blog and your wonderful posts on SCS. You are an inspiration! I live in Maryland — we have pansies and tulips every spring, then petunias, begonias, verbena, lilies and hydrangea in the summer. Also, crepe myrtle trees, and “butterfly bushes.”

  294. My favorite are the tomato plants! We grow them in big buckets out on our patio! I also LOVE my double rosebud impatiens and Gerber daisies!

  295. It’s hard to think spring is around the corner when we got a big dump of snow last night. It’s hard to believe it had all melted from the yard and now it’s back. We have lots of plants growing in our yard, some welcome, some not. One of them that I love is Bee Balm (Monarda). The birds and butterflies love it and it has a lovely bergamot scent. I also love our Explorer roses, bred in Manitoba and named for the early explorers of Canada. I think we have a William Baffin and a Henry Hudson. They are Rosa rugosas so they bloom all summer and smell heavenly.

    Thanks for making me think of spring! 🙂

  296. My favorite flowers in the garden are lilies. Just love how they smell and fill the air with sweet aroma. I also love daffodils and tulips in the spring. I think I love all flowers, they are unique in their own way.

  297. For me it’s tulips — especially white ones. There is something so crisp and clean about them and they always mean that Spring is really here.

    I love the blog candy you chose — fingers are crossed!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  298. Beate – I check your blog out daily and am so thankful to be a member of your yahoo group. I just don’t know how I’d live with out them! Your generosity in sharing your talents, creations, and tutorials is simply astounding. In fact, one of the major reasons I signed as an SU! was seeing the wealth of information on places like splitcoast and personal blogs. Again, I’m so thankful you take the time to be a teacher to us all 🙂

    I wish I had more time for gardening. My mom keeps giving me plants which I hastily stash anywhere in the ground before they dry out. It’s quite an eclectic look. When I did have time for gardening, I had beautiful roses. I love roses of any and every kind; floribunda, tea, climbers, shrubs, miniature. Someday I will have a beautiful rose garden with a little bench and table where I can relax…(sigh)

  299. Yellow is my favorite color and I’m thrilled to see all the lovely yellow daffodils blooming…………..Welcome, Spring!!

  300. My favorite thing to plant, or have grow would be purple iris’s. They remind me of my grandmother. She had a plethera of iris’s.
    thanks for the chance to win!!!

  301. The six-generation plant — that’s what we call the peonies that grow in our front and side yard. Peonies were originally planted by my grandmother’s grandmother on their farm. When we bought this house 200 miles away, my dad brought some roots from the old farm site. By then, we already had a daughter … so I did some calculatin’ — these peonies have belonged to seven generations of women!

  302. Oh, these goodies look great! Whoever gets these will be one lucky girl! My favorite flowers are daffodils. I can’t wait until they start to bloom!

  303. Well, Beate,
    I pretty much have a black thumb, so don’t take any gardening advice from me! I have one houseplant that I have been able to keep alive for 6 years now, but that’s about all I can handle! If I did have beautiful flowers in my yard, I would love to have some Tulips and Gerber Daisies. Just anything but weeds!!!

  304. What a great bunch of blog candy!! I moved to Idaho six years ago from Arizona and I love spring here. Our maple trees are budding out now with the warm weather the last few weeks. We have a weeping pussy willow that is beautiful. We have all the spring bulbs mentioned above. But, my favorite plant is the hydranga bushes in blue, green, white, red, pink. Love drying the big flower heads.

  305. I love all flowers including the ones in the Stampin’ Up! catalogs! Outdoors favorite is probably day lily, especially the bright pinks, multi yellow/red and white/red. In the SU line, I love the Roses in Winter and Wild Rose and often use these sets in the same lily colors I like. Of course, the “roses” bloom a lot longer than my lilies. I also love the flowers you feature on your blog sometimes.

  306. My very favorite flowers are hydrangeas. But my second favorite is anything my 8 year old twins pick for me.

  307. I love lilacs. We have a nice hedge of them in our backyard. I love to open the windows in late spring and catch of wiff of them.

    I enjoy visiting your site. You have such great ideas.


  308. Hi Beate! Ummm… I LOVE to see the crocus come up because I know spring is JUST around the corner and I need to look for a good spot to take pics of my kids in the yard. My all time fav flower is a gerbera daisy…such a perfect flower. Except I can’t keep them alive!! 🙁 How much of a bummer is that?! Thanks for sharing!


  309. Look at you go with all your hits!! And how many times a day do you post!!?? I’m sure I just checked it yesterday or the day before and you’ve got like, 5 new posts or something!! Wow!! As for plants, we just built a new house so last year was our first to plant anything. I HAD to have some hydrangeas which I LOVE!! I hope they come back okay this year! Heehee! I’m not exactly a green thumb!! *wink*

  310. I love roses and they grow well in our S. California sunshine. There is just something about the scent of a rose bush that makes me smile. Your floral cards are inspiring me to get out the floral stamps and have a little spring fun! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us!

  311. I’ve never had a yard. My husband and I live and teach in China and so yard space or any space for that matter comes at a premium!! However China has great flower markets where you can get flowers all year round. We often get glads, lilies, and gerber daisies.

  312. I love fuschia plants. They are a lot of work to dead head, but they are fabulous when the whole plant is blooming!

    Thank you for showing us your beautfiul work!

  313. I love tulips, but I do not have the biggest green thumb, so anything that grows on it’s own looks great to me lol.

    Thanks for the great site and constant inspiration!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  314. I don’t grow anything because we live in a condo and don’t have much room but back home I loved spring when the tulips and hyacinths would start blooming. I can still smell it now. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  315. I try every year, but I am not known for my success with gardening. We have some pansy stubs (eaten by the deer I guess) and a rosemary bush that keeps growing despite the fact that I neglect it. And some other odds and ends: crepe myrtle, baby oak tree, baby cherry tree, a huge wonderful trampoline…Does that count?

  316. What a generous RAK…. My favorite flowers are sweet peas. I just love how they smell. I also love hydrangeas.

  317. I’m not a big flower grower.. But I LOVE the look of a Light Purple Iris with just a hint of dark purple at the base!! 🙂

  318. I unfortunately am not skilled in growing flowers so I only have bushes in my yard at the moment.

  319. Each spring I plant Lavendar which I harvest in the fall for crafts and gift items. I also take some of it and slip it between the pillow and the pillow case. I had read that it’s suppose to help you relax and sleep at night. I just like the smell of it! Living in Minnesota we don’t get to see green for at least another month. Our growing seasons are short so you make the most of it!

    I LOVE your blog and Congratulations on 50,000 hits!

  320. My Columbines are already starting to grow leaves… the 4 inches of snow we got yesterday will shock them back to their senses!

  321. I’m not sure I have just one favorite, tulips bringing in spring, my lilac’s later, my tiger lillys in the summer and my azela for the couple of weeks that they shine.

  322. I cannot wait for Spring!!! Every year I plant geraniums for my front steps. I also plant petunias in lots of pots for my deck and window boxes!! I love geraniums because they can take the heat and humidity that we have in Minnesota summers. I also love the fact that geraniums don’t need to be pampered!

  323. I love the black eyed susans in my flower beds. Hoping they spread out a little this year. Next favorite would be my hot pink spirea plants.

  324. my favorite plants are definitely Hostas! all varities. Don’t know if they grown in your area, but they do well in Nebraska and Ohio so far!

  325. Love your blog. It is the first place I check each time I log on. My favorite flower is the crocus. It promises that spring will come even if there is still snow on the ground. Barb

  326. My favourites have to be Hydrangea. They are so easy to grow and look lovely in blossom. Thanks for all your inspiration Beate, just love looking at your gallery.

  327. I love Irises. We have tons of them in our yard–white, purple, yellow, peach, rust, speckled, etc. They are just beautiful!!! Thanks for all the inspiration, Beate!!

  328. I love SPRING!!! I also love lilies and hydrangea…too bad I don’t have a green thumb – I buy them all the time in the spring. The only color in my yard is green, the grass and trees, no flowers 🙁

  329. I love my Pink Coneflowers, Shasta Daisies and Blackeyed Susans in the summer. In the spring I’ve got lots of Daffodils and assorted Tulips. Thanks Beate for all your easy to follow tutorials and great ideas!

  330. I tried posting yesterday and I couldn’t get it to work so please forgive me if somehow it did and this is a double post.

    Love your blog. You are so very creative! congrats on 50,000 hits!!!

    I rent now so I can’t grow anything, but before I had lilac bushes and tulips. Love them both!!

  331. I love flower gardens. I think my favorites are daisies
    * there are so many kinds/colors to choose from
    * they’re especially hearty; they seem to thrive just about anywhere
    * they’re perrenials so you don’t need to replant every year
    * and best of all, they reproduce quickly!

    Good luck and have FUN with your flower garden.

  332. my favorite flowers are roses… your blog and tutorials are the greatest.

  333. Wow, there are more comments here than I have ever seen for one of these giveaways…but I have to try that is an awesome gift. My favorite flowers to plant in the yard are hydrangeas…never saw a color I didn’t like, they are beautiful.

  334. My hyacinths just came up and they smell sooooo good! I have a couple rogue tulips that appeard this year from a batch I planted about 5 years ago! My lawn is an embarassment right now though…my husband killed it with the promise of putting in a beautiful new lawn….well….it’s brown and the only thing that is growing is a dandy lion….I’m frustrated….I’m about ready to go buy some sod.
    Your blog is great! I’ve been a fan from Splitcoast for a long time now! Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful work!

  335. We’ve only lived in our home for a little over a year and a half. We moved in when everything was dead/dying for the winter, so last spring/summer was my “what’s out there” year. Now that I know what little ‘came with the house’…not a whole lot, I’m excited to get some roses started (grew up in Portland, OR…the Rose City) and lilacs. I remember my Mom putting fresh cut lilacs on our table growing up and the smell was divine. I can smell lilacs from a mile away…okay, maybe not that far away…but I do pick up on them when others don’t!

  336. I tried to post to this earlier and it said I was a spammer. NO NO NO-dont like spam so nasty. Anyways, in case the internet chewed up my post, I love hostas. I try every year to plant a variety I have never had. ONly problem is now my dog thinks its his personal bed and playground and nothing I do keeps him out. any suggestions short of turning the hose on him? The POsie Patch open the day before Easter and I cant wait!

  337. Beate,
    I love daffodils. They are such happy flowers. I am vacationing in WA just now and hopefully will go to a u pick it farm tomorrow to pick some!

  338. Congrats on the hits. Your blog site inspires, and that is why I visit. My fav’s in my flower garden, are my water lilies, and my evergreen clematis. Clematis blooms in the spring and is so incredibly fragrant it carries into my living room on warm spring days. My water lilies, are zen perfection. I love getting my hands wet instead of dirty.

  339. I love perennials (love my trusty irises!!), but since we have a gazillion window boxes, I seed some annuals, too. I like wave petunias, cuz one seed packs a big punch and godetia; their petals are so light & frilly! Thanks for this good question & for sharing your pick, too, Beate.

  340. wow! 50,000 hits —-didn’t you JUST START this blog??!!!!! congratulations!! your cards inspire me & i consider you one of my many SCS “old friends”!! keep inspiring us…………in my yard i grow SUNFLOWERS AND BLUEBONNETS…..what else would a texas girl grow????

  341. I love Spring.
    My birthday is in a few weeks on the 30th.
    I am hoping that my lilac bushes will bloom this year.
    In answer to your posed question today Beate about what do I like to grow; Well, I want the greenest grass (I think that is wishful thinking)and I love roses and daffodils and anything that has a pleasant spring smell. 2 years ago a friend was clearing her garden and she dug up a lilac bush. Well I love Lilacs! She said they take a few years to bloom from replant. I am hoping that this spring is the year.
    p.s. love all your new cards; and I love Basic Grey also!

  342. I have a lot of lilys in my garden. Specially love white, yellow and lilac ones. In this year I’m planing to grow some herbs too.
    Here in FINLAND we dont have any bloming outside yet, but when spring and summer comes, my garden will be full of colours.

  343. my favorite spring flowers are daffodils. My bleeding heart is another of my favorites. It just sits there all winter and all of sudden, there it is!

  344. I do not have a green thumb. However, whoever lived in this house before us definitely did. It was so much fun the first year here to see what flowers were going to pop up next! My favorite (for now) are the daffodils in our front yard. They are the first thing I see when I open our front door…and it always makes me smile!!

  345. Ohh How wonderful 50,000 hits!!!! I love to grow daylillies! and more daylillies! I love them!!

  346. Thanks for offering up the blog candy. You are so inspiring. I love hosta, grasses, hydrangea, herbs, coneflowers. lilac, tulips and the list goes on…

  347. Hmm, that is really a hard question as my second love besides stamping is perinnials. I love perwinkle hydrangeas, hostas, dahlias, tulips, and my love is helibore’s – the deep purple. (Which are in bloom right now.) Yes, I am getting the itch to start going to the nursery’s to add to my yard. 🙂


  348. Well, I have always done daffadils & narcissis (?) But we recently moved to home in Henderson, NV & are renting so I thought I would experiment & go with something a little cheaper so I chose primroses! They are so cute & so colorful!! I am really happy with them but in this heat they seem to need a “drink” twice a day.

  349. Grow flowers…what is that? hehe…I was not born with a green thumb, so my yard lacks the look of all the pretty spring flowers!

  350. I love any flowers that are purple. That is my favorite color. I also love honeysuckle plants. We always had them around when I was a little girl. Enjoying the blog. Have a nice Sunday!! O;)

  351. Beate

    Love your BLOG! Thanks for Sharing! My favorite Flowers in the garden are Impatiens, easy to plant and grow, and they keep last almost all summer! Can’t wait til Spring~

  352. I am not sure all of the plants I have in my yard since I didn’t plant any of them, but my favorite plant is bougainvillea. I think it is sunny enough where I live to plant some of those, so I think I may do that sometime this year! I love your blog!

  353. Anything colorful!!! Also, we grow mandevillas in the back because they handle the Texas heat, have huge colorful blooms, and “crawl” up our trellace attached to our pergola. We’re still on the hunt for them this season..

  354. I love flowers, I just wished they loved me back. I do not have any sort of green in my thumb. If I had flowers in the yard I would have some tulips and daisy’s.

  355. I love my yellow lantana, day lilies and the jasmine we have growing around our front porch. Our porch is 10 ft wide and 50ft long. When we are sitting reading the paper or a book, or just admiring God’s creation the breeze blows through the porch and the most wonderful aroma from the jasmine fills the air. During springtime it’s my favorite place to spend time. Thanks Beate for sharing the ‘candy’ and congrats on the 50k plus hits.

  356. just found your site. I love your cards!!! Such inspiration for me!!

  357. My garden is full of tulips and daffodils.

    Love your work.

  358. I love color in my yard!! We have yet to plant a lot, but when we get going, I would love Oleander, Lavender, Poppies and Marigolds.

  359. I like tulips and lillies. They have always been my favorite. I also like azeleas.

  360. Yum Yumm!! I love this candy. My favorite flower to grow is Hydrangeas. The are so delicate and beautiful.

  361. We have a big garden and several acres of forest, so I like having lots of plants in my yard and I don’t know that I can choose favourites. The ones that signal spring the most to me, though, are rhubarb and asparagus.

  362. Love your work and blog…awesome on 50,000!

    I plant tons of flowers in the spring, I love a variety of flowers…daisies, hydrangeas, black-eyed susan’s and so many more. I’m so ready for spring!

  363. I love almost every flower. I just moved into a new house and the only flowers that are planted here are roses. I am going to go crazy!! Perennials….here I come!!
    Awesome blog candy, and your posts never fail to inspire!!

  364. I love plants and flowers but I do not have a green thumb whatsoever…no matter how hard I try. My favorite though is a Crate N Myrtle tree or Pear Tree, their blooms are awesome!


  365. My Mom and Dad have a nursery, so I pretty much have my pick, but I love the bulbs that I transplanted from my Grandmother’s yard before she died. I have Gladiolas and love them. I also like lantana and marigolds that I get from Dad.

  366. Great Blog Candy!! I love tulips and daffodils but in Texas you have to keep planting them each year which I just don’t seem to have time to do. My crepe myrtles are beautiful and don’t require much maintenance so I guess they are my fav.

  367. Beate,
    I am so loving your blog. I am consistently get great inspiration from all that you publish. Thanks for putting so much time into all that you do.

    My favorite spring flower is lily of the valley. They have grown in my mom’s garden all of my life and she gave me pips to start my own when I moved into my own house. The smell is heavenly but they only last a couple of weeks in May. I so wanted them in my bridal bouquet, but they were WAY out of our price range for my October wedding.

  368. I hope I’m not too late! I love tulips, they are one of the first signs that Spring is here!

  369. I love tulips!!! So I planted tulips in our front yard around our trees…so pretty! We have family in the Netherlands and the tulips are so nice to have, making family seem a little closer.
    (okay, I know that sounds cheesy, can you tell we have NO family near us…lol)

    What very nice blog candy!!!

    You have a very inspiring blog…thank you!!!

  370. Am I too late??? Oh, just in case, I love, love, love old fashion-type flowers, hydrangeas, peonies, old roses – they go with my old house!

  371. Hi Beate,
    I hope I’m not too late! I love our miniature magnolia bush & our beautiful lilac bushes along our fence line. It reminds me of growing up! When they bloom I always walk by & enjoy the sweet smell of Spring as often as I can!
    Ann from Illinois

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