This is not how I wanted to end the story of our cute (okay…they weren’t the cutest chicks yet, but they didn’t really have a chance to grow into their beaks) little baby birds. Look at them….They were already a bit stronger and cuter then the last picture I posted and were able to hold up their heads and open their beaks.


This morning the plant looked different. A lot of leaves were on the ground under it and there were big holes in the vines. No Momma bird was to be seen. I checked inside…I can’t really see because it’s so high up and I didn’t want to photograph what I am sure is in there now. Something came in the night and killed the sweet little birds. Nature is cruel sometimes. So I am sitting here all bummed dreading to tell the kids.


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  1. Oh no! I am so sorry!

  2. o beate ……… wat a lovely foto!
    so cute are this litle birds!!!


  3. Drat! I don’t know what else to say :}

  4. Oh, no! I’m so sorry. I hate having to share news like that with my daughters. I’ll be thinking about y’all today.

  5. Om My. Kids can be so sensative about that too. Those are very hard lessons to teach, especially whe you feel badly about it too.
    HUGS to you!

  6. Ohhh, sorry to hear about the baby birds, B — so sad.

  7. Oh…that’s so sad! I’m sorry you’ll have to break the news to the kids. I know that’s always a hard thing to do. (((Hugs)))

  8. I am sooooooooooooo sorry.. I too love my birds and enjoy sitting on my deck in the evenings watching them feed from all of my feeders. This is just another example of how cruel life can be.

  9. It’s so heartbreaking when the babies die. I was just looking out my window watching 3 deer eating the clover we plant for them in our backyard, I always worry about predators getting the fawns. I know that may be silly, I guess it’s the mother in me.

  10. Oh so sad! 🙁 They were so cute. Sorry you have to tell the kids about the sad news.

  11. No one likes a sad ending — especially when we have to tell our children. I’m sorry this exciting start of new life ended so quickly.


  12. Nature certainly IS cruel! How sad! We had a baby bunny that died because my dumb dog went into their nest and pulled the little guy out and killed him! Talk about feeling bad!

  13. I’m so sorry. That makes me sad. I guess lessons that kids have to learn are available all over the place.

  14. I’m a teacher, and yesterday on the school field I was pulled over to a large group of students. They had found a dead chick, as it had apparently fallen from a nest quite high in a tree. The little girls just didn’t comprehend it all, except for one who built a small shrine for the chick. She collected all the small daisy buds and created a coffin of sorts for the bird so it had its own version of a burial cemetery. I had to get another teacher to go get a bag to dispose of the bird…but we had to tell them the bird “would be taken care of” because they freaked when they thought we were going to throw it in a trash bin or flush it. I felt really bad…but that’s just the circle of life. Sad, but true!! I loved your pics of the babies…I wish the story had a better ending though! 🙁

  15. So sad, Beate. Sorry to hear this sad ending. I’m sure you will handle it gracefully.

  16. Oh no!!! {{{hugs}}} sweetie! I am sooo sorry! 🙁

  17. Oh how sad 🙁

  18. I know exactly how you feel. I cried when the devil cat got my babies. The mom & dad doves came back a laid again so I played security chasing the cat away. He was trying everything to get to my nest. I know I looked silly chasing the cat with water sprayers. My second two made it though.

    Charmaine G

  19. oh gad 🙁
    good luck with the kidlets
    so sad

  20. Oh my goodness, poor little birdies! Bummed right along with you!

  21. A few years ago, we had a little hollow in the back yard filled with baby bunnies. They were adorable! We protected the area and made sure that nobody touched the hollow. One day, just as you said, the hollow looked different. The opening was larger and more messy and there was a strange quiet coming from the area. Inside, there was a lot of blood and no baby bunnies. We guessed the neighborhood cat got them during the night. Very sad. The kids learned an important message that day. Nature is fragile.

  22. …oh…I am sad too…reading your blog is one of my favorite things to do! I love the extraordinary samples, ideas, and tutorials…but, the personal things are just as wonderful…I was enjoying the story on these little guys! I hope some happy news and fun times (maybe the beach?!) will fill the hole the wee ones left!

  23. Oh, how sad. Poor little birdies.

  24. that stinks big time! I’m sad too…

  25. Aw man…that really sucks! But it’s all part of the cycle. 🙁 bummer!!

  26. Awww, Beate, the same thing happened here! The same week you & JulieHRR posted your photos of nests with eggs, I came home from work and my DH showed me the nest he found in our shrub out front; the most beautiful blue Robin eggs; the poor little chickies hatched last week and the next thing you know….gone. DH thinks it was crows that got em; so sad too….

  27. Oh my goodness Beate. Exactly the same thing happened to me today. On Saturday through Sunday, we watched 5 tiny sparrows hatch. I had taken pictures throughout the two days………I didn’t take any on Monday or Tuesday. When I went out this morning to have a peek in the nest, all the babies were gone. I just felt ill about it. I was very excited to watch them grow and leave the nest.

    That is just uncanny. So sad for you!

  28. Oh, no! This is too sad for words! I don’t want to imagine what went on in that nest. I hope at least the mama bird got away to have more babies in the future. I’m really sorry it ended this way!

  29. Oh Beate, I’m so sorry to read this! That is so sad, I’m sorry you have to explain to the kids what happened. 🙁 I really enjoyed the photos you were able to capture.

  30. Oh, NO, I hate what happened…BUMMER…so sad. I have cats that I love dearly, but I do not like that they hunt…and of course other creatures hunt birds, too…SOOOOOOOOO sorry about your babies. That is just the worst, and the kids will be heartbroken…UGH. Good luck with the sorrowful explanation…sniff sniff 🙁

  31. Oh Beate that is so sad. So sorry to hear about the baby birds and having to tell the kids. I was really enjoying the pictures you were able to capture of the baby birds. Nature can be so cruel sometimes.

  32. Oh no, now I am sooo sad too!! That is so not fair, those birds deserved to live!! And they were so cute too!

  33. Oh my gosh I am so sorry. The very same thing happened to my daughter Becky just this week. She had a mamma bird nesting right outside of thier bedroom window, she heard a eggs no mamma, just an empty nest.

  34. Beate, This is all too common in nature. Cruel, yes, but I guess it’s nature’s law. I, too, am a teacher, and had the pleasure of having some birds build their nest right outside my classroom in the crook of the drainpipe coming down from the roof. I watched them gathering sticks and grass for the nest for a while. It was joyous to hear the screeching baby birds after a few weeks. We heard the peeping, all day long, in the classroom. My 3rd graders were thrilled, and we’d step outside and look and listen to them. We could see nothing, but heard everything. After school I would watch the parents bring food to the babies. Then, after the students had been dismissed one day, I heard a horrible,raucous sound outside the door. I knew it wasn’t the babies peeping. My daughter and I stepped outside to see what was going on. Two adult birds were flittering around the nest and screeching madly. These were loud, frantic screams – nothing like I’ve heard before. Then suddenly, a blue jay shot out of the nest, and I knew right then and there that he had injured and/or killed the babies. Why?
    I suppose for no reason other than the laws of nature and predator/victim. Well, we no longer heard the peeps of the babies in the days afterward. My class wasn’t a witness to what had happened, but they asked about the baby birds, and I told them they had already left the nest. I don’t think they needed to hear the truth.

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