I just can’t catch up. Sorry, I am so late with picking a winner for last weekends sketch challenge. Thank you all for participating in the challenge. I was floored to get 96 entries. All of the cards were amazing!!!!


  • Should I keep the Sketch challenge always run from Friday to Tuesday morning?
  • Would it be possible for everyone to add the appropriate Entry # under their post?

Random Org  picked #11. Shannan (steubner) won with this gorgeous card. You can see more of Shannan’s great work at ther blog Pink Tulle with Feathers and Sequins.




Shannon, I think your card looks amazing! Congratulations. You will get some Zoofari images from me soon. First Mr. Brown needs to bring the set sometime today!


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28 Responses to “Sketch challenge #4 winner”

  1. Woo hoo!!! Thanks so much, I’m so excited!

  2. What a great card, I will have to check out her blog

  3. I like the weekend sketch idea. I am a little confused about the entry number though (and maybe it is because I am under-caffeinated!)…do you mean the comment number?

  4. I’d love for it to continue like you have done it! I didn’t know about putting the entry number but will do so next time!! Thanks for the challenge.

  5. That is one gorgeous card!

  6. This is a gorgeous card that Shannan made! Wow! Congratulations, Shannan!

  7. Congratulations Shannan… very nice card!

    I’d love to see your contest run a little longer than just the weekend. My weekends are usually too busy to find the time to stamp. I love your sketches but don’t find I can get to them until Tuesday or Wednesday.

  8. Beautiful card! Congrats Shannan!

  9. Hi Beate,
    Oh, please please continue doing your challenge – I have not been able to play because of my hand but hope to by the end of next week! Especially since I now have my own blog (I am such a beginner – LOL!)I want to be able to post them there.
    That card that made is absolutely gorgeous! *HUGS* Alex

  10. Congrats Shannon! The card you made is just gorgeous.

    I love idea of going from Friday to Monday. My weekends are so hectic and I love the sketch challenges. This way I can do them and get them in on time. I think I can handle putting an entry number in my post as well.

  11. Congratulations, Shannan, that is a gorgeous card!!

    I have committed myself to do a challange and I find the layouts to be the most fun. Please don’t stomp ANYTHING that you are doing. I don’t know about the posting # thingy. If I upload my card in my SCS gallery I think I have the opportunity to put the number there. I don’t have a blog. Can I send it directly to you via e-mail?? TFS and TF Asking.

  12. I like the extra day as I find I don’t get done until Sunday night and its late and dark so I don’t get the picture done in time to get it up to you properly.

  13. I love the challenge, although I have only completed on time once. I would love for it to continue/ I am not sure what you mean about the #thing — I guess it would be easy enough.

  14. Hi Beate. Great card from Shannan!

    Please keep your weekly challenges! Friday to Tuesday works great just in case folks travel out of town on the weekends. They at least will have Monday to participate in your great challenges! Just my 2 cents.


  15. What a gorgeous card! So elegant…I love that!

  16. Congrats to Shannan. This card is just beautiful.

    I love your sketch challenges and I think Friday to Tuesday is a great timeframe. I’d be happy to add the next number in line to my entry post.

  17. Yes! I’d love for the challenges to keep going and tuesday just gives me an extra day to upload! Lets just forget I’ve only done one, but it was good experience!

    As for the numbering, if I understand what you’d like is for us to look at the entry above (i.e 14) and number our 15? If that is the case it maybe a bit tricky…I was posting at one site and another post was done about a second before I posted mine!

    Of course if that’s not what you meant, I am confused!

  18. Congrats, Shannan! Your card is gorgeous!! 🙂

  19. Friday to Tuesday works great for me. I would be happy to add the number to my post as well. Congrats Shannon, love your card!

  20. Silly me…I forgot to answer your questions.

    1) Have your contests which-ever time frame that works best for you.

    2) I will be more than happy to number my entry. No problem there. 😉

    3)Thanks Beate!

  21. Great card Shannon.

    Beate I would love you to continue your sketch challenge Friday – Tuesday, I have been enjoying playing.

    Re the #ing – I can’t see that being too hard – some may not understand what you mean esp to begin with but I guess it would save you have to could from 1 to 96 or more – even if all have put numbers it should still save you a little time. I guess if you get two #15’s as mentioned in a previous post you might have a problem but I guess you will be able to work something out there.

  22. Weekends are always so busy for me with kids’ activities. I love your sketch challenges but by the time I have time it’s too late.

    I’d love for you to continue and possibly give a longer due date – maybe Wednesday or Thursday?


  23. I love your weekend sketch challenge and would participate with or without a drawing for prizes. It gives me the bit of focus I need to be able to create something during the hectic weekend schedules. The Friday- Tuesday time period seemed to work out well but do whichever is best for you. I’m happy to add an entry number. Just let me know what I need to do. Thanks so much!

  24. Beate, wonderful card. Do your sketch challenges whenever it’s best for you. I will participate if I can, if I can’t that’s OK. I have no problem with numbering my post, I know how hard it is to count those entries 🙂

  25. Wooooohoooooo, Shannan! Congratulations! Wowwwwww! What a gorgeous card!

  26. Congrats Shannon! I too vote for extending the sketch contest into Tuesday. The name of my blog should be Stamping in the Moonlight (on weekends only), as this seems to be the only time that I’ve been able to get a little stamping time. Extending it a little ensures that I have time to play.

    I would be happy to put my post # in with my entry, but I have no idea how to get my post #. Also, what if two or three (probably a lot more since your blog is super loved) are posting at the same time? Will we all think that we’re the same post #?


  27. Congrats to Shannon. I think the sketch is fun for the weekend. I can put the sketch number in the info no problem. Your blog ROCKS Beate!

  28. Congrats to Shannon. Beate, run the sketch any way you want to.

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