Here is the sketch for this weekend’s sketch challenge:


To participate in the challenge and be entered in the  raffle, make a card with this layout and upload it either to your blog, or to an online gallery.

 If you upload your card on SCS, put WSC30  (NO SPACE INBETWEEN WSC AND 30) in the keyword section. That way we can look at all of them at once!

Post a link to your card to this blog entry as a comment. Please add your entry# to it.

I will determine the winner  with on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

To see samples made with this sketch now, check out yesterday’s Leather and Felt post as well as the blogs of

Cambria Turnbow

Charmaine Ikach

Jenn Balcer 

Laurie Schmidlin 

Lori Craig

MaryJo Albright

Sharon Harnist

Have fun creating! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

SCS submissions


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

119 Responses to “Weekend Sketch Challenge #30”

  1. Oh how I LOVE Fridays! I wish it could be Friday each day just so we’d get a sketch from you 😉 Looks great…can’t wait to give it a go later on today!

  2. yea! what fun, glad I could play so early (and with NEW stuff)


  3. So glad you’re back! Here is mine for this week combined with this weeks Limited Supplies Challenge:

    Thanks, Jackie


  4. Love your sample and love this sketch. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Entry #3

  5. Thanks for the fun layout!! Always happy to have an excuse to play with all my goodies!! Especially the new ones!


    Entry #4

  6. Love the sketch. Your cards are great. Here is mine #5

  7. Had a great time stamping with you today!! Here’s my card:


  8. #8 Here’s mine, Beate! Cool sketch!

  9. Here is the card that I made for this sketch…

    Simple but definitely perfect for the occasion!


  10. This is my entry for this weeks sketch challenge
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. Here’s my entry – What an awesome sketch to work with! Thanks so much!

    Entry #12

  12. Think I’m number 13. Thanks so much for a great sketch! This was really fun as always! I actually made two as I was having so much fun playing with my new toys! They are both here Have a great weekend! 😉

  13. Hi Beate! Thanks for posting another FABULOUS challenge! I think this is number 14? My sample is at I appreciate the time you put into keeping me inspired! (HA – like that is the ONLY reason you do it, right? ***giggle***)

  14. I am new to this sketch competition thing and I think it is great. I love the idea and it keeps new ideas coming. and it the Jan. 11th post. I am number 15 I think.


  15. I think I am lucky number 16. Thanks for the chance!!Here is my card:

    OR here:
    Thanks for looking!!

  16. Thanks for another great sketch!! Love your samples by the way!!

    Here is mine:


  17. Thanks for a great challenge, I loved it.

    Here’s a link to mine on SCS:

    I’m Number #20

  18. Great sketch Beate!
    Here is mine on SCS:
    I think I am entry number 21.

  19. Love this sketch Beate!! Thanks so much! Here is mine:


  20. I’m sorry Beate – I’m following through on stupidity this morning – I posted my card under your wonderful card instead of here. Here it is again:


  21. Beate I love this sketch! Here’s my card:


  22. Hello Beate

    Here is my card:
    I used Boho Backgrounds!!! I hope to play more with your sketch later today. Thanks again!!!
    Entry #28, I hope I counted correctly!!!

  23. Here is mine Beate. Thanks!

    #30 I think

  24. Hi Beate, So glad you are back with your weekend challenges. You can see my take on it at Thanks Jenny


  25. Hi Beate! Got my first one done and working on a second one 😉 I’ve uploaded it to my blog but no need to enter me in the raffle. I just like to play…lol

  26. I am not sure about the entry number, hopefully #34 is correct. I uploaded to the SCS gallery and also have it shown on my blog,


  27. Hello Beate, thank you for such a great sketch and your cards are beautiful. I love the card with the stork. I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my stamps from Gina K. I can’t wait to play but in the mean time you can see my card over at my blog:


  28. Hi Beate,

    Here is the card I did for your sketch challenge. I combined it with the color challenge on Michelle’s blog here It is rather dotty but it was fun.



  29. my sketch submission can be found here:

    I made a mistake on where I put the sentiment (that’s what I get for paying attention). I don’t know if I’m disqualified or not, but here it is anyway.



  30. Another fabulous sketch…Thank you!

    Here is the link to my card for this week.


  31. Here’s mine! Thanks for the fun sketch.

    Entry #39

  32. hey, beate! i finally got a chance to sit down and play with your sketch….love, love, love it! here’s my submission:

    keep up the awesome work, and thanks for the sketches!


  33. Finally got some time to do another one of your challenges. My version is posted at
    Thanks! I think I’m #41.

  34. My card is number 42. Thanks for the challenge!!!

  35. Thanks for another fun sketch. Here’s my card using it:

  36. This is the first time I’ve done one of your sketches. Here is my very simple entry. Thanks for the inspiration!


  37. I loved this one! This is only my 2nd wsc but I feel I am already addicted to them! Thanks so much.


  38. Fun,fun,fun, here’s my take…I love to play on the weekend

    Thanks very much


  39. Here’s mine! Thanks Beate… glad to have your weekend challenges back again!


  40. Thanks for such a fun sketch Beate!
    Here is my try:

  41. I took advantage of the sketch challenge this week to make my daughter a birthday card. Thanks so much for these wonderful inspiring challenges


  42. Great sketch Beate! I am glad I played although I did have a hard time with it, lol. I think I used too many colors but in the end it worked, kinda. Thanks for the challenge and the inspiration. Mine is on SCS. Here is the link.


  43. Tricky sketch, Beate. The tough part was getting those staggered skinnier pieces to line up straight with one another. Here’s mine:


  44. LOVE this sketch!! Lots of fun to play with it. I hope you enjoy what I came up with. Huggs to you!!


  45. Here’s mine:-
    It’s not entirely true to the sketch, I suppose… but that was intentional!

    I think I’m #54? Thanks for taking the time to bring us these sketches.

  46. I decided with 2008 it was time to come out of lurk mode. So this is my first ever WSC challenge attempt.
    I guess that I’m entry #55. Thanks so much for an easy one, Beate.

  47. Entry #57

    Thanks again Beate. I am loving these sketches, they serve as great inspiration. They definitely get the creative juices flowing!
    Have a great Sunday. Glenda

  48. Entry #58


    I’m new, I hope it’s ok if I play too.

    Styles Ink

  49. Hi
    This is a great sketch. Had fun with this one made a couple of cards with it of which one is on my blog. The other will be on tomorrow.

    Entry #59

  50. Hi Beate! Thanks so much for putting up the weekend challenges. I found this one to be a bit of a challenge but love it, thanks!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

    Entry #64

  51. #65:

    Thanks for the challenge! I also tried your embossing technique on this. Can’t really see it too well but I like it better than the one time embossing. Thanks for the tip!

  52. Here is mine!! Thank you for this wonderful sketch… I love your blog and all the fun things that you teach us everyday!!!


  53. If the numbering is right, I am # 67. Here’s mine: Thanks for looking!

  54. Here’s #68

    Definately more challenging this week Beate. But still a great sketch!

  55. Beate,
    Great sketch again as usual!
    Here’s mine:

    Oooh I’m #69


  56. This was such a great sketch, took me out of my coomfort zone, but glad I completed it, mine is on my site.

  57. Hi Beate,
    Here is my sample. Thanks for a great sketch! I’m #70.

  58. Hi Beate,

    I finally had a chance to play in your sketch challenge! What a fun sketch, and thanks so much for such a great blog and all of your inspiration. Here are my cards:
    #1 –
    #2 –


  59. Here’s mine..I love this sketch! Thanks, Beate!


  60. Here’s mine! This was my first EVER challenge. Thanks for inspiring me!
    Entry #74

  61. OK, so I participated!! I secretly stalk your blog, and this is the first time I’m participating in a WSC. Thanks!!!

  62. I was able to join in this weekend’s sketch challenge!! Thanks for another great one!!

  63. #77

    It’s been a while Beate but I am SOO happy I participated!

  64. Entry #79

    Well, I finally got around to doing a challenge again too. Thanks for expanding my stamping. Not crazy about the results, but I played, and good or bad I should give myself credit. Happy week to you! Kat

  65. #80 So glad to see your challenges again. Both of your samples are real beauties! Here’s my take:

  66. #81
    Here is my card for your challenge. Even though I found it very challenging, I had fun 🙂

  67. #82
    Long time stalker, first time player. Unlike the nice weather in Florida, we had a snow day. I had time to play.


    or on scs:

    Great sketch, made it easy to pull card together.

  68. #83
    First time for this challenge. This is a great layout and I had lots of fun with it! Thanks Beate.

    On SCS:

  69. So glad your back to blogging and issuing challenges.
    Here’s my entry – Dawn Berry


  70. Beate, your sketch helped me out in a pinch. I had my open house Friday and Saturday but I didn’t like my second make-n-take. During my open house on Friday my Stampin’ Up! supply order came with my Sale-a-bration stamp sets. I grabbed your sketch and new Sale-a-bration set and whipped this out. Thanks so much!


  71. #86

    here’s my entry! with the help of my DD who’s three!

  72. I might be #87. Anyhow…here’s my card. Thanks for another great sketch!

  73. I think this is no. 88.

    Thanks for another great sketch! Here is my card:

  74. Love the sketch.Here is my take on it.

    My Card


  75. Super sketch Beate! Was really fun to play with! Here’s mine #94

  76. Oh my friend, I’m SO glad you’re back. How I’ve missed this challenge. Here’s the first card I made, I’m posting the second on Tuesday.



  77. This sketch intimidated me at first, but I didn’t let it get the better of me. 🙂 Here’s my card…

    Entry #96

  78. Here is my card.

    If I didn’t link that correctly here is my blog also: Card is posted for Jan. 14th
    Looks like I’m # 97.

    Thanks for the challenge. You really made me work hard on this one!

  79. This was a tough one for me but I liked the challenge. Thanks Beate! Here is my attempt:


  80. #101 — I got a chance to make this card on my snow day yesterday! Love ya! 😉

  81. Here is my card at splitcoast:

    It’s kind of random, I was having a hard time with it. Thanks for the challenge!


  82. #104

    My creation is posted here:

    Thanks for doing these, they are very inspiring!

  83. Really great sketch this week Beate ! Here’s mine:
    Entry 105

  84. #106
    Since I can’t edit my last post, I am adding this one. Hope it doesn’t screw it up too much. Here’s my post for this weeks challenge 😉

  85. That was a fun sketch. I turned mine through 90 degrees as it worked better for me.



    Here is my card. Don’t really like it but…

    Entry 109

  87. I think I am #110.
    At least I got the picture posted in time this week. Here is my entry
    and one where I turned it round
    Thanks for the challenge.

  88. Love this sketch!

    Thank You!!! (vielen danke! -is that right? LOL)


  89. Awesome sketch again Beate! I love them all! I finally made time to play, so here it is!


  90. My card is posted Beate! Whew! Thanks as always! Deb

  91. I’m just SO glad you’re back, I had to go do it again!

    Already looking forward to what you’ll do next!


  92. Looks like I’m 115

    It’s also on SCS with the keyword. Fun sketch – thanks!

  93. Beate,

    Better late than never I always say!

    Thanks for the challenge. I love your weekly sketches.



  94. It’s 8:47 CST, wasn’t sure what time zone you are in, so this may be late. I had this done a couple of days ago, but couldn’t get a good picture of it due to our weather.
    Anyway I love how it turned out and was excited to be able to do another of your sketches.

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