Here is this weekend’s sketch:

To participate in the challenge and be entered in the  raffle, make a card with this layout and upload it either to your blog, or to an online gallery.

 If you upload your card on SCS, put WSC33  (NO SPACE INBETWEEN WSC AND 33) in the keyword section. That way we can look at all of them at once!

Post a link to your card to this blog entry as a comment. Please add your entry# to it.

I will determine the winner  with on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.









I made my first card with this sketch early last year. I made another card with Doodle that.




To see samples made with this sketch now, check out the blogs of

Cambria Turnbow

Charmaine Ikach

Jenn Balcer

Laurie Schmidlin 

Lori Craig

MaryJo Albright

Have fun creating! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

SCS submissions


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180 Responses to “Weekend Sketch Challenge #33”

  1. Beate, I LOVE your card with the sketch! I love that set. Love the papers you chose and everything! Just perfect!

  2. Thanks for another great sketch Beate.
    Hugs for Rebecca.

  3. Your card is fantastic and I love the sketch!

    I can’t wait to cut many, many sheets of paper into totally unusable
    pieces before I finally find my card 😉

  4. Funny, I am wanting to make some different sized cards this weekend…great inspiration right here! Thanks!

  5. I just finished the LSC one – now I’m ready for yours – LOL!!!
    This is a fun one….I’ll be back soon!!!

  6. AHH!! I just realized I left out the three embellies on the side, oh well!! Thanks for the great sketch!!

    Entry #1

  7. Fun sketch! Mine is at

    Do you go by post comment or entry comment? I don’t know what to number myself.

    Entry #2

  8. Ohhhhh…..I love this…gonna go stamp in my space later on !!! How’s Rebecca doing?

  9. Thanks Beate!! I finally got the right sketch… I’m such a dork! You KNOW i LOVE this card… I still have it! Love ya babe!

  10. Oooh, can’t wait to do this one, this looks wonderful! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  11. Would love to make this sketch but I have never made a card this size. Can you give me the dimensions please!

  12. This sketch was so fun! I just noticed that I am a little off from the sketch too, oops! Thanks for another great challenge!
    Entry #4

  13. I loved this challenge. I’m a beginner and was up for it, thanks 🙂
    Entry #6

  14. Beate – here is my card for your challenge…It was fun –
    Thank you!!!


  15. Love your card Beate! I kept with a regular size card because my images were small. Thanks for another great sketch! Have a wonderful weekend! Laura

    Here’s mine



    never done this before, it is fun and it does get you thinking outside your “usual” box. Your website is awesome…lots of inspiration going on here. Thanks!


  17. YEEHAW! I finally remembered to do a challenge again- I forgot all through January, but no longer! Great sketch, it was a challenge for me, but I think I came out on top. 🙂 Thanks as always, sweet Beate! Send our love to Rebecca in her recovery.
    Check it out–>


  18. I finally got to do one of your sketches on the actual day you posted it!! Thank goodness for snow days once in a while. Loved this layout. I think I’m #13. Here’s my card

  19. Wow love this challenge !!!!!!! Your card is just gorgeous Beate
    Here is my entry
    Entry # 14

  20. I love this Beate….I promise this weekend I will make this sketch….I have a few cards to make for Pink Cats new release and will use this sketch for one of them.

  21. Thanks for the challenge
    Here is the link for my entry for weekend sketch challenge #33


  22. I’m # 18 (I think), and on Friday even. This card was a blast. I have trouble leaving my comfort zone and this was so much fun. Thanks for a great sketch Beate. -Molly B

  23. This sketch came at a perfect time and helped me make a needed b-day card for a friend, thanks !!
    Entry # 19

  24. Here is my sketch challange for this weekend. Hope you like it. I do.


  25. Here’s mine! What fun that was- my first ever WSC! I think I am lucky #21.

  26. I really like this sketch–lots of fun to work with! Here’s a link to my card:
    Entry #23

  27. #24 I believe. Thanks so much for the awesome sketch this week! I can’t belive I actually got to it today! WHOO HOOO for me! LOL You can check mine out here…
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  28. Thanks for a great sketch Beate!! Here is mine:

  29. Hi! Your card is fantastic! I love this sketch! This is the first time I try one of your sketches, but I’m sure I’ll be back for more! Thanks so much!
    Here is the link to mine on SCS
    Entry #26

  30. Thanks for the great sketch challenge Beate, I finally got to play along this week – it had been too long!! Here’s mine:
    Libby’s Cupcake Card


  31. Thanks for the great sketch. Here is one of the cards I did with this sketch.


  32. I can’t believe that I actually got to play on the day you posted your sketch and what a great one it is. Woo hoo!

    I’m #29 and here is my sketch:


    I think I am #30! I love this sketch this week Beate! It was really fun to work with and I found myself really having lots of ideas for it. But I only can do one….tonight anyway! LOL Enjoy and thanks!

  34. Love the sketch Beate, tonZ of fun! Thanks!
    Hope little Rebecca is doing better, it just sounds awful what she had to go through!


  35. Hi Beate – this is the first time I’ve played with the weekend sketch and it was a lot of fun! Certainly hope things get better for Rebecca poor thing!! I’m #32 and here is my link

  36. Well this was mine first time ever playing in a sketch, and it was really a lot of fuN! I’m #33 and here is my card:

  37. definitely a tall order for the sketch…here’s my cupa kaffe…

    enjoy! and blessings for your DD


  38. Great sketch again this week Beate! Here’s my card, entry #35


  39. Thanks for a great challenge. My first WSC, and I really enjoyed it! I am a huge fan!


  40. Beate,
    I love this sketch! I uploaded it to my SCS gallery, and it’s on my blog:
    And I’ve been wondering, How do you pronounce your name?
    Happy Weekend!


  41. Great sketch this weekend! Here’s my take on it.
    Thanks for letting me participate and for inspiring us to create each week!


  42. Here is my card:

    That makes me # 40!

    Thanks for this sketch, I NEEDED it!

  43. Great Sketch! Thanks Beate I know you have a lot on with Rebecca at the moment (hope she is feeling a bit better)

    You can see my card on my blog

    and on splitcoasters.


  44. Hey Beate! I loved this sketch! You are great and such an inspiration it gets my creative juices flowing every weekend! Enjoy!


  45. This is the first sketch challenge of yours that I have done. It is awesome. Here is a link to my card…

    Thanks for the sketch.


  46. My first sketch challenge – how fun! My card will be posted to my SCS gallery as well as on my blog here:

  47. Hi Beate! I’m hoping that both you and your daughter are doing better! I’m thinking about you both and wishing your daughter a speedy recovery!

    I haven’t been able to play in your sketch challenges for what feels like forever! I managed to put a little something together today. Thanks for the great sketch!



  48. Fun, fun, fun! This was such a fun sketch! Thanks so much for doing this, Beate! I so love playing! Hope you are all doing well and that both you and your daughter are getting some rest today. Take care! 🙂

    This is my first post – hopefully not my last.:) I believe I’m entry #51. Had fun with this. Thanks for the challenge. Praying for you and your family.


  50. Hey Beate! I see the numbers are out of whack…lol so don’t bother putting me in the draw but I wanted to let you know I uploaded to SCS and will get it on my blog shortly! Thanks for the GREAT sketch! It’s my first big card!!!


  51. I’ll guess I’m #53…not too sure about that!
    What a fun sketch this is, I have not done a card before in this long format, I really enjoyed doing it!
    my card

    [email protected]

  52. Beate – your challenge was so much fun I had to make another card!!!


  53. WOW!!!! so many great examples of this fab sketch 🙂 Thank you Beate once again. You can see my card, #55?

    Hope you get some rest tonight! (((HUGS)))
    Thanks for looking 🙂
    Carol x

  54. I guess I am #57.

    Thanks for another great sketch, Beate. And I actually got it done over the weekend!!

    I hope that your daughter is feeling better. Hang in there, both of you!! ~Maria

  55. #60

    I see you commented before I got my entry in! You are on top of things! I posted them quickly before running out the door.
    Have a great weekend. Love the sketch!

  56. HI there! First time to do this-that is to do a challenge, but had a lot of fun with it and am looking forward to doing more. Thanks!


  57. Here’s mine, Beate. Thanks for a great sketch!


  58. Here’s mine, thanks for the fun and different sketch!
    Entry #63

  59. Hi. This is my challange card. This is my first one. My dog was my inspiration. Unconditional love. My blog is
    entry #75 I used the last commment # It’s #64 if I got by the comment above mine right now

  60. Hey, Here I am again submitting my Card. Thanks for the great challenges, get the mind thinking. I hope everyone enjoys it.

    Entry #65.

  61. #66 Great sketch Beate. I see your numbers are all messed up, lol. Anyway I really loved this one and will be using it more. My first one is here.

  62. Super extra sassy challenge, girl!!

    Must be the lack of sleep!! I sure hope she’s feeling better. Thanks for taking care of us too!!

    Here’s my entry:



  63. Fun sketch which has inspired some amazing creations. Here’s my attempt – Talk Nerdy to Me:


  64. I think I am #69 Here is mine (love this sketch!)

  65. I’m #70
    Loved that sketch!

    Here is my entry (on my blog)

  66. I’m sure I’m 71 – fun totally out of comfort zone for me! it’s the last pic in my post (it was a long one)

  67. Wow! This one sure challenged me Beate – really took me out of my comfort zone and I struggled a bit but finally came up with something! Here it is:


  68. Great sketch… had me thinking this week. But have managed to do my version of your sketch.
    Its at

    Entry #73

    caroline x x

  69. I did another card last night. Can you enter more than one?
    I love this sketch.
    entry #74
    Inky hugs~Mauna

  70. Really loved this sketch! I had a bit of trouble with the three thingie-whatsits down the left hand side, so I had to “cheat” a bit.

    Styles Ink

    Entry #75

  71. Entry #76
    Great sketch, definitely a challenge. Here’s my card:

  72. I had fun working with this size, it was definatly a challenge for me. Here is my go at it:


  73. Thanks for the great sketch. Here is mine (in protest of the groundhog seeing his shadow)


  74. I loved this sketch and what you did with it! Here’s mine. I cheated a bit and copied some of your elements. I couldn’t help myself!


  75. this is a great design…here is mine…


  76. Thanks for another great sketch. I’ve used your sketches before, but this is the first time I’ve entered one of your challenges. I think I am entry #82.

  77. Thanks for a great challenge. Loved this sketch.
    Here is my submission on my blog:

    Entry #83

  78. I’m #84. Thanks for such a great sketch. I had a lot of fun with this!

  79. #85. Thanks for a fun weekend project. Off to check out everyonen else’s work!

  80. #86 – My first contribution! I’m excited to do more in the weeks to come.

  81. What an awesome sketch. It was so much fun. thank you. You can see mine at my blog:


  82. Hi Beate, had fun doing this sketch today, i combined with my valentine countdown that i am doing on my blog, if you get time please go take a peek, thanks for a great sketch yet again…
    best wishes
    picture is here


  83. Hi Beate, this is my card for this weekend challenge: My entry is: IT’S A BOY CARD. I hope you like it.
    According with the comments posted I am # 89

  84. Following the last entry I must be #90.

    It is here This one was quite fiddly but I am pleased with how it turned out.

  85. Thanks for the great challenge. I let myself use some of the stuff that I love and save and seem to never use! Hope you like it.
    I guess I am #91

  86. Another super sketch! Here’s mine!
    I think that I’m number 93. The order looks a bit messed up, but this is the 103 post, so I’ll go with it! Thanks Beate!
    Denise 🙂

  87. Is it okay to do more than one of the sketch challenge? Here’s my card. I don’t think it’s quite proper to register in the raffle again, so I won’t put an entry #. TFL!


  88. This was a fun challenge, Beate!! I was having a creative block and this was just what I needed to get going again!
    This is my final version of the card. I tweaked the ribbon a little after uploading my photo on SCS.
    This was the original card on SCS (before tweaking):
    Thanks for the great challenge!!


  89. What a fun sketch! I sure have fun making your sketches into cards!


  90. I LOVE this layout!! I could make a hundred of these 🙂 Thanks!!

    Here is mine:



  91. I love the sketch for this weekend’s sketch challenge. Reminds me of a photo booth souvenir. My good friends got engaged in one and used the snapshots as their save the date card.

    Here’s my card:

    I used wire instead of ribbon. I need to stock up on some twine and cording – I can’t seem to find what I’m envisioning when I’m creating. I’m happy with how good the wire looks. Thanks for the great sketch!

    I think I’m #100. A few before me didn’t list their entry number, so I just counted on.

  92. Love this size card, what a fun sketch, mine is on my blog


  93. What a fun sketch… so many possibilites! Here’s my version on my blog… and on SCS… (I typed in the keywords wrong, went back and edited it, but am still waiting for the gallery to update and correct it. Guess that’s what I get for being up too late!) Thanks Beate!


  94. Great Challenge! I have never done one before. It was fun!! Love your blog!! Here is the link to my card. 🙂


  95. i finally got a chance to work on this weekend’s sketch challenge! here’s mine:

    Entry # 105

  96. #106
    I enjoyed this one so much, I had a second go at it…


  97. Looks like I’m 107! Thanks for such a great sketch! It is perfect for those little stamps that don’t get enough love! Here’s mine…

  98. Beate = your card is so awesome – at first I was a little intiminated to try, but decided to go for it. Love the sketch!

    Here’s mine:

    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and sketch!


  99. This was a great sketch Beate!!! I had fun participating!!!

    Here’s mine:

    I think I am #110

  100. Beate, love the sketch! This is the first one I have ever tried. I have a new “under construction” blog so I posted my card there.
    Thanks, Alicia Weiman

    Sketch #33



    Thanks for the sketch–it gets me stamping a card at least once a week! ok, the numbering is way off–either I’m #125 because the last 2 people put their numbers in wrong, or I’m #114, which I think is correct. so I’m going with #114

  102. Wow great sketch! I loved pulling out my new stamp set to play with this. Here’s mine

  103. I am so thrilled to be able to stamp again, thought I’d try out one of your sketch challenges! Here is my card that I uploaded on SCS
    Hope you have a great day!


  104. Hi Beate! Here’s my entry for this sketch. Thanks.


  105. Beate, This was my first time doing one of your challenges. I loved the sketch and love a challenge! This was so much fun! You inspire me everyday! Thank you!


  106. Love this card – and I’m late linking! But here it is. (Looks like this makes me #123)

  107. Thank you for posting these WSC, I really enjoy the challenge.
    Here is my card. Looks like I am #124

  108. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. They are a huge help to someone just trying to get started. Here is mine.

  109. Entry # 126

    Great sketch- My size is 6X3 and used all the tools in my craft room on this itty bitty card:

    Thanks, Diane

  110. I did it!!! I finally stamped – THANKS BEATE for such a great challenge! I had a great time and glad that I finally got some motivation – thanks!

  111. I finally got mine done this week … yahhhhh!


  112. I haven’t played your sketch challenge in ages. I’m so happy to try it again. I’ve done two cards as one was for Taylor’s color challenge too.


  113. Beate,

    I got to play again!! I had alot of fun with this one!



  114. Thanks for another great sketch as always you have plenty of entries! My card is posted! Hugs, Deb

  115. #133

    Hey Beate,

    Thanks for a great sketch! I LOVE this one! I’ll be using this a couple times! Here’s the first one…not exactly as the sketch but still in spirit and hopefully acceptable!


  116. This is the first time I have tried your sketch. How’d I do? I am going to try more of this. Here is my blog link:


  117. back for a second week with my entry #135…thanks for the challenge!

  118. Hi Beate – this is my first long card. Thanks for the fun challenge!


  119. What a challenge for me, Beate. Thanks for a great sketch.

    Entry #137

  120. Thank you Beate! I just had so much fun with this sketch! 😀
    Loved your triple challenge card. It is gorgeous!!!!


  121. #139

    here is my card for the challenge. I had a blast doing the card.

    many thanks for the sketch as i will be using that one over and over.

  122. I love this sketch. I very rarely cut a card this way!
    Here’s my try:


  123. This is a great sketch! Love your card.


  124. I had the idea to use Zoofari in my head all weekend…finally got to it on Monday.
    Glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

  125. Here’s my WSC33. Didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. Fun for using up sraps!

    Entry #146

  126. Hey Beate! I’m finally getting back into my cards. First time in 2008! Thanks for the great challenge. I love making these long cards and I haven’t done it in forever!



  127. i think i am 161. here is my submission for this sketch challenge…loved putting it together!

    thanks beate!

  128. I really enjoyed this sketch challenge. having some girlfriends over this Thursday to make V-day cards and we will be using this sketch. Thanks
    Here is my card entry

    I believe I am #154
    Patricia Rose

  129. Hi Beate, I have never done a long card before. This was a challenge! Here is mine, I combined it with this week’s color challenge.

  130. Here is my card!!! Thanks another fantastic challenge!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  131. Sorry I forgot my # …I am entry #157

  132. Thanks for the great sketch. I had a blast working on this card. I will definately use this sketch again.


  133. I might be the last one to post…oh well! Loved the sketch! Here was my take:

  134. Here’s mine…down to the wire! 😉 Thanks Beate! #160

  135. Holy crow…this gets nuttier every week! Here I am #160! Soon, you won’t be able to comment on every one!


  136. Beate,
    Here’s mine, better late than never:

    Thanks for the great sketch and for giving me the advice of cutting the words off of my Pun Fun stamp set, it worked on almost all of them.

    Hope your daughter is doing good 🙂

  137. I’ve uploaded my card on my SCS gallery, using the keyword you gave:

    Thanks for the great sketch. It was challenging and fun!

    I’m entry #164

  138. #165

    Here’s my card:

    Thanks for a great sketch. Also, I love the cards you created for it. Beautiful!

  139. #166

    Great sketch. It was a lot of fun participating! I love your blog 🙂

    Here’s my card:

  140. Beate, great sketch! I know mine is too late for the random pick. But I thought I’d play anyway.

  141. I’m late but wanted you to know I enjoyed this sketch- thanks…it was fun!

  142. Beate, I love the sketch this week. I have made one and added to my blog at
    Thanks for the challenge
    Debby McGillivray

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