I received cards from the following stampers:

  • Brenda Taylor
  • Carey Rogers
  • Gina Wrona
  • Michelle Ide
  • Katie Skiff

Rebecca is continue to heal great. But we had a tough night. She slept with me. She likes to sleep on the side, which she isn’t supposed to do right now. So whenever she turned I had to put her back on her back. Needless to say we both didn’t get much sleep and look a little worn out this morning. Rebecca worries about that the tissue might have moved. We will call Monday and see if they can check her out. It looks good to me, but I know she won’t stop worrying until she hear from the doctor that it’s fine. Thank you again for all your well wishes! You are so sweet!

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5 Responses to “Friday Mail”

  1. Beautiful cards – a great mail day!! I am so glad to hear Rebecca is doing okay, she was in my thoughts! I know when mine hurt, I hurt so I can imagine how you must feel. Sounds like a great day to cuddle up the couch together and watch a movie! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. Beate-
    Looks like you’ve gotten a TON of cards. WONDERFUL!!!!
    I hope the package I sent arrives before your last mail out. 🙁 I’d have thought it would have been there by today.
    We’ll be keeping Rebecca in our prayers, and YOU too!! It must be so difficult for her to sleep in a way she’s not used to. For how long will she have to sleep on her back? How long does it take to completely heal? Take care! -Stacey

  3. I’m glad to hear Rebecca is continuing to heal well!

    Super cards!!

  4. So glad to know they made it. I was late getting them out this last week. I am excited to know that someone will be getting these!! Glad to hear Rebecca is healing well. ((Cyber hugs))

  5. I can’t believe how long it took for the cards to get to you!! But then I did ask DH to mail them to you so who knows when they were really mailed. I am still thinking of you, Rebecca and the rest of the family (as I am sure everyone is). Please keep letting us know what is going on and what we can do to help our guys and gals in uniform.

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