Here is the sketch for this weekend:


To participate in the challenge and be entered in the  raffle, make a card with this layout and upload it either to your blog, or to an online gallery.

 If you upload your card on SCS, put WSC35  (NO SPACE INBETWEEN WSC AND 35) in the keyword section. That way we can look at all of them at once!

Post a link to your card to this blog entry as a comment. Please add your entry# to it.

I will determine the winner  with on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.




To see samples made with this sketch now, check out the blogs of

Cambria Turnbow

Charmaine Ikach

Jenn Balcer

Laurie Schmidlin 

Lori Craig

Sharon Harnist

Have fun creating! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

SCS submissions


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154 Responses to “Weekend Sketch Challenge #35”

  1. Just got mine done!!! First time doing one of your sketches and it was so fun! It’s uploaded in the SCS gallery as well as on my blog. Thanks for the fun!


  2. Wahoo! This was a super fast one for me! Thanks, Beate! Have a great weekend!


  3. I just did mine and it took me less than an hour!!!! Oh, the things we get excited about, huh?


  4. #4 Here’s mine. the colors don’t look very good online:(

  5. # 5 GREAT SKETCH!!! It was fun playing!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. As always thank you for sharing your talent!
    Here is mine:

    -Britta 🙂


  7. Thanks again Beate, I love your sketches. Also….since I am now no longer studying with half my free time I would love to do some SCS sketches and challenges as well. Any direction on how to get into the loop. Thanks again, I so look forward to fridays!


  8. Here is mine Beate. #9 ANd I got these stars off my desk finally. ha ha

  9. Hi Beate! I have been so busy lately but finally got a little time to stamp today. Love the sketch and all the samples. Here’s my post with my Chocolate Cake card down at the bottom of it:


  10. #11 for this challenge.
    Thanks Beate for another great sketch . . . I’m lovin’ playing in your weekend challenge. Here’s my attempt: Hope you like it . . . I’m VERY happy with it . . . thanks!!!

  11. Kinda bright, but was good for me to think out of the box, so to say-thanks for the challenge Beate!


  12. Great inspiration !!! Thanks Beate !!!
    Here is my card:


  13. Great sketch, and a challenge too! So, here’s mine: #14 Bloomin’ Beautiful

  14. Hi Beate! Once again, FUN challenge. Thanks so much!

  15. Hi Beate- I think I am #18. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend! Mine is posted on here.
    Chris Dickinson

  16. Hi~ This is my first Weekend Sketch Challenge! I have uploaded it to both SCS:

    and my blog!

    Thanks!! This was fun!! Hope I did it correctly!!!

  17. This is my first time and I want to thank you for this I needed to come up with a card and this made it happen very quickly. I’m number #21 I posted it to my Blog: and to


    I tired to get it to post with all the others but it did not work.


  18. #22. I hope the placement of my brads doesn’t disqualify my card! Thanks for a great sketch, Beate!

  19. Thanks for the super sketch, Beate! Sorry for your migrane, what a bummer! Hope you’re feeling tip-top asap! Here’s my card:
    Wonderful cards, everybody!


  20. Great Sketch, thanks for the challenge and letting us all play along. I just love your card that you did for the sketch. Well here is my card. Candice

  21. I think this is the first time I ever got this challenge done on a Saturday morning! As usual, the scan doesn’t do the colors justice.


  22. This was my very fist sketch challenge and I have to say it was so much fun. Thanks so much for doing this. So here it is…


  23. Happy Saturday, here’s mine:

    Styles Ink

    I think this is #29

  24. I had fun with this challenge, I hope you like it! I’ve posted it on my blog: and also in SCS. Thanks for a great challenge Beate! Hope your migraine is better! I get them too…they’re not fun.


  25. Beate, great sketch AS ALWAYS. I’m glad I got to break out some new stamps for this.


  26. Thanks, Beate, for another great sketch!
    This was perfect for my niece’s birthday card!

    I think I’m #33

  27. Looks like I am #34. I love this sketch – but I may have to try it again to see if I can get something better!
    Thanks, Beate!

  28. Comment 35
    Have been meaning for months to get into gear and actually try one of these sketches instead of just admiring them all. It certainly speeded up my card-making, for which many thanks.

  29. Here’s my sample:

    Enjoy! This was a fun sketch as always!

    Lisa Martz


  30. Hi Beate, Love the sketch this weekend 🙂 I will utilize it for some more of my cards i think!
    Achromatic ‘man’ card can be viewed on my blog 🙂

    Carol x


  31. Happy weekend Beate! 🙂 Thank you for the fun and inspiration. Here’s one for your challenge.

    ~Nancy Grant


  32. Happy weekend Beate! 🙂 Thank you for the fun and inspiration. Here’s one for your challenge.

    ~Nancy Grant


  33. Love the weekend so we can do another challenge. YIPPE
    So here is mine


  34. #42 Here my attempt. Thanks for the challenge!

  35. #44 (by my count, hope that is right, looks like there are 2 41’s) I posted my card on my blog Beate. Thanks for another fun sketch! Hugs,Deb

  36. Thank you for another great sketch! Here’s my version:
    Entry #45

  37. #46 This is my first time participating in ANY challenge, but I love what I did: Thanks so much!

  38. My first time completing a sketch as well. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Here is my card on SCS:
    #47 I think

  39. #48 This is my first sketch. Here is my entry.

  40. I love it when I make time to get your sketch done:


  41. This is my first sketch challenge ever! I’m excite but nervous.
    I hope I did this right. So here it is:


  42. Great card and sketch, Beate! Here’s my attempt at it:

    Thanks so much! 😉


  43. Always a pleasure to serve you!!! LOL Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! We have a long one here in Canada so I get an extra day to create! Thanks!


  44. Here is my entry. Time to go eat. Have a wonderful rest of the week-end. Thanks for the challenge.


  45. Thanks for providing us with a sketch each week! They’re always fun.


  46. My new and improved weekend sketch. I like this one much better than the last.


  47. Entry #58. Another great challenge! I wish I had time to play more often! Here’s mine:

  48. #59. Thanks for the challenge and your kind comment on my blog. Here’s my card:

  49. #61 Thanks for the sketch – it was a challenge! Lots of great cards this week. Here’s mine:

  50. Loved this layout. I’ve uploaded it to my blog at:

    Thanks for the sketch!

    Alicia Weiman


  51. Loved this one! Thanks for all you do Beate!
    on SCS:
    on my blog:


  52. #67 Great Sketch Beate!! I had a blast!!! 🙂
    My blog:

  53. Yet another great sketch Beate!

    Here is mine!

    And I believe I’m #69

  54. Here is my card for the challenge. It was challenging to me maybe it was the stamp set I choose tonight. Thanks for all you do. I think I am #70

  55. Hi Beate, Thanks for the great challenge once again! I have so much fun doing these!
    I think I am #71 and you can check out my entry at

    Have a great weekend!

  56. Fun sketch, here’s mine.
    Hope that you are having a great weekend, Beate! 🙂


  57. Great sketch this weekend, Beate! This was fun! Here’s my card:

    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. 🙂


  58. Beate, great sketch again!
    Here is mine:
    Do you believe it, I finally have a blog, lol.
    I think this may be #74
    Please keep the sketches coming!
    Michelle Zindorf

  59. here’s mine. great sketch. sorry I missed last week’s. I was determined to do this one!


  60. Here is my card, Beate:

    Fun layout! I think I’m #76

  61. #77

    Thanks for the boost to get started on this months Christmas cards!


  62. Here is my first card for one of your challenges…I should be #78!
    Thanks for the fun!

  63. Guess I am #81
    Thanks for the inspiration

  64. Hi Beate! It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in your sketch challenge. They are perfect for days when I don’t know where to start. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!
    Smiles, Pam 🙂
    my card…


  65. I’ve been wanting to do one of your WCS for quite awhile and just now got around to it. The sketch made this card come together super fast. Thanks for the great inspiration!


  66. Here’s my entry. Loved this layout. It’s a keeper!
    Have a great week.


  67. Hi Beate – great sketch. I combined it with a color challenge on SCS. Take a look on
    I am number 86. Thanks for the weekly inspiration!

  68. Hi Beate.. thanks for the challenge again, i always look forward to the weekend.. you are such and inspiration to me…..
    here is my take on this weeks sketch..
    take care


  69. Here is my sketch, I think that I am #89… thanks for the great opportunity for a quick craft experience!


  70. Hallo,
    Here’s my card(s) for your sketch this weekend 🙂
    I can rarely do just one :).


  71. #91 Beate, for some reason I struggled with this one but I’m finally happy with the final product. Here it is:
    Keep ’em coming! Genelle

  72. Here is a link to my card in SCS for the weekend sketch!


  73. Hi Beate, got a chance to do your sketch this weekend! I did two playing with my brand new “Merci” set! They’re on my blog: and I uploaded them to SCS! Thanks for another great sketch!


  74. Here’s mine Beate. Took me all weekend to get to it:


  75. This was such a great sketch, I did it twice. Mine is on my blog.


  76. #103
    Thanks for another sketch Beate! It sure is for me a challenge. Here’s mine on scs
    i hope that is right.

  77. I finding had time to upload my card for this weekends challenge, thanks Beate


  78. thanks for another inspiring sketch. I started with it for my card, but things developed a little. You can see the results on my blog at


  79. I had a birthday card to make, so I used this weekend’s sketch. Thanks for the challenge.


  80. Thanks you SO much for posting this sketch !!! I used it to make my son’s 16th birthday card. I posted it both on my blog and on SCS.

    Have a great day !


  81. I also had a birthday card to make this w/e so I combined that challenge with yours! Thanks so much!

    Jeanne Nielsen
    # 109

  82. Here is my interpretation:

    I love playing along with these sketches, thanks.


  83. This was my first time participating in one of your challenges! Thanks for the inspiration! I uploaded my card to my blog:


  84. Card #113

    Thanks for the beautiful challenge again Beate! And thanks for sharing all your beautiful cards. You truly are an inspiration.

    Here is my version of the sketch:

  85. Thanks for another great sketch Beate! I just love that you host these challenges. I’ve attached a link to my submission…


  86. Thanks SOOO much for this sketch! I love it! And it was PERFECT for this stamp that I have been itching to use! Here it is:

    And about my favorite subject, too—my sister’s twin pregnancy!
    Thanks gobs!!!


  87. Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone Beate! Here is my creation


  88. This was a fun sketch to do! Here’s my submission.


  89. #119, I think… hard to keep up with the numbers… here is my card for this week’s sketch:

  90. I finally had a chance to do one of your challenges again! This is a great sketch. Here are two entries for you (#120 and 121):

  91. Well, I got this one done on time. Thanks for always putting up these great challenges to get all of our creative juice flowing.
    We are lucky here in Alberta, we had a holiday today, so I have spent most of the weekend stamping.


  92. I’m guessing that I might be #124. Thanks as always for the fun sketch.

  93. Entry # 126
    Wow Beate 126 entries already- you go girl !! Here’s mine

  94. I love your site! I’ve tried your WSC’s in the past, but am finally entering. #127.


  95. #128
    I did it!!! YAY!! my first Beate Sketch Challenge! I hope I did you proud! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  96. Hi Beate!! I FINALLY got my challenge card done so here it is:



  97. #132

    I wasn’t sure if I’d get my card made this week or not. The day off for President’s Day really helped. Thanks for another wonderful sketch!


  98. #133 (or thereabouts…these posts seem to get a little mixed up when other’s don’t post their number, lOL!)

  99. Entry 135

    This was fun. I also added it to SCS. Thanks for the challenge!

  100. Entry #136
    Thanks Beate for another awesome sketch! Here’s mine:

  101. I really liked this sketch. (I knew I bought those heart brads for a reason! lol)


    Thanks, Lisa

  102. I enjoy working with your sketches – I always have such fun! Here’s mine:


  103. Yowza! This sketch has struck a creative cord with a lot of people! Way to go Beate!

    No need to enter me in the drawing, as usual you know I love to do your sketches.

    Have a wonderful day!

  104. Hi Beate,
    This is the first time I have participated in one of your card challenges….hopefully I am entering the address to my SCS gallery correctly.

    I believe I am entry #140
    Thanks for a great challenge!

  105. HI Beate – another fun sketch, thanks! Here’s my go at it

    Entry #141

  106. Hi Beate…great sketch…so glad I got the chance to play this week.

    Entry #142

    Happy Stampin’ Everyone!
    Val White

  107. Hi
    Running late with challenge this week.
    Have done mine and its on my blog at

    Entry #143

    Caroline x

  108. Thanks for another great sketch Beate! I’ll a little late, but better late than never!

    Here’s mine,

    Denise 🙂
    entry #144

  109. Well, I really did try and I thought I looked twice but it didn’t turn out like your sketch. I did the circles on the wrong side of the card. But here’s my version of your challenge: It’s the effort that counts, right? Have a great week! I love your challenges and I love all your creations!!


  110. I am 146, thanks for the sketch. I was doing the color challenge today on SCS and needed the inspiration.

  111. #147 Here’s mine:

    Thanks for another fabulous challenge, Beate!!! 😉

  112. #148
    Here is my attempt at it! I do most of your sketch challenges, I just don’t always get photos taken and uploaded anyplace!

  113. Here’s another using this sketch. I liked this sketch. Thank you!

  114. Better late than never! I’ve loaded my card to my blog.
    Thanks for another great (and inspiring) sketch!

  115. Another great sketch! I am so enjoying all the challenges, my creation can be seen on my blog.

  116. I think I’m #152
    Another great sketch! I am so enjoying all the challenges, my creation can be seen on my blog.

  117. I’ve finally finished this sketch! I loved this one! Thanks so much for this, Beate! It was so much fun! Hope you are doing well and having a wonderful day! Take care! 🙂

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