Here is the sketch for this weekend:


To participate in the challenge and be entered in the  raffle, make a card with this layout and upload it either to your blog, or to an online gallery.

 If you upload your card on SCS, put WSC36  (NO SPACE INBETWEEN WSC AND 36) in the keyword section. That way we can look at all of them at once!

Post a link to your card to this blog entry as a comment. Please add your entry# to it.

I will determine the winner  with on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

To see samples made with this sketch now, check out the blogs of

Cambria Turnbow

Charmaine Ikach

Jenn Balcer

Laurie Schmidlin 

Lori Craig

MaryJo Albright

Sharon Harnist

Have fun creating! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

SCS submissions


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

169 Responses to “Weekend Sketch Challenge #36”

  1. Beate – this looks like a fun challenge I’ll try to play in a little while….

  2. yay, i’ll post my card once our company leaves 🙂 i loved this sketch challenge!

  3. Great sketch Beate!!Here is my card for the weekend sketch!!

  4. I had great fun with this challenge – thanks Beate.

    Happy Crafting,


  5. Hey, I got a chance to play! I think there is so much that could be done with this sketch – thanks for giving me something fun to do on a snowy day!


  6. I think I am #6–loved this easy classic sketch! Here’s mine:
    Thanks, Beate!

  7. #7 – Thanks again for a great sketch! This is a lot of fun! And I think I’m doing good! LOL! Here’s mine:

  8. #8 – Thank you for challenging us with your sketches. Here’s mine for this weekend :

  9. This was fun, and I enjoyed making a card- I haven’t stamped in two weeks!


  10. I absolutely LOVE this sketch!! I think I’d like to try this later tonight if time permits — thanks!!!

  11. what a great, quick and easy, go-to sketch. Thanks for the challenge. Here is mine


  12. Beate – I finally got my card done…..Here it is:


  13. This is the first time I’ve tried one of your sketches, but I check out your blog often. Thanks for the fun! Here’s my card:


  14. Love this sketch! Have a great weekend! Here is my card:

  15. #16
    Here is the link to mine
    Thanks again for a great design!!!

  16. #17
    Thanks for the great sketch Beate! Have a great weekend!!

  17. Thanks, Beate – this is a really great layout with lots of possibilities!! I think I’m entry #19.

  18. Here is my card for your sketch. Thanks for the idea.

    Alicia Weiman


  19. #22
    Great sketch Beate! Thanks for a wonderful challenge! Here is mine!!

  20. Hi Beate, As always, thanks for a fun sketch to get me started on the weekend from stamping standpoint, because that is basically when I do most of my stamping! Here’s mine (#23):

  21. Hi Beate! Loved this sketch – it was fun!! Here is my card:



  22. Thanks for the challenge Beate, it was fun to do!


  23. Hello! I’m really new to this so go easy on me! I actually found SCS through your blog! Thanks!


  24. Here is mine. Thanks again. I am going to work on the SCS this weekend maybe. Thanks for the tips last week.


  25. #31
    Just love the weekend Challenges !!!! I made a card for Easter for one of my grandkids. It is on my blog
    Thanks again for a wonderful challenge

  26. I know I’ve told you a million times before and I’ll probably tell you another million times how thankful I am for your weekend sketches !!! I posted my card on my blog:

    Have a great time with your stamp camp gals today !


  27. Beate, you come up with the coolest sketches and your samples are so awesome. Thanks!

    Here’s mine:


  28. Hooray for Weekend Sketches!

    Here’s mine:

    Styles Ink

    Think I’m #34

  29. Entry #35: Cool sketch! Love your sketch challenges every weekend!

  30. #36
    Here’s my version – and I love playing with your sketches!

    later, alligator!
    – SueB of

  31. Thanks for the challenge Beate! I was so happy to break in my new flower set with this!


  32. Great sketch again. I look forward to this on Friday’s. The sketch are so fun.


  33. #42
    Here’s my offering this week. I shall have to do this more, it’s good to have a challenge!

  34. #43
    I finally got to try the challenge on a Friday instead of a days later. Here is my submission:

  35. #44
    I’ve been looking forward to this sketch since I saw it Friday but didn’t have time until today. This was a great sketch. Here is mine:

  36. Hi Beate!! This is my first time doing your WSC, and Im happy with how easy it was! Thanks for a great sketch, I am totally hooked!! Here is the link to my card-
    Tiffany 🙂


  37. What a fun sketch! This was also my first time doing your sketch! Thanks a bunch! ~hugs~


  38. #49
    Thanks, Beate, for another great sketch.
    Here’s the link to my card.

  39. #50 This was a fun one to do. Thanks again Beate!
    Here’s the link to my card:
    Josee Smuck

    What a wonderful sketch challenge! I always look forward to Friday’s and checking out your super blog….Thanks!!!


  41. #53 I think! Hi Beate! Here is my card for your challenge and thank you for your wonderful inspiration:)

  42. #55

    Thanks for a great sketch Beate and have a great weekend.

    I know it’s late but I did one for last weekend’s too.

  43. #56
    Here’s mine:
    Thanks for the sketch Beate

  44. Here’s my first card for one of your weekend challenges. Thanks for the inspiration.


  45. I liked how these cards turned out! Thanks for getting my stamping at least once a week with your challenges!

  46. I rotated you 90 degrees & combined with today’s Inspiration Challenge – hope you like my sexy chick!!

    Here she is.


  47. Thanks for another great sketch! Here’s my version:

  48. Love the weekend challenges. I thought this would be a great sketch for a birthday card for a boy.
    Thanks for the sketches.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  49. Thanks for always giving us inspiration! Here’s what I came up with at
    (think I’m #62)

  50. I’m #63 – thanks again for putting together these challenges. I love to participate!

  51. This is a wonderful sketch! Thanks so much for all your effort. I value the time you give.


  52. #66

    This is my entry :

    Have a wonderful weekend !

  53. #68- This was a great sketch; simple is good 🙂 Thanks so much!

  54. Got mine done – made a whole set!! You can see it on my blog
    Thanks for the great sketch!


  55. #71, I hope it’s okay I played twice. I meant to make two identical cards, but didn’t like the first one very much. I used pretty much the same supplies but with a completely different result.

  56. #72
    Love the sketch, fun to play with some of my new “Occasions” catalog stuff. Thanks for looking!

  57. Hi Beate! I always enjoy your weekend sketch challenges!
    Here’s mine…

    Smiles, Pam 🙂


  58. #76. Thanks for another great sketch Beate! I always welcome the inspiration. You can check out mine here:


  59. #81 here is my card for your fun sketch – can also be seen on

  60. Hi Beate-
    This is my very 1st challenge!- Yahoo! A mother of a 10 month old and a 7 year old- I have to stamp simply. Just call me sss (Samantha the Simple Stamper) #82

  61. Your sketches are awesome, wish I had time to play more often! Really enjoyed this one…thanks = ) -nancy


  62. Hi Beate! I forgot to come and thank you for a GREAT sketch again this week! I loaded one on Friday or Saturday to my SCS gallery and another one today to my blog. Off to load it to SCS now…lol


  63. Love this sketch! I have not played in a few weeks and have missed it! Thanks for all you do for us. Here is my submission.


  64. #88. Another fun sketch. I turned this one on it’s side.

  65. #89. Here is my version of the cardsketch, hope you like it :)! You can find it on my blog:
    Love your sketches :)!

    [email protected]

  66. #90
    Hi Beate – another great challenge! Thanks so much!
    You can see my version on my blog:


  67. Hi Beate – Here is my card:
    I think I am #91. Thanks for more inspiration! Chris Dickinson

  68. Another great sketch. Thanks! Here’s my card (finally posted actually ON a weekend!):


  69. Hi Beate, I just love your chalenges! Thanks again for a great one! I think I am #94! Dannette

  70. Another fun sketch, thanks for doing these. Mine is on my blog.


  71. Great sketch. Thanks!
    Here is my card:
    Looks like I am #97.

  72. Here is my submission….not really how I wanted it to turn out. Thanks Shanna


  73. Fun sketch Beate!!! Thanks. I hope you are feeling better.

  74. It was the first time I tried this challenge although I always loved your sketch!

    I’m #103. MakiJ

  75. #104

    Here’s my card in my SCS Gallery:

    And here it is on my Blog, with more details on both the card and the box:

    This was a great sketch, thanks so much!!!

  76. #105 This is a great layout for a big need I have right now! I keep a box of cards at church for people to “buy” whenever they need a card, and the money goes to our mission team. I really struggle with keeping the cards simple, so that people don’t have to put extra postage on them. So I kept my card for this challenge a little more simple than I usually do, and will have to use this layout several more times tomorrow to get some more cards to stock the box. Thanks Beate!

    Here’s my card…

  77. Hi Beate – another wonderful sketch! I hope you are feeling better.
    Here’s my card

  78. #109 Here’s my Splitcoast link and I’ll have it on my blog in just a bit! Thanks!

  79. This was an easy sketch Beate, but a great one to whip out cards with to have on hand. Thanks!



    #111 (I think it is the right number)

    Loved this challenge. This layout can be used so easily with any stamp set. Thanks for a great sketch!


  81. What a fun sketch to use. Care to see my card?


  82. #113 Thanks for the great challenge. It definitely was challanging for some reason. What a great sense of satisfaction I felt when I FINALLY completed the card. Here it is:

  83. Woo hoo! I got to play this week! Here’s my card:

    Thanks for the great sketch, Beate!


  84. #115 –
    I started off staying really true to your sketch but ended up flipping my card on it’s side at the last minute. My card is posted here:

  85. Looks like I’m #116 and here’s my card:

  86. Thanks Beate for another great lay-out! Is it #117?! Here is my card for this sketch:–9.html

  87. Thanks for another great layout!

    You can find mine here


  88. Hi Beate!
    Thanks for another great sketch…you ROCK!!!

    Mine can be viewed here at SCS:


  89. Entry #121
    Thanks Beate for another great sketch! Here is my card:

  90. Thanks for another great challenge, Beate! I’m #122 . . .

  91. #123 This didn’t come out how I would have liked but here it is anyway.

  92. hi beate! i am 124 i think!
    i turned it, but hope you like anyway! 🙂
    thank you and have a wonderful week!

  93. Nice and simple sketch. Thanks so much!


  94. #126 Woa !!! I usually look at all the entries, but this is A LOT !!! Here’s mine:

  95. Here is mine:

    I used a square card for my card. hope that is okay!


  96. Sketch Challenge #36

    This is my first time to attempt Beate’s sketches, so I am not sure of my number, but I think it is #128. Here’s the link to my card:

    Thanks Beate! I always enjoy your work and tutorials.


  97. Hi Beate, great sketch and your card is soooo yummy! Here is mine:


    Here’s mine!!
    Post #130 – I believe.
    Great WSC!!!

  99. #131

    This is my first time participating in one of your sketch challenges. Thanks, it was fun and I will participate more often!

  100. #134
    A quick card for my dad who had surgery this morning…all went well. Thanks for the sketch.

  101. #135
    This is my first sketch challenge. It was really fun. Here is the link:

  102. I think I’m #138….anyway…here’s my entry for this week…thanks for another awesome challenge!!!

    My blog:
    My gallery:

  103. #139
    Second challenge for me although I was late with the first one! This was fun. Thanks.

  104. I think I am #140!

    Here is my card—Thanks for the GREAT sketch!

  105. #141.
    I liked the simplicity of this sketch. It was a great sketch to work on! Thanks!

  106. Thanks for another great one! You are so amazing, Beate!!


  107. Here’s mine (just scroll down to the bottom of the post…I talk a lot, LOL!)


  108. This gets nuttier every week…I can’t believe you have the time to go visit everybody…my hero!


  109. #146 ~ holy moley!! Oh well, you gotta be in it, to win it, right?? Here’s mine:

    Have a great day!

  110. #147 – I finally got mine done! You can see it in my SCS Gallery or on my blog!
    Have a Blessed Day!

  111. Hi Beate, Thanks for another super sketch challenge! They always motivate me to stamp.

    I finally had some time for stamping today so here’s mine…

    Denise 🙂


  112. wow this sketch must be popular-wonderful as always, beate!


  113. Thanks for another great sketch Beate. I had alot of fun making this easter card for my daughter.


  114. #152? WOW! that’s amazing!
    I had time to play this week! Here is mine:

  115. #155
    Wonderful sketch this week Beate! My card is posted!
    Thanks Beate! Hugs, Deb

  116. #157. It feels so nice to play again. Thanks for keeping up with the challenges. Here is mine

  117. Here’s mine. Hope it works. 😉


  118. Hi Beate, love your new bird card…so awesome with the River Rock!
    I meant to post this earlier, sorry. Here’s my take.


  119. Almost too late!!! I need to work on the next one on Saturday and NOT spend all weekend THINKING about the design. I think that I’m #160?!?

    Thanks for looking.

  120. #161
    Wonder if I’ll be the last one to post? Here is my card. I will definitly be using this sketch again! Thanks!

  121. Entry #163 – Whew, just in the nick of time…even though the card was done last week 😉 All this company has kept me SO busy! Anyhow, I loved this sketch, here’s my entry:

  122. Thank you for all your inspiration. I did try your sketch challenge and love it 🙂 Can not wait to do more.


  123. It’s been forever since I’ve been able to play, but I just couldn’t stay away any longer, I’ve missed these sketch challenges too much!! 🙂 LOL…

  124. I know I am too late for the drawing (which is totally fine), but I made a card with this sketch last night after the sketch printout sat on my table alllllll week, and I am just thrilled with how it turned out (for once, LOL!); so I wanted to share! 🙂

    I really liked this sketch, I’ll be hanging on to it for future projects – thanks Beate!

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