Here is the sketch for this weekend:


To participate in the challenge and be entered in the  raffle, make a card with this layout and upload it either to your blog, or to an online gallery.

 If you upload your card on SCS, put WSC41  (NO SPACE INBETWEEN WSC AND 41) in the keyword section. That way we can look at all of them at once!

Post a link to your card to this blog entry as a comment. Please add your entry# to it.

I will determine the winner  with on Monday at 11:00 a.m. CST

To see samples made with this sketch now, check out the blogs of

Cambria Turnbow

Charmaine Ikach

Jenn Balcer

Laurie Schmidlin 

Lori Craig

MaryJo Albright

Sharon Harnist

Have fun creating! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

SCS submissions


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

128 Responses to “Weekend Sketch Challenge #41”

  1. Here is mine for this week… I’m entry #1!

    Thanks for the great sketch!

  2. Another great sketch! Fabulous inspiration too!! Here is mine:
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Beate!
    I think I’m entry #5

    I’ve loaded it on my blog and also SCS…can’t wait to do another!

  4. Comment #7
    Thanks Beate for another great sketch. I did a
    booboo though . . . I had panel #2 cut to sit on
    the left edge, but when I glued it down, not thinking
    I spaced it to the right . . . Ooops!! Hope it still
    qualifies. Here it is:

  5. #8

    Gos, I’ve never been so close to the top !! LOL

    Here is my card:


  6. I just adore this sketch!!! Thanks Beate!!

    here is my card

  7. Comment #10
    Here’s my take on your sketch… Thanks.. I have a notebook that I have many different sketches in both those I find while blog browsing and my own. Your sketches are always fabulous.

  8. I think the one before me should be #10, so I am #11. An early entry 2 weeks in a row. Thanks for the great sketch. Here’s my card:

  9. What a fun sketch!! I had an image I was stuck on, so this was a great save!! Thanks Beate!

  10. Hey Beate! I haven’t played in weeks, so I’m thrilled to have done 2! The second was a little off the sketch, but I tried! Hope all is well in FL! Have a terrific weekend!

  11. # 14

    Here is my entry for this weekend’s sketch challenge. Thanks for inspiring me again.

  12. #15
    What a great sketch and I loved your sample! Thanks so much for the inspiration and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  13. #16. I just got new stamps this morning and was able to finally try the technique challenge from last week!! 🙂

    Thanks again for the sketch!

  14. #17 Thanks for the sketch Beate. I love doing your Weekend Sketches when I have time. Here it is.. -Molly B

  15. Great sketch Beate. Here is mine # 20:

  16. Hiya Beate

    Okay its been a while, but after the day I have had I had the urge to create!!!!

    Please excuse my awful photo, but its extremely dark here in the UK at this time of night, lol


  17. thanks for the sketch beate! heres my take on it –
    luv christina

  18. I love your sketch challenges, Beate – thanks so much for posting them. Here’s mine:

  19. #27 Love that you do this every Friday. Thank you, Candice

  20. This was such a fun sketch, thanks Beate! I hope you enjoy Spring Break with your kids. Entry #29

  21. Check out my card here:
    I’ve also recently added several new posts to share!

  22. As always, thanks for the inspiration! Here’s my take on it at
    Entry #32

  23. Thanks for the sketch challenge. Here is my attempt at it.


    I made 2 cards, but I’ll post only one

  25. Here is mine!! Great sketch one again. I love your demo card also!! Amazing color combo, which I will have to “borrow” soon.

    Thanks again


  26. #37 Here’s mine:
    Thanks for a great sketch, Beate! Happy Weekend!

  27. Hi there Beate, Thanks again for a great challenge! Have a great weekend! I think I am entry #39

    Happy Stampin! Dannette

  28. Beate, looove this challenge! I added a layer by accident, but I still love your sketch better, lol! Thanks! I’m #40!

  29. I’m always so tickled when I get my entry in before Monday!
    Here’s mine:

  30. Hi Beate, hope you are keeping well, another great sketch, mine is on my blog, i must go and see how to upload to scs!
    thanks again
    take care

  31. I’m #43 I think – here’s my submission!

  32. Here is mine:

    Thanks for another great sketch challenge!

  33. I think I am #45. Great sketch!! Worked perfect for my DD’s birthday card!!
    Here is mine…

  34. Here is my card for this challenge, it is posted on my blog: and it will be posted shortly over at SCS.

    Thanks for this great challenge, thinking of giving last weeks SCS challenge a try too :)!


  35. Does this make me #48? Your sketches are always so much fun to play with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. 49 – here is mine! It was pretty quick on a busy Saturday. I’ll have to try this sketch again since it seems to have so many possibilities.

  37. This one was quick, easy and fun! Also, LOVE the flower slide/pearl on yours. Gorgeous! I’m # 50.

  38. I’m #51
    Holla Beate 🙂 I posted my card on SCS and my blog 🙂

    Have a faaaaaaantastic day !!!

  39. I’m always thrilled when I remember to check out your weekend sketch challenge; it always give me fresh motivation for the weekend!

    Here’s my card: #54

    Thanks for yet another awesome sketch challenge! I just love the colors of your sample and I must get that dot cuddlebug folder. It adds so much to the card. Have a great day!!

  41. Another fabulous sketch Beate, I had a lot of fun with this one!

  42. Looks like I am number #59, I think. I loved your card. It immediately went into my favorites because of how you used that set. Gorgeous! Anyway, here is my entry which is combined with the inspiration challenge this week.

  43. Here’s my quick card! Thanks for the challenge. You can find my card here:

    PS. I just read you live in Niceville. I will be heading that way at the end of April to vacation in Destin, FL! You must love living there. It’s just gorgeous! It’s about 45 degrees here in KY, I can’t wait for vacation to get here.

  44. #62 Here is my card. Thanks Richelle


  45. #65
    Thanks for the new idea! Here’s my card:

  46. Hey, Beate -another great sketch! Here is mine, a bit out of scale, but done nonetheless!

  47. #68 I love this sketch!! I have posted mine on my blog and on splitcoast!!


  48. Hi Beate! Here is my sample for the challenge. Have a great weekend! :)Julie

  49. Thanx for the sketch – here’s my take on it:

    later, alligator!
    – SueB

  50. Hi Beate

    Here’s my challenge. I hope you enjoy. Have a great day.



  51. Hi Beate! I loved this sketch and will be using it again today – LOL! Here are my two cards:


    So, how many hours – LOL!!!!

  52. I think I’m #79!!! Here is my sketch! Hope you like it!

    I also posted it in my SCS gallery (catt871)

  53. #81

    Always look forward to the weekend because of your sketch. Thanks for that.

  54. Hi Beate, I’m so happy to participate this week. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    Entry #82

  55. Thank you Beate for another terrific sketch challenge! Sending you Springtime Smiles! ~ Pam 🙂

  56. Thanks so much for this great sketch Beate…it was just what I needed! I guess that I’m #88. I posted to my blog and I’ll try to add it to SCS a little later on! Thanks again!

  57. here’s my submission. I was able to get a few cards done using this easy layout. Thank you for the inspiration!


  58. #88
    Thanks Beate for another fun sketch! My crabby card is posted! Hugs, Deb

  59. #89 Just uploaded mine on my blog and Splitcoast Beate. Thank you for the inspiration! Have a super day! Tiffany

  60. Thanks for another challenge – here is my card


  61. I’m thinking that this is entry #93. As always, thanks, Beate for the fun challenges. You’re so generous to give of your time planning these challenges.

  62. I think I’m #94.
    Thanks for another fabulous sketch! Here’s my post:

  63. #96
    Thanks Beate for a great sketch! Here is my card:

  64. Here is mine, I got to stamp this weekend.
    Angel Hugs

  65. Thanks for the fun challenge! They keep me going!
    Here’s mine!

  66. #99 I finally had a chance to post my card! Here it is:
    Thanks again for a great sketch!

  67. Hi Beate,

    #100 Here is my card for this week. Hope all is well!!

    Have a great night,

  68. Hallo,
    I can’t believe I accually got a couple cards made this weekend – we are redoing my DD’s room this week during spring break so most of my weekend has been trips to Lowes, painting, more painting and some yard work – here’s my try this weekend…
    Thanks for another great sketch!!!

  69. Hi Beate! Thanks for another great sketch!
    My card is posted on my blog:

    Thanks, have a great day!

    I am entry #102

  70. #103
    Here’s my try for this weekend. Thanks for a great sketch Beate!

  71. # 104 Thanks for another fabulous sketch, Beate!!! Here’s mine:

  72. Let’s try that again. With an attachment this time!
    Here’s mine, #105.
    Thanks again!

  73. Whooo Hooo…. I got to play again. Thanks so much for your sketches, they are so much fun!!!


  74. Sorry, I had to re-do something. This is the link. I apologize; I’m #107

  75. Thank you for another wonderful sketch, my card is on my blog

  76. I think I’m #109… if I’m not too slow with this:

    It’s a Girl “Bling”:

    or more info at:

    Thanks, Beate! Love your beach picture for Sunday. Wish I were there!!

  77. Finally got my card done and it will be on my blog. Thanks a bunch, Beate! Hope you, Rick and the kids had a GREAT day today!

  78. Here’s my first attempt at the weekend sketch challenge. Just made it in under the wire!

    I’m number 111… .maybe a lucky number?
    Thanks for keeping us inspired Beate!

  79. #112
    Here’s my card. Thanks, it was a fun challenge.

  80. #113
    Hi Beate,
    Here is my card!!

  81. #114
    Hi Beate,
    Here is my card, I enjoyed it very much.

    Thanks for all you do.

  82. Here’s my first card ever for a sketch challenge!

    My blog:
    my SCS Gallery:

  83. Here is my sketch challenge.#116 First one I have ever done. Had alot of fun!
    My blog is

  84. Hi Beate – thanks so much for another great sketch. #117

  85. Hi Beate! I’m #118…this is my first time trying out one of your challenges! Thanks–it was mucho fun!

  86. Hey, Beate. Here’s how NOT to do a sketch challenge!

  87. #124 – I just made it… Thanks for a great Challenge. Those squares really tested me.


  88. I know this is late, but I wanted to submit it anyway. Thanks for a great sketch! I’m sure I’ll use it again. Here’s my card:

  89. I’m way late, but I feel accomplished if I even COMPLETE them!!

    Here are two I made:


    Thanks for another great sketch! This is the first one I’ve ever posted to show you!

  90. This sketch is perfect for this sweet little guy. Care to see my card?

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