Jenn Balcer was kind enough to provide me with this awesome sketch.

To participate in the challenge and be entered in the  raffle, make a card with this layout and upload it either to your blog, or to an online gallery. Because I am closing in on 2,100,000 hit, I will raffle away a stamp set from last year’s Holiday Mini catalog called Love & Joy.

 If you upload your card on SCS, put WSC54  (NO SPACE INBETWEEN WSC AND 54) in the keyword section. That way we can look at all of them at once!

Post a link to your card to this blog entry as a comment. Please add your entry# to it.

I will determine the winner  with on Monday at 11:00 a.m. CST

To see samples made with this sketch now, check out the blogs of

Cambria Turnbow

Charmaine Ikach

Jenn Balcer

Laurie Schmidlin 

Lori Craig

MaryJo Albright

Sharon Harnist

Have fun creating! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

SCS submissions


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

88 Responses to “Weekend Sketch Challenge #54”

  1. Yay!! I am glad you are back with weekly sketches.

    Here is my card.


  2. #2
    So happy you are back! Hope you enjoyed your summer!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. #3
    Es hat super Spass gemacht. Hier geht es nun zu meiner Karte

    LG Andrea

  4. here is mine the Pic was to big for my blog so I had to shrink it but you can see the full size here[email protected]/

    and here is my blog

  5. Here is mine…welcome back and so happy you had some time with your family this summer.


  6. I’m so glad you are back! Hope you enjoyed your summer.
    In celebration of your return, I’ve nominated you for an award – hope you’ll play along!

  7. So happy you are back…I love your weekend sketch challenge. Here is my card…

    I altered it slightly to make it fit a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card size.



  8. Post #9

    Welcome back Beate! What a great sketch – I think this is my first time playing here is my card I hope you like it:

    thank you

  9. #10
    I am so happy you are back Beate!!!!
    This is my card:
    Wishing you.. :

    I hope you like it.

    God bless

  10. #11
    I love the layout and your card!
    Here’s mine:

  11. #12 Here is mine Beate

  12. Welcome back!!! here’s my card for the weekend sketch

  13. I’m so glad you’re back, here’s mine (not really happy with it but i tried =)

  14. Welcome back, Beate, and thanks for the great sketch. My card is here:

  15. Welcome back!!! Here is my card. Thanks for the sketch.# 16

  16. Glad you’re back and hope you had a relaxing summer with your kids.
    Enjoyed the sketch challenge. Here’s my entry:

  17. I think I may be number 20. Beate, I’m glad your sketch challenges have returned. I love this sketch. My card is posted on my blog and I will try to get it uploaded to SCS this weekend. Here is a link to my blog post:

    Have a super weekend.

  18. Hey girl – I hope you are enjoying your weekend??? I made a card with your awesome Sketch and if you like – take a look…

    I’m so happy you are back – I have missed ya a lot!!! Hugs ~S~

  19. Great to havw you back doing what you do.
    Love the sketch will definatly use it again.
    Sally. x


  20. I love your blog. I found it through my friend’s blog. Great sketch! Here’s the link to my card:

  21. Post #25 –

    Here is my interpretation~happy to have weekend sketch challenges back~ and a great sketch to start it off! Thanks Beate!

  22. I had some time today to play along!
    Welcome back by the way, I missed you while you were gone!

  23. Welcome BACK! My card is up! Thank you for the challenge! Have a great weekend!

  24. Hooray, Beate’s back. Love your sketch, Jenn. Beate your interpreation is just so wonderfully creative. Love it. Thanks for coming back!

  25. Great to have you back. Thanks for the great sketch and have a fabulous weekend!

    Hugs – G

  26. #32, I think!

    Great sketch,

    Happy Weekend!

  27. Yaaay you’re back and cool sketch and card too. Here’s my card…
    I had lots of fun with it:-) Cheers!

  28. Welcome back to the land of Oz!!! So glad to have you back!! And I took part in this challenge which really was a CHALLENGE for me lol. Heres is my card:
    Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

  29. #37

    I’m so glad that you are back!! I actually stamped today because of you! Love the sketch, and I thought this stamp set would go perfectly with it.


  30. Welcome back! Here’s my version of the sketch:

  31. Thanks for the fun challenge. Here is mine, I think I am #39

  32. What a beautiful sketch challenge! Thanks for the inspiration! Here’s my card submission:

  33. This sketch came just in time to complete my male birthday card – thanks

  34. #43 Glad you’re back with such an awesome sketch! Here’s my card:

    Had fun playing!

  35. #44 I am so glad you’re back! We’ve missed you! This was a fun sketch….I loved what all the girls did with it.

    Here’s mine:

  36. #46
    Hi Beate – welcome back – its great to see you back, creating again. I really enjoyed playing with Jenn’s sketch – here is my take on it And thank you for the opportunity to win great stamps.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  37. #47, according to your comment counter. So glad you are back! Thanks for the great challenge. Here’s my card:

  38. Beate, So glad you’re back to blogging. This was a challenge this weekend. Thanks — Dawn

    Find mine on Splitcoast here

  39. #49 – Glad to see you back. Hope you had a restful summer.

  40. That was a great sketch to work with! I’m pretty happy with how my card turned out – I hope you like it!


  41. So glad you are back! I had a great time with this sketch.
    Check out my card here:

    Also, I nominated you for an award too!

  42. I didn’t get it uploaded to my blog yet, but here it is in my SCS gallery. great sketch, even if I didn’t follow it exactly 😉

  43. I’m so glad you had a great summer with your husband and kids! Selfishly, I’m glad your back though! Here is my card:


  44. #54. Nice to have you back with the challenges – could take me a while to get going but here is this weeks attempt
    Thank you

  45. Here’s mine!

    Sounds like we all missed you tons, Beate! Nice to have you back but I am sure glad that you got to spend some good time with your family before your husband had to leave again.


  46. Hi Beate! I’ve just recently started a blog so I’m super excited about my first time entering the weekly sketch challenge! Glad to have you back! I hope you’ll visit my new blog! 🙂

    Here’s the link to my blog and my entry:

    Have a great day! P.S. I’ve blog ‘stalked’ you for what seems like forever–thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  47. Hi Beate! Welcome back! I’m glad you had a nice summer break with your kids and your husband.

    I jumped in on your sketch challenge this weekend. You can see mine here:

    I think I’m #57


  48. #58
    Hi Beate I am so glad you are back. Here is my card for the challenge.
    or here

    Thank you I had fun with it.

  49. #59

    It is so good to have you back Beate! We have missed you, your gorgeous creations, and you challenges! What a great sketch to start us off!

    Here is my card:

  50. This is my first time participating – please be gentle!! I believe I’m number 60.

    I, too, have recently started a blog, so my card is posted there as well as on Splitcoast.

    Thanks for doing these sketches – they are great inspiration!

  51. #62
    Yay, I’m so glad you’re back with the sketch challenges! And thank you, for taking me out of a couple weeks of “artistic block”! 🙂

    Here’s my card:
    (I flipped your sketch, like in a mirror, I hope that’s ok)

  52. #64
    Hi Beate, I sure missed your fun sketches! My card is posted on my blog,(sorry not the best picture)thanks for some weekend fun! Hugs, Deb

  53. #65
    Hi Beate, I’m so happy that you are back. You have been missed by so many fans (especially me). Here’s my card:

  54. Hi Beate! So glad you are back and with such a fun sketch! I just had to play and here is my take:

  55. This was a fabulous sketch, thanks so much for all you do.! I just had to go with orange…Autumn is almost here!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. #69 So glad to see you back in full swing. You are very talented and we all missed you very much!

  57. Was away all weekend, but I had big time earned some time out this morning and just had to try this sketch – I really loved it. My original planned sentiment didn’t fit, but this is definitely one to come back to – so thanks, Beate and Jenn too for supplying it to you.

  58. Welcome back Beate! Thanks for the challenge, I’ve missed doing them. I actually did this on Friday, just now getting it uploaded. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

    Thanks for looking!

  59. Well…better late than never!
    Here’s my first try with you, Beate!
    Had a lot of fun!!!

  60. Lol…I was going to say “better late than never” just like Jessica. My card is a multi-challenge holiday card, and can be found here:

    Thanks for the fun sketch, Beate!! It’s so good to have you back!!

  61. So glad to see you back Beate! I hope you had a wonderful summer with your family!!
    Here is mine…a bit late 😉

  62. So I have had this stamped since Saturday night but never got around to posting it (last weekend befor school, started today). So here is my late card:

  63. Glad to see that you are back! I hope your summer was fantastic!! Thanks again for another wonderful sketch!!!

    Here is mine!

  64. A little late, but I finally made a card. It is great to have you back online. Thanks for the inspiration!

  65. glad to see you are back with your sketches Beate. Here is my card

  66. Is nice to see you are back with the sketches. Here is my version

  67. Welcome back!

    Here is my take on your sketch:

  68. Hi Beate!!

    I had a great time with this sketch. Sorry I post my comment so late, anyway, here is the link for my blog. Hope you like my cards!!

  69. Good Morning Beate! I know it’s late but I needed to do this…lol
    I’ve loaded it to my blog today 🙂 Thanks bunches girl!

  70. Still catching up, glad your sketches are back!! 🙂 I strayed from your large circle image to use a cut-out bloom instead:

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