Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been so quiet lately. I can’t get myself to stamp when the kids are home. I am having a great time with them. We watched Twilight on Tuesday (AWESOME!!!) and yesterday we baked Christmas cookies and played Uno Attack. Good times, good times!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Rick asked me to post this on my blog for you to read:

Dear Card Ladies,

Over the last year I have received thousands of beautiful cards for the Airman/Sailors/Soldiers/Marines out here in the Middle East–THANK YOU!  The cards you made and mailed, at great expense, were much appreciated and brought joy to family and friends back home.  I can’t tell you how many people asked me to thank you for the cards.  The men were especially thankful as we have an aversion to writing letters.  The cards enabled us to put a few words down to our loved ones instead of an impersonal email.  I would also like to thank you for helping keep my wife Beate’s spirits high while I was deployed…it was like having an extended family all over the world.

As I get ready to redeploy I have asked one of my Airman to take the reigns as “Cardman”.  MSgt Dimitrios Xadzipulos a.k.a “X”, is ready and willing to assume the awesome responsibilities that come with the title “Cardman”.  You can start sending all cards to him effective immediately at the following address:

Dimitrios Xadzipulos


APO, AE 09309

Thanks again and may God Bless America.

Very Respectfully,

Lt Col Rick “Rico” Johns

Somewhere in the Middle East


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

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  1. Beate, you have a man of gold. I have chills thinking of him over there. Consider the cards sent. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, my friend.


  2. Wao beate, you must be so proud of your husband, god bless him, your family and all the soldiers out there. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for being such an inspiration.

  3. Beate, what kind of cards is X looking for? Are you doing the Valentines cards again? I did not realize Rick is over there again. I will pray for him and all the guys. Take care!

  4. What a sweet letter from your husband!! Happy Thanksgiving, Beate!! It sounds like you and the kids are having a ball. 🙂

  5. happy thanksgiving beate! please know that we are so blessed to know you and your family through blogville! you are such a blessing! i love seeing your creations, learning from you, being inspired by you…just as much as i love to hear that you played uno attack with the kids or laid in the backyard and read most of the day away…we love you for you and all that normalness! thank you! and, it is wonderful to hear that the cards we send are appreciated…i am so blessed to be able to do that small thing in return…they are the heros, not us card ladies! we just want to do some small part to bring joy to these incredible men and women!
    thank you for you!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Beate!!!! I am so glad to hear Rick is getting ready to redeploy – I know it has been a long year!!! Enjoy your holidays with your family – God Bless!


  7. What kind of cards do you want us to send. I’m so willing to help out. Hugs to you and your family.

  8. Beate, What a nice note from your hubby! I know I’ll get busy and get some cards together to send – what a great cause! I am a proud American and would love to do what I can to help out our troops in this way. Could they also use some things in a care package, too? I’d love to throw in a few goodies with some cards. Thanks!

  9. That was so touching.
    I know I will be sending cards to the “Cardman”

  10. Hi Beate,

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Tell Rick I’ll be getting a package off to X probably after the holidays. I assume it would be best to send birthday, anniversary and thinking of you cards as well as some Valentine’s Day cards. Let me know what you think would be best, and if anything else (besides cards) would be appreciated.

    BTW, I’ve been having a great time making triangle boxes. Thanks so much for sharing the directions (awesome tutorial)!

    How soon will Rick be home? Give him my fondest regards.

    Hugs, Pat

  11. Are there any rules about sending items? i’ve heard from some that glitter is out. (glitter addict here). Thanks Beate for all you do. And thank you to your husband. It’s what he does, that means the rest of us live safe and free. Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving – Beate!!! I know you are counting down the days till Rick is coming back home to you all!!!
    I’ll be sending some more cards for the troops…it’s an awesome cause and I’m glad we have a new *Cardman* – LOL!!!

    Tell your husband – that our family is extremely proud of our troops!!! Hugs ~S~

  13. Beate, it is so wonderful that you share your talents with us in the card making world. I am very thankful for such giving people as yourself. God bless you, your kids and your dh and all the men and women in the service.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Beate! You deserve a little time off with your family. We’ll be waiting patiently for your next installment. God bless your husband for all he does for us and his country and God bless you for all of the sacrifices you make to keep the home fires burning.

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! What a sweet, sweet letter from Rick. So glad you enjoyed Twilight! 🙂

  16. Beate,
    I’d love to send cards to the guys overseas! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  17. Hello Beate, I just have to echo what everyone else has already told you!!! You are such an inspiration for everyone thru blogville, I love your artwork and your awesome spirit that shines thru on your blog!!! I keep Rick in my daily prayers to keep him safe and all the others over there!!! I have a ton of retired swap cards I will be sending over there plus a few of my own!!! Have a great Holiday Season with your family!!!

  18. What a treasured Thanksgiving for all of your family! I’m smiling just reading Rick’s post, and sending cyber-{{{hugs}}} to you, Beate! Hoping Rick tells “X” to get ready for the mail drops! Happy day-after!

  19. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving with your kids Beate. You have a wonderful husband and a keeper for sure. Continued prayers for him as he redeploys.

  20. Thank you for sharing, Beate! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We saw the movie last week…it was so much fun! Have a great weekend! Hugs & 🙂

  21. Beate, No surprise that your husband is such a nice guy….you two are a natural team. our stampers here in Haiti would like to send cards. what types? any restrictions? also, do we/may include unaddressed envelopes and how much postage would we put on them? Very eager to join this wonderful project. Prayers for all of you and much gratitude. Robin in Haiti

  22. What a sweet note, B — I hope “Rico” is back home soon! Hugs & Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. What a great letter from your hubby! And what a great idea to send cards!
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving, we dont have it here in Australia, wish we did.
    Take care

  24. I’m SO glad you’re enjoying this extra time with the kids !!! Enjoy each and every moment of that !!!! Good for you for making the best choice between stamping and family !!! Proud of you !!!

    I’m also very proud of Rick and I’m sure you can hardly wait to see him again !!! You’re an incredible and wonderful family !!!!!

    As a Canadian I also say….God Bless America !

  25. Beate, After reading Rick’s note, I had to share this story. When I was a newbie lawyer, one of my first cases was a young Marine officer suing a Navy CWO over a house the latter sold to the former. Turns out the house was built on marine clay and fell down while the Marine owned it. It was the realtor’s fault — failure to disclose a material defect he knew about – but they had to keep the poor CWO in the suit. He was deployed “somewhere in the middle east” where he was essentially bombing Qadafi — to give you a clue how old I am. Anyway, I invoked the Soldier/Sailor Relief Act (can’t sue them while deployed) and put a hold on everything while he was deployed. I’d talk to his wife periodically, she’d call, worried and I’d confirm things were going as planned, she was fine, nothing would ultimately happen, blah, blah, blah. When the CWO returned home he came into the office to thank me for being so kind to his wife while he was deployed! It had never occurred to me that every time she called she was missing her husband and just wanted reassurance! I learned a great deal from that case, something I’ve never, ever forgotten. When my brother deployed as a Marine in Desert Storm, he put me on all his bank accounts and begged me to take care of his new and pregnant wife. She wanted to go home to Honduras to be with her mother but my brother feared she wouldn’t come back once she left. She and I became great friends, she stayed here, I have two beautiful teenage nieces now who speak fluent Spanish! (Both were born in Germany though! :))

    Love, Mary

  26. What a wonderful and sweet note…
    Blessings to you and your family, Beate!

  27. I saw your husband today when I dropped off the homemake goodies for the soliders. He looks great and is very excited to get back home. You keep the cards coming and I will get the homemade food.
    Have a wonderful Christmas together!
    Kaylene Murray

  28. awww! Kaylene’s note made me all teary for you! I’m so happy for you that he’s coming home!
    I have an award for you on my blog. I know you get tons of these, but you are a huge source of inspiration! Thank you so much for all you do!!!

  29. Dear Beate, The letter from your husband made me so sad to think I am not doing enough to be supportive. Let him know how much my little family appreciate him and his soldiers and friends for keeping us safe.


    Beth F

  30. Beate, I hope you don’t mind that I sent this post to my fellow card makers here in Fort Worth, Texas. We just received an email asking for cards and found out it was not real. It is nice to see your husband really appreciate all of the “work” that is so much fun for all of us stampers.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Jeanne Lobsinger
    Stampin’ Up! in Cowtown

  31. Hi, Read your husbands email and it has touched me. I have Christmas Cards I
    would love to send, or is it too late? Please let me know and I will mail them
    out tomorrow to the Cardman Dimitrios Xadzipulos. I meet about every other
    month with ladies at my church and we would love to send out more cards
    this coming year. God bless you and hope to hear from you in regards to
    my question. Lydia

  32. Hi Beate!! Enjoy time with your family…that’s what is the most important thing!! 😉 ((HUGS))

  33. Beate so happy that you are taking time to enjoy your kids. They grow up and leave home so very fast. Cherish every moment! And what a keeper of a guy you have!

  34. Oh Beate…. what an amazing letter to pass along! I am printing off this post and will keep the address for “X” the “Cardman” handy! Gosh, these cards go half way around the world and back and to think it all starts in some craft room near and far! That must make you feel so good being a part of it all!

  35. Oh so great to read you’re having a great time with your kids. Thanks for sharing the note from your hubby and the update on where to send cards…I have a nice little stash to send and will put them in the mail to Dimitrios. Hugs!

  36. Oh so great to read you’re having a great time with your kids. Thanks for sharing the note from your hubby and the update on where to send cards…I have a nice little stash to send and will put them in the mail to Dimitrios. Hugs!

  37. So glad to hear your husband is coming home safely. May God bless you and your family. From one Vet to another, THANK YOU for the sacrifice your entire family has made to our safety.

  38. Hi Beate! I have goosebumps after reading your husband’s letter. My prayers will be with him and the many troops over in the middle east. What kinds of cards are they wanting and how do people usually send them over? In boxes, or bubble envelopes? Any rules as to what kind we send, etc.???

    I have card boxes full of cards I’d love to send over!!! HUGS…

  39. Beate, Just catching up on readin “MY Favorite Blogs” and realized I hadn’t read yours in awhile. Seeing the letter from your hubby and stating how the cards are a nice and personal touch to their families back home, makes me want to be involved as well. I have printed off the address to the “X” Cardman. I have a stash that I can send right away and will continue to do so this coming year. Rick, please let the trrops know they are in our prayers and how much we thank them and you for protecting us and allowing us to keep our freedom. Are there other platoons at different addresses that could use cards as well? Please let us know so we can get them some as well. I will be busy now, making cards for the upcoming year. {{{Hugs to you and your family}}} Have a very Merry Blessed Christmas.

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