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I don’t feel right posting a happy card today. So I post this instead.

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I do remember where I was. Scott AFB, IL. The boys were in Mascoutah Elementary school, Reba was home with me. Rick called me to turn the TV on. I couldn’t believe that what I saw was real. It seemed unfathomable that this could happen and wasn’t a movie.

My thoughts and prayers go out for all the family members that lost someone that day and for the survivors of that horrible attack.


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  1. My thoughts exactly….somehow posting a card didn’t seem to be the thing to do today… is a day that reminds us to cherish each moment with family and friends because it can all be taken away in a moment.

  2. I’ll always remember this day. It was the first schoolday for my little daughter and the day our American relatives arrived here in Germany. They’ve heared about the tragedy whilst traveling, but hadn’t understood completely, because the report was in German. So we had to translate. Their son was working in the pentagon, happily he survived. I’ll never forget!

  3. I remember that day so well, minute by minute and still cry when I watch any of the video tributes etc. I get chills when I just think about that day 10 yrs ago. God Bless America!

  4. I remember where I was too … I’ll never forget … my heart still aches for all those lost and all their families … and I have the greatest admiration for all those who risked their lives to help …

  5. I lived on Scott AFB at that time too! My husband “Rick” was in Korea! I was scared, and couldn’t reach him by phone. The kids were at school in Mascoutah as well. I made the crazy mistake of trying to go off base for gas!

  6. Thank you for posting that. The American media has deemed these images too harmful for us to view anymore, but we need to remember how horrific this day was, and that we can never let our guard down. If we need to profile, so be it.
    I am a high school teacher, and was on lockdown for most of that day with my students. I only knew that “they flew a plane into the world trade center, and they bombed the pentagon”. After hearing that news, I was in a bubble without phone or tv until we got buses to the school and dismissed the kids. When I got home, my husband said “They went down.” and my response was “What went down?” I neede to see the minute by minute account of what had happened, and saw it yesterday on the history channel for the first time. They took us through the whole thing. I watched it with my husband and 21 year old daughter, and we all cried. I will repost your video on my facebook.

  7. I was across the river from you in St. Louis having my morning coffee chatting on the phone with a friend when the news showed smoke coming from the first tower hit. I continued to watch as they caught in the distance the second plane fly into the next tower……my friend and I were in disbelief and we hung up so we could hear what was being said on the news…it was an awful day. I remember crying as the towers came down. We had gone to the top of the WTC 6 years earlier and I had a picture of my kids and husband on top sitting on my kitchen shelf, we had so enjoyed our trip to the top……I was holding the photo when my husband and I talked, I couldn’t believe after having stood on top of one of those towers they were now gone.

  8. I live just outside of Vancouver Canada and driving to work when I heard that a plane hit the World Trade Center on the radio. I probably had driven a block when I heard the news about the other plane. I cried all the way to work…turned the radio and computer on to follow the news reports the rest of the day in complete disbelief…I couldn’t stop crying.

    My thoughts and prayers were with everyone yesterday.

  9. Oh wow Beate, when did you guys leave Scott? We arrived here at Scott in February 2005….. I was just curious if we were stationed at the same base at one time

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