I received a lot of wonderful cards today!

  • Allison Manning
  • Deb from Stampingonthemountain
  • Jennifer Moneagle
  • Joanne Basile
  • Julie Desper
  • Kay Peterson
  • Kelleya Holland
  • Kendra Brookins
  • Lynette Neus
  • Maria Levy
  • Michelle Combs
  • … O’Leary
  • Rose Ann Reynolds
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracy Schultz

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Today cards arrived from these wonderful stampers:

  • Amanda Currier
  • Connie Sylvester
  • Courtney Carpenter
  • Donalda Kay Cox
  • Latisha Yoast
  • Rose Kerry

Thanks again! These cards filled up Flat Rate Box #2!!! I have another box almost full with All Occasions Greetings cards. I keep them separate from the Valentines cards. Valentines Cards go out first.

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I received Valentine’s cards for soldiers today from these wonderful ladies:

  • Amy Goldennetz
  • Charmaine Ikach
  • Charmaine Poon
  • Deb Fagnant
  • Denise Lynn
  • Denise Pettingill
  • Denise Wallace
  • Dina Kowal
  • Erica Slathan
  • Flossie
  • Gretchen Clark
  • Jamie Sears
  • Joan Hajek (Sorry, Joan! Forgot to take a picture of your HUGE pile of gorgeous cards!!!)
  • Judy Sears (not sure…that’s how I read the signature. I hope that’s right)
  • Julie Masse
  • Karen Giron
  • Kim Luk
  • Lauren Vincitorio
  • Libby Hickson
  • Lori Tecler
  • Maria Dresnin
  • Rachael Lienhard
  • Sarah Green
  • Sarah Haltom
  • Silke Ledlow
  • Tina Couch
  • Tracy Durcan

Click on more to see images of their wonderful cards.

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I am overwhelmed with the response to my last minute Valentine card request!

I went out to get more medicine for Rebecca. When I came back the mailman had left one of those plastic mailbins FULL of envelopes. I almost cried. You guys are so generous, so sweet and caring! Thank YOU all! Thanks also for all those wonderful little notes to me.


I will list the names and a picture of one card from each sender.

The cards are all amazing!

I will send out the first box tomorrow….because I have more then enough to fill one box!

I was wondering if you could help me out. I was thinking about this since last week, but I wanted to talk (email) it over with Rick first. Most of you know that he is deployed in Quatar right now for a year.

I would like to send a package out on the 31st of January with blank Valentine’s cards for  soldiers to send home to their loved ones. If you have some Valentine’s day cards laying around, could you send them to me? If you have a spare envelope for them, can you send that as well?

I would love to fill a box! I know it’s last minute. That’s the kind of girl I am. I would so appreciate your help.

Email me for my mailing address. I am out this morning, but hope to be back close to noon.

Thank you so much in advance for even considering it. You guys rock! Big cyber hugs!

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