My Craft Room

I created a quick video tour of my stamp room for those of you who are interested where I create:

YouTube Preview Image

Storage items I use:

I recently created a cardstock sampler of all my Bazzill and Neenah cardstock. I LOVE both brands. On the back it tells me the name of the paper, so it’s easier for me to remember when I write my blog posts. Doesn’t that look pretty?


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

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  1. Your room is fabulous Beate!!! I don’t understand what vent covers are though. It looks like the inside of your cabinet doors are covered in Spellbinders Dies…lovely!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us and congrats on your new Camera 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing, always fun to see how other people store their gear

  3. Oh my this my dream room!!!! I have a little flat and a little crafty corner 🙂 your room is just a dream to me 😉 Hugs! mojca

  4. Thank you for sharing.
    God Bless 🙂

  5. Amazing! Love to see others’ craft rooms! I need more organization or perhaps just someine to help me clean it up! 😉

  6. I love seeing people’s craft rooms…and yours is exceptional. I love your wall colors…so warm and inviting. I am Wasabi green with envy 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for showing us your stamp room. Lots of useful ideas & inspiration! 😉

  8. Cozy Craft Room Beate! I store my stamps (wood) in drawers by theme. I keep all my acrylic/clings by theme in a huge HUGE notebook with sleeves <–so I have to remember to go look for these across the room. Every so often, I "flush" out my room-donate what I am not using to schools/friends and clean everything up…

  9. Um, yes, I love your stamp room! I don’t think I could ever use the dining room though because my area just explodes when I make a card. That wall of shelves with the dies on them is awesome…and your collections of dies and Copic markers are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing – I love to see the way people organize because that’s half the fun I think!

  10. Awesome stamp room. Thanks for sharing. Now we know where the genius happens. 🙂

  11. I love the way you have things organized. I couldn’t see the inside doors of the cabinets very good. Would you show that a little more clearly? Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for sharing and giving me some great ideas for improving my organization (mess) of my creating tools:)

  13. Thanks for the video, it time for me to clean my craft room. 😝

  14. I love to see how others organize! Thanks for sharing and where things are from.

  15. Your craft room Beate is a crafters heaven. I especially love the ink blending carousel. Thank-you so much for sharing!

  16. Wonderful space, Beate! I love how you store the spellbinder dies… It’s a fab idea!!! Thank you for sharing and congrats on the new camera.

  17. Oh wow so jealous love your room, the video was great , it’s amazing thanks so much for sharing Hugs Denise xx

  18. WOW, you have an amazing room. I too am blessed with a big room, and many crafting activities.
    I live up there more than I do down stairs. Its a good thing my husband loves his sports.
    Im sure your are in your room 80% of the time.

  19. Beautiful room! I wish I had the space!

  20. Beautiful room and so organized! My room is never neat like this, but that’s just how I craft. I clean things up and as soon as I start crafting, BOOM! It’s like a bomb went off on my table. But I do love my room! Thanks for showing us your creative place!

  21. I just love your room, especially those great cabinets…thanks so much for sharing sweetie

  22. Wow…..i’m drooling over your lovely space! Well, I guess i can dream….maybe Santa might be nice to me this year!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  23. I saw yesterday your video from my mobile phone, and today I came back to watch it again! I love it in every detail!

  24. What a wonderful, organized place to create! Thank you for sharing.

  25. Love your stamp room! Thank you for sharing- it is always great to see how others store their craft!

  26. I love, love, love your room! Everything is well-organized, & the total appearance is appealing. Those large cabinets from Lowe’s are really nice. Love the dark brown furniture that serves as a room divider. I need one just like it!

  27. Thanks for sharing i love your craft room, your so tidy too! crafters heaven!!

  28. WOWZERS, what an organized room! And I love the wall colours. If only a well organized and bright craft room would allow me to create like you do … You go girl!

  29. What a beautiful room! You’re very inspiring!! I need to get busy! 🙂

  30. Wonderful crafting room. I enjoy my dedicated room, too. Your room is very organized and I agree with you that if you “see” it you will use it. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. Before hubby converted a room for me, I couldn’t find anything even though my “stuff” was in one closet. Hope you are enjoying your new camera….there was no wobbling at all….very steady filming.

  31. P.S. I noticed you mentioned using DVD cases and I know you use brands that you represent, but just in case those are not sponsors, you can find DVD cases really cheap at for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. They are difficult to find…SU sells them, but they get pricey if you need a lot of them. Here’s the link if you are interested in checking them out:

  32. I am quite impressed with your organization, I like it when everything is hidden, but in its place. Super craft area

  33. What a great place to create . . .I was always wondering what to do with all of my dies. The vent covers work great it looks like. Brilliant idea!

    • I used the vent covers to cover the cardboard that comes in paper packs and store my dies on those in a wooden crate by company/die shape.

  34. What a dream! tfs

  35. Now I know what I want for Christmas!! I have a room for my crafting but it seems everyone in the house feels that is the room where they can stick things that have no set place!! I come in and there is a box in one corner and who knows what else!! I want this room (organized!) and a padlock for the door!!!
    By the way, do you make housecalls???
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!

  36. thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am working on getting my craft room organized, so it was helpful to see how you have done yours. I have been using vent covers for a while for my dies and they are fantastic!

  37. Wow, wow, wow… look at all of those Spellbinders dies! Swoon… Lovely creative space, and well organized. 🙂

  38. I love all your storage ideas! What a joy it must be to have your supplies so readily available and neatly stacked. I’m going to have to try the vent covers to store my Spellbinders!

    • You can also use the vent covers on the underneath of shelves and put a magnet dot on the bottom of your stickles, glitter glues etc. an store them upside down under your shelf! That way you don’t lose storage space!

  39. AWESOME Beate!!!! Thank you so much for showing your stamp room! You have given me some storage ideas. I’m going to have to take back over the crafting cabinet in my daughters bedroom and put some of these ideas to use – my stuff’s all over the house!! Thanks also for listing where you got the paper cabinet from, I was going to ask. 😉

  40. Fantastic!!! Don’t you just love being organized? Love all your storage ideas…I’ve got to get some of the boxes you use for embellies.

  41. I have never been able to come up with a good way to store my Spellbinder dies–I love the large sheets of magnets you used. Great idea I am so going to use. Love your blog!

  42. I love your craft room. I have commandeered the smallest bedroom in my house, and it is now too small.

  43. OHHHH MMMYYYYYY GGOOOSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH I totally love everything about it. How do you keep it so neat??

  44. Beate: Love, love, love your craft room. I know we aren’t supposed to be jealous of others, but I am so jealous of your craft room. LOL Only kidding. You have a place for everything and everything in its place. A place to create and inspire all of us that stamp. Thank you!!!!

  45. WOW!!! Your craft room soooooo nice. You are so organized… please come to my house – I need your help lol! Your camera does an awesome job – everything looks great 😀 Thanks so much for letting us have a peek!

  46. What a great room, nice to see where all the creativity happens. Thanks for sharing.

  47. thanks for sharing all your great storage ideas!!
    Thats helps with the clutter, so there’s more time to stamp!

  48. Super cool room to create in! Thank you for the tour!

  49. I have always wanted to tell you what a good job you do on the tutorials. I love your voice and your explanations. I am so lucky I have a room in my basement for my cardmaking. I don’t think I did a good job utilizing my space. Could you please tell me where you got the big sheets of magnets that your Spellbinders are on? Beate thanks again for all the good tips and your willingness to help.

  50. BEAUTIFUL STAMP ROOM!!!!!!!!! (One day…..:) ) LOOOOOOOOOOVE all that you’ve done & how you’ve organized!!!!!!! 🙂 THANKS FOR SHOWING US!!!!!!! 🙂

  51. I have a great sized craft room and have (had) it organized but can see by your ideas that I need to re-do several things to make it better. I work on one long table and it is always full of things. I’m glad that it is at the back of my house where I can close the door and not be seen by everyone. My girlfriends that craft understand the mess (they are in the same boat). This will inspire all of us to re-think some of our methods. Thank you for sharing and for the information on the products that you have use.

  52. Thanks for the tour Beate! I am in the process of re-organizing. I am taking my time to do everything as thorough as I possibly can. Your room gave me some great ideas.

  53. Wonderful room!! I am so envious of all those dies. You have them stored perfectly so they’re easy to get to. Thank you for giving us a peek.

  54. Dear Beate,
    I love your craft room, thank you for sharing it with us – its been a while since I have crafted!! I really liked the way you have stored your die collection, could you please tell me what are the vents you talk about in your video and where could I buy those sheets that you have on your doors, as it would be easy for me to store my die collection too! I too am a Paff sewing machine user and was so happy to know you like it too!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!! Hugs always! Germana (Germaine)

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