Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been so quiet lately. I can’t get myself to stamp when the kids are home. I am having a great time with them. We watched Twilight on Tuesday (AWESOME!!!) and yesterday we baked Christmas cookies and played Uno Attack. Good times, good times!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Rick asked me to post this on my blog for you to read:

Dear Card Ladies,

Over the last year I have received thousands of beautiful cards for the Airman/Sailors/Soldiers/Marines out here in the Middle East–THANK YOU!  The cards you made and mailed, at great expense, were much appreciated and brought joy to family and friends back home.  I can’t tell you how many people asked me to thank you for the cards.  The men were especially thankful as we have an aversion to writing letters.  The cards enabled us to put a few words down to our loved ones instead of an impersonal email.  I would also like to thank you for helping keep my wife Beate’s spirits high while I was deployed…it was like having an extended family all over the world.

As I get ready to redeploy I have asked one of my Airman to take the reigns as “Cardman”.  MSgt Dimitrios Xadzipulos a.k.a “X”, is ready and willing to assume the awesome responsibilities that come with the title “Cardman”.  You can start sending all cards to him effective immediately at the following address:

Dimitrios Xadzipulos


APO, AE 09309

Thanks again and may God Bless America.

Very Respectfully,

Lt Col Rick “Rico” Johns

Somewhere in the Middle East

Rick emailed me that he got two packages of fantastic cards. One was from Kim Howard, aka. Basementstamper and one from Pam Dadisman, aka mspfd.

Thank you so much to Kim and Pam! Rick really loved the cards and your sweet note to him. He will be putting the cards out for everyone to take!

If you are interested in sending cards to the Rick so he can pass them along to fellow soldiers, email me and I will send you his address. It won’t cost more then sending them to me, but you will have to fill out a custom form.

Any occasion cards would be great! Please include an envelope for each card you send.

Thanks again to everyone that has or is sending cards. They are VERY appreciated!

Hugs and smiles

I received two more packages of cards, one from Maggie Stockwell and one from Mary Ashby. I will send the cards out in my next box to Rick.

 Rick also received a card package from Sandra Polencheck of Tucson, AZ.

He has been told that the families back home have received the cards and loved them!!!!

Thanks again to everyone that send cards. How nice to know we brought smiles to not only the troops, but to their families as well.

To see the cards, click on more.

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Rick said all the cards that he has received are GONE! Everyone loved them.  He snapped some more pictures for me to share with you.


 I received more cards in the mail yesterday. Cards arrived from

  • Carolyn Bounds
  • Mary-Anne Meiers
  • Stacey Flores

You guys are incredible. The cards are going out today in our 7th box!!! Hats off to you all!

Click on more to see the beautiful cards.

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Rick received another box of cards. He put them out in other places then last time. Rick said everyone went crazy for them.

 He also told me that he will share the cards with military members stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Planes to those places go through Qatar all the time.

Thanks again for everyone helping me making this happen! You are all so generous and kind!!!

I received super cute cards from Dawn Griffith yesterday. They will go out with another box full of cards tomorrow. Click on more to see her card.

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Check it out!

My wonderful husband Rick is the third from the left.

He is a goofy guy and made fellow military as well as a civilian post with the cards!

He told me to tell everyone thanks again! Also…if you ever want to just send cards without me organizing it…email me and I will send you his address.

Totally exciting news! Our first box of cards arrived!!!

Here is what Rick wrote:

The first box of Valentine’s Day cards arrived today.  I separated them into 3 boxes and put a big sign that says “Free Valentine’s Day Cards”  on the side and put the boxes around the base.  I also sent an email that said:

“My wife and her friends from all over the U.S. mailed me hundreds of hand-stamped Valentine’s Day Cards with envelopes.  I’ve put some in the A6 conf room, Help Desk counter and the DEL.  Hurry and pick one out and mail it to your loved one today!”

I took a picture with some of my guys so you can have something to blog.  I should be able to download the picture tonight and email it to you tomorrow. 

 A little while later Rick emailed me again forwarding some comments he received already!

I just want to let you know that how much we appreciate your wife and her friends for making those beautiful Valentine’s day cards. 

And thank you for sharing the love throughout the CAOC Help Desk as well~ (They are VERY popular!!)

SSgt Chin
CAOC Help Desk
Thank You, can you please let your wife and friends know the cards are awesome and Thank You.

SSgt Calderon
Maj J,

Please pass on our thanks to your wife.  The cards are AWESOME.

Capt Schrader

Thank your wife and her friends please, the cards are awesome.

Yesterday I received more cards from following stampers:

  • Glenda Wyatt
  • Heather Clements
  • Jennifer Nix
  • Patricia Gingrich

To see their beautiful cards, click on more.

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I received cards from the following stampers:

  • Brenda Taylor
  • Carey Rogers
  • Gina Wrona
  • Michelle Ide
  • Katie Skiff

Rebecca is continue to heal great. But we had a tough night. She slept with me. She likes to sleep on the side, which she isn’t supposed to do right now. So whenever she turned I had to put her back on her back. Needless to say we both didn’t get much sleep and look a little worn out this morning. Rebecca worries about that the tissue might have moved. We will call Monday and see if they can check her out. It looks good to me, but I know she won’t stop worrying until she hear from the doctor that it’s fine. Thank you again for all your well wishes! You are so sweet!

To see the cards, click on more.

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Good morning,

I had a BIG mail day again yesterday. I still need to take pictures of everyones beauties, but here is the list of stampers who’s cards arrived yesterday:

  • Ashley Dean
  • Aura Battis
  • Colleen Manning
  • Dawn Keil
  • Jana Emmert
  • Karan Kelly
  • Kristi Mallett
  • Linda Nicholson
  • Maria Colosimo (Kitchen Sink Stamps)
  • Melissa Flieg
  • MJ Albright
  • Rita Santons
  • Susanna Boyd
  • Tammie Koehnen
  • Tiffany Cordero
  • Tonya Ball
  • Trudy Fritch

Pictures are now uploaded and added on the bottom of this post. Click on more to see them.

Rebecca was super scared in the operating chair. The Periodontist usually don’t let parents back there, but…they are also not allowed to sedate young children here in Florida. So after a while they came to get me. Rebecca calmed down and got the procedure done. I am one of those people who do REALLY poorly when seeing blood or your kids in pain. But I stayed in there padding her leg (there was no room for me to hold her hand).

Let’s just say it looks very painful. Now we have all these rules to follow. No biting into anything for 12 weeks. No sleeping on that side (tell me how to stop her from rolling over. I am up since little after four because I woke up, checked her and had to roll her over. She is still sleeping and I am anxiously waiting for her to wake up. I hope the graft hasn’t shifted), no chemicals (mouthwash, toothpaste) in her mouth, obviously no brushing close to the sites of the surgery…

She did pretty well once the pain medication kicked in. I will keep her drugged this weekend and hope that by Monday, it’s not that bad anymore.

Rebecca update:

She is up and running around. She is doing pretty good. She is still wearing her stent all day (little plastic piece to cover the roof of her mouth) and talks funny. She still drinks and eats really carefully. But I think all in all she is doing awesome for what she had done yesterday! Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers! You are the best!

Pictures of the beautiful Valentine’s cards under more: 

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