Rick said all the cards that he has received are GONE! Everyone loved them.  He snapped some more pictures for me to share with you.



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  1. I am sure those valentines cards will be worth more then word can say to their loved ones at home when they are received! well done to all those who took part and Beate you and your family for organising it.

  2. What a terrific project to undertake–you and your ladies ROCK! And how fun to have pics of the troops shopping for cards from the box! 😉

  3. Thank you sooooo much for sharing these pictures. They literally bring tears to my eyes. This was such a super wonderful thing that you did – with a little help:)

  4. So sweet! Thank you for sharing these photos. They are really heartwarming! What a comfort to see so many people do such a thoughtful thing for our troops.

  5. Good job! What a great thing!! I just gave you the “spread the love” blogger award on my blog!!

  6. Oh my goodness, they’re gone!!!???? Wow! That’s awesome! What a wonderful thing you did, Beate!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all of this about the troops. I started crying when I read this. My DH wanted to know what the heck was my problem. I explained the envelope he mailed (late) to you was sent to Irag or somewhere else that our military was working to keep us free. It brought a glint to his eyes too. Thank you so much for doing this for them. I actually feel like I did a little something too for our country. Anytime you want some more cards let us know. I know I would love to help out again and think probably a lot of the girls here would too. How is your daughter?

  8. I’m not surprised that the cards are gone. A handmade card is so very special. The photos are fantastic because seeing the soldiers actually looking through them and writing in them shows that they have a little time to think about love. I think the photo should be on the news and in newspapers because it’s heartwarming!! It is also nice to see them reaching their destination. TFS to you, the card makers, and Rick.

  9. That just simply gives me goose bumps.


  10. Such an awesome thing you did Beate! I unfortunately didnt send cards.
    Will you be doing another card drive for EASTER cards??

  11. Beate, I am deeply touched by all your effort, and the work on the part of the cardmakers, that went into getting cards sent to the troops. The return photos show so much how the cards are appreciated! Heartwarming!

    If you hear back on how the receivers enjoyed the cards, too, please let us know. 🙂

  12. Beate

    Thanks for sharing those pictures, they bring tears to my eyes also. That is one awesome project that we got to see from beginning to end. How awesome is that??? Have a great week!!!


  13. beate
    I am SO touched by these pictures. I will be sending cards too. Please keep posting these.
    Jinny Luga

  14. Beate, I’m so glad you did this. My DH will be headed to Iraq in May. I know he would have appreciated the card to send home. I don’t know that there are cards available to buy in the middle of the desert. I’m guessing not…..

  15. I love this picture! What a blessing to these folks. We so often forget that our service people do not have all of the luxuries that we enjoy. Thank you to all the stampers who have blessed these precious folks.


  16. I love seeing these pictures!! Thank you!

  17. Beate, thanks for sharing the pic- it brings a tear just seeing it. I am so sorry that I didn’t make the time to send you one. It looks like they were greatly appreciated! I am hoping to stamp with the ladies at church sometime soon to make cards for the servicemen we pray for each week.

  18. wow! a picture is worth a thousand words!! This brings tears to my eyes and I haven’t sent any cards! Are you going to do this for Easter too?

  19. That’s awesome! I can’t believe they’re all gone!!! Wow!

  20. those are really sweet pictures, as an air force member myself, I can totally appreciate what you’re doing Beate, I can tell how much they love it. Thanks so much for doing that, very sweet, touching photos:) *sniff*


  21. I would LOVE to know when you do this again. I would love to be part of it.

    Jessica Lynn

  22. These pictures are so moving. Congrats on a job well done, Beate !!! Way to go !!

  23. Thanks for posting the pictures. That is so Awesome!!! Anytime you need more…..
    What was the final count?

  24. Beate, would you be interested in receiving birthday or any othertype of cards that the troops could send to their loved ones for their birthdays or just because? What you did was wonderful and I think their families would love to have Daddy or Mommy send home birthday cards for their kids or even spouses. What a wonderful surprse this would be for their families and the troops. IF you would be interested please be sure to let me know and I will start making cards to send your way and spreading the word. Mother’s Day is coming soon.


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