I feel totally blessed by all of you thinking of me on my birthday and sending me your creations. I love them all.

Here is my question to you: Would you be okay, if I turn those cards back to blank cards and send them to soldiers that are in Iraq right now? What do you think?

I would love to see those cards reused again and brighten someone elses day.  Please let me know what you think? Is it regifting, bad manners or a good idea?


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

49 Responses to “What do you think?”

  1. I think that’s a great use for the cards! Please feel free to recycle mine. 🙂 You only have so much space to store things…

  2. It sounds like a splendid idea! I left mine blank so that you could do what-ever you wish…for this reason especially. 😉

  3. You need to do what makes your heart happy!

  4. They are yours to do what you want with. I wouldn’t think re-gifting is inappropriate at all. I guess its not really re-gifting. Its sharing the love!!

  5. Sounds like a heck of a plan!

  6. Beate – having spent many months in Iraq myself, I know they will be REALLY appreciated there. I think its a wonderful thing to do and I would think all the gals that sent them to you would agree! It’s a generous, heartfelt gesture that will not go unnoticed over there! Alex

  7. That is such an awesome idea. I think you might be one of the nicest people I know (well, sorta know~LOL)

  8. What an excellent idea. Is there a particular place others might send cards to as well?

  9. I think that’s a good idea. What else would happen with them? A)they’d sit in a box B)they’d get thrown away (gasp!) Send them on to someone else who will also appreciate them!

  10. I think that’s a great idea! I know cards can pile up fast. . .and I couldn’t think of a better use! 🙂

  11. It’s a great idea!!!

  12. What a great idea! I am sure they will be greatly appreciated.

  13. I think that’s a wonderful idea!

  14. I think that is a slammin idea!! Being a military wife and all I would love to have my cards used that way!!

  15. Awesome plan, Beate! Even though I didn’t make you a card I would be thrilled to have you do that if I did. You have such a big heart! TFS

  16. Yes! Definately do that. What a great idea. I just sent a box of mine to Dawn Griffith – her husband will pass them out while he’s in Iraq.

  17. I think they are your cards and you can do what you want, but I would be honored if you turned them over to the soldiers. How sweet of you to pay it forward like that.

  18. It’s a no brainer!! ABSOLUTELY send them. Great idea.

  19. Beate,
    You can do that to my card. How very thoughtful of you. What a great idea.

  20. I new there was a reason I haven’t sent you a card yet (besides the obvious that I haven’t made one yet). I’ll make the conversion process easier by writing on a post-it instead of the card. Gee, aren’t I arrogant thinking that a card I made is one you’d want to forward on. Maybe I should have my own website and call it arrogant artist??

  21. that is an awesome and very generous idea. Each troop over there needs all the encouragement we can muster up right now! Good for you, Beate!

  22. Go for it Beate.

  23. Even though I didn’t send a card (because I don’t have your address) I think that is a wonderful idea!

  24. Go for it!! I love that idea!! :0)

  25. You bet, Beate! GREAT idea…………

  26. I think this is a totally sensational idea…what better way to brighten someone’s day, and then more people get to enjoy the beautiful cards you have received!!

  27. Beate, I think I sent a Post it note telling you to “pay it forward” if you wanted to so for it girlfriend. I never thought you would send to Iraq…what an awesome idea.

  28. Beate, I think “re-carding” is a fabulous idea!! It was so fun to look through all the awesome cards you received! Hugs to you darlin!!

  29. please use every card I send you as tool for anyone in need!! My husband is military and I love anything that goes to them!!! send away!!!

  30. TOTALLY a good idea! My hubby served over there for only three months (Oct 06 – Jan 07), but he said the cards really did brighten the troops (I collected and made a bunch that I sent to him personally). What a sweet thing to do, actually!

  31. What a wonderful idea Beate! I put one in the mail to you this morning, and now I’m wishing I’d left it blank. Feel free to fix it so that it can be used again! You’re so clever!

  32. That’s a great idea….should have just put in a post it note.

  33. The best idea ever — this is the perfect case for “regifting” and I know they will be appreciated.

  34. Great idea!

  35. Feel free to recycle mine.

  36. by all means Beate! our cheer gets spread even further!!;)

  37. Go for it! Cards are meant to be shared – especially the handcrafted ones!

  38. Sounds like a great idea to me. very sweet of you.

  39. I don’t see why not! I say spread the joy to as many people as you can. We all know how much love goes into a handmade card – there is no reason why it shouldn’t be passed on!


  41. I think it’s a GREAT idea and I would be thrilled to know that the card I sent was going to Iraq! (I hope you enjoyed it too)

  42. I served in the Navy for fours years so this is very dear to my heart. I think it is an excellent idea and I know they would love it.


  43. I think it is a fabulous idea. It’s not regifting, think of it as sharing joy!

  44. I also did not send a card…however I think it is a great and wonderful idea to recard to the men and women that are fighting to maintain our freedom! Great idea! Happy belated birthday!
    Taishea aka cletracloversgirl

  45. I think it’s a great idea!!! Go for it.

  46. Sounds good to me! Awesome idea!

  47. Go for it, girl!

  48. Yes….definitely a good idea. It will make 2 people happy instead of just one!

  49. That is a wonderful idea! I know they will be appreciated!

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