I have been up since 5 a.m. baking cookies and cupcakes.

Rebecca’s birthday is today. My sweet baby is turning eight. I can’t believe it has been eight years since I had her on a Sunday morning in a little town in Germany. Her birthday is always bittersweet for me. Not just because my youngest turned another year older…







Picture of Rebecca on the day she was born.







Rebecca last month in Texas.

 We know and are very thankful that we are blessed with our three children. They are happy,healthy, smart, loving and kind.

I started labor the yesterday eight years ago after a phone call from my Mom, telling me that my Dad had passed away. He had been struggling with Leukemia for three years. For him it was a major relief, I think. I had seen him two weeks prior and he told me he didn’t want to go on anymore with all the pain. He did say goodbye to me when we left like I wouldn’t see him anymore. I think he knew…. He was a Christian and ready to meet his Maker and join up with his parents and his sister, who had died a year earlier of brain cancer.

I  still miss him like crazy.


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  1. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!! Oh Beate, I certainly know how you feel. These anniversarys stay with you forever. Love you!!

  2. Happy Birthday Rebecca! You are all in my thoughts and prayers today for comfort and another great year together!

  3. Happy Birthday to Rebecca… what a wonderful gift to be given during such a difficult time. Hugs.

  4. Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate a birthday and also celebrate your father’s life. What precious memories to treasure. {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Happy Birthday Rebecca. Luke is 8 in 3 weeks, where did the time go? Have a great day!

  6. Happy Birthday Rebecca! Beate, I will be thinking of you and your family as you go through this bittersweet anniversary!

  7. Happy Birthday to Rebecca! Beate, you are in my prayers on this very difficult anniversary. But what a gift, to know that your father was ready to go home!

  8. Happy Birthday Rebecca! I know you feel Beate – my youngest turned 10 in January! Where does the time go??? Hope it’s a fun day – I am sure your dad is smiling down on both of you!!! Alex

  9. Happy Birthday to your Baby! Time sure seems to fly the older we get. My thoughts are with you also on the sad anniversary, but I think it’s nice that you always have something so happy to celebrate at a time that otherwise might just be sad.

    Lots of extra Huggs!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your baby. My oldest turned 8 at the beginning of the month so I completely understand where you’re coming from.

  11. Happy Birthday Rebecca. What a story! I have tears welled up in my eyes right now! Hugs my sweet Beate!

  12. Happy Birthday Rebecca. I can tell you that I know a little bit about loosing your dad the day before the new life came to you. My dad died very suddenly two months before my daughter was born. From that day until Angelia was born, I also lost my maternal grandfather and my paternal grandmother. It was 37 years ago and I still miss all of them. But rejoice with Rebecca. We will all meet again, someday.

  13. Happy birthday to Rebecca! My oldest turned 13 on the 20th! What a special gift God gave you on that day….he closed a door but opened a window. My eyes are not dry but am also rejoicing that your father was a christian and has eternal life now!

  14. Aww, happy birthday to Rebecca! My oldest turns 8 in 6 months! And my Dad passed away 2 weeks before Alyssa was born, so I totally understand all the feelings you must be having. {Beate} Have a wonderful day with your baby!

  15. Happy Birthday Rebecca! I pray that she will be blessed for this day and all the rest of her life. That the Lord will use her for wonderful things on this earth. I also pray that you will be strong on this anniversary and remember the wonderful times you spent with your dad…until the time you will meet again. Bless you Beate.

    By the way I know what you mean about our babies….when mine eldest baby turnt 17 earlier this year I was teary.I have 3 kids and my babies are still going to be my babies whether they are 17 or 4 (my youngest next week)

    Another beaut card!!!!!!!!!!!So inspiring

  16. Enjoy celebrating your beautiful Rebecca’s birthday!

  17. Oh my goodness, you made me cry! That is bittersweet!

  18. Happy Birthday to your baby! What a wonderful yet bittersweet day for you. Hugs!!

  19. Oh, {{{hugs}}} Beate! It’s so hard to lose a parent (my mom passed away two years ago) and to watch your baby grow up too!!! I understand why it is bittersweet . . .

  20. I hope your sweet girl had a beautiful birthday. With a Mom like you, I know she did.
    I’m thinking about you today. 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday Becca!!! I feel for you when it comes to your dad..my papa died two weeks after we had moved to Rhode Island. He was sick..and I had talked to him on the phone the day..well he went to sleep and never woke back up…of this. He said to me..he thinks he is done! He just needed to hear that the girls and I were alright! It breaks my heart a little..and here I am crying while typing this to you..BUT Trysha..my youngest was just nine weeks old and Traysea was only one. He was such an important person to me..that I hate that my younger two will never experience that! Anyway….enough sadnenss…in their passing..a new life takes his place!!!

  22. Happy Birthday Rebecca! My youngest will be 8 in a few months, where does the time go?! Beate, my heart goes out to you, I know that that was a very tough time to go through, when it should have been nothing but joyful. I know your Dad is watching over you. God bless.

  23. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Rebecca! {{Hugs}} to you for your Dad.

  24. There must be an unforutate theme with births and deaths.. My grandmother passed two weeks before our oldest was born and it started premature labor for 2 weeks.. I finally looked at the DR and said we have got to do this or I am going to be wiped out before it really happens.. But each year I pray the time gets easier to remember but well you know how those memories are so bittersweet! Thinking of you all day. Saying a prayer too!

  25. “Rebecca,” as the song says , “you must have been a beautiful baby cause baby look at you now”, ADORABLE! I can see that you were a BEAUTIFUL baby.

    Wow, Beate, the death of your dad was a horrific situation. I truly understand why that day is bittersweet. I have a same situation…on August 19, 1998, in NY we were at my brothers home celebrating my nieces birthday, the phone rang and it was my daughter calling to tell us that our son-in-law had been killed in a freak motorcycle accident. He was 26 yrs. old and they had 4 daughter’s, the oldest being 5. He had done two tours in the Air Force. TFS.

  26. Beautiful “baby” Becca! TFS this lovely, pull at your heartstrings, story. Thinking of you today.

  27. Oh! You know what. I have quite similar experience from 11 years ago, April 25th. My dad passed away and I gave a birth to premature baby boy, he was 2 months early. These are things that really effect on your life many days. They are part of LIFE, you just need to accept them. Warm thoughts for you all the way from Finland!

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