If you have time to stamp a card, or have a card already stamped, please think about sending it to a girl in Texas named Victoria. She has cancer. Her teacher set up a map and would love for her to get a card from each State.

Please help us to fill that map and lift Victorias spirit! It’s easy for us to whip out a card. Let’s do it for a great cause.

 You can read more about her story at Courtney’s blog. Courtney is also running a blog candy for everyone sending Victoria a card. I think that is a great idea. I think I will do the same. Let’s really shower this girl with cards!

Angel is offering card candy as well to stampers who send a card to Victoria.

Make a card for Victoria and upload it online, either your blog or SCS gallery. Add a link to your card to this post. Please also add your State, so we know how close we are getting to covering all 50 States.

The teacher would like all the cards to be send by the 27th of September, so I will  draw a winner on the 28th of September at 10:00 a.m. with Random.org.


The Fresh & Fun Freebies for this drawing include some of each pink May Arts ribbon I own as well as this Lizzie Anne Cling Stamp set. I thought it would be appropriate since Cancer is one long Journey!

Please add your Entry # to your post.

Thanks so much!!!

States sending mail so far: AL, CA, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, KY,  MA, MD, MI, MN, NV, NY, OH,  OR, PA,  SC, TN, VA, WA , WI, WV

Other countries: Australia, Canada (Alberta, BC, Nova Scotia, Ontario), France, Germany, Ireland, Newfoundland, Scottland


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

73 Responses to “Fresh & Fun Freebies for a good Cause”

  1. Oh wow, how sweet of your already have my card ready to go, it is pink and hope girly, girly enough, will upload tonight. Someone else is offering blog candy for the card but I passed on it but love this Lizzie Anne stamps set so I am siging up for your candy, LOL.

  2. Thanks Beate for bringing this to our attention to uplift a fighting girls day! I’m trying to get the word out as well. I made & sent out my card today…and I hope others will follow. My card is from Pennsyvania.
    entry #1

  3. Here is mine. I’ve got it in the mail and I have candy for sending one too….if you want to mention that, it’s okay by me. :-)http://angelosity.blogspot.com/2007/09/victoria-candy.html

    Entry #2

  4. Done! You’ve seen this before, the one I did for this weekends sketch. Seems like a good card for a little girl!

    Being from Canada I’ll get one of my friends from DC to drop a card so a US state is covered!




    Entry #3

  5. Hey Beate! I hope her teacher has somewhere to mark off for Canada 😉 My card is on SCS right now…thanks for the heads up in your email 😉
    Entry # 4


  6. I agree this is a great cause. I mailed out my card two days ago. http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=659890&cat=500&ppuser=118582
    Thanks for the chance!

    Entry #5

  7. A card for a great little girl AND some stamps????? You know I’m in!



  8. Mailing this card in the morning to her. What a good cause.
    Mine is coming from MN, but, don’t let that stop ya, she can always get more.

    Entry #7

  9. I think it’s a wonderful idea and my card is stamped and ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. You can see my card and post at my blog. She’s got one coming from VA.


    I think I am #8

  10. http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/666481?cat=500&ppuser=13871
    This is actually my Weekend Challenge from last week. I am from Ohio.

    I am #9

  11. Here’s the link to my card that’s going to Victoria:


    Thanks for doing this for her, Beate!

    I’m #10.

  12. Hey Beate. I already mailed mine from Hawaii 🙂 The card I mailed is here:


    Entry #11

  13. What a great idea sending off my card from this weekends sketch challenge. thanks! BTW – Card is heading there from Oregon 😉

    Entry #12

  14. Hey Beate…I am going to send this one since it doesn’t have to be a birthday card and it is one of the few I have sitting here! http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com/2007/09/just-playing_17.html

    It will be making the long trip from Alberta, Canada…now me and the kids will be walking to the mailbox in the AM! Cheers!

    Entry #14

  15. Hi Beate! I used your crisscross tutorial to make a card for her. 🙂

    my card for Victoria

    Entry #15

  16. Here is my card for Victoria. I will get it in tomorrow’s mail. Hopefully she’ll receive thousands of cards.

    Entry #16

  17. Heres a link to mine! it was amiled out this morning and i am from Alberta.

    Entry #17

  18. Thank you for making this known to all of us. Here is a link to my card that will be sent tomorrow from Grand Prairie, Texas:

    Entry # 18


  19. I just set out my Rock Star card to her! hope she loves it! (Im from BC Canada and in a neighbouring city to Yosha!)


    Entry #19

  20. Ok…here’s the card I’m sending:

    It’s coming from Nordrhine-Westfallen, Germany!! 🙂

    And I’m hoping to win the stamp set because it’s perfect for me to scrap with over here…we’re CONSTANTLY traveling!!


    Entry# 20

  21. Oh how fabulous! It’s always so humbling to hear these stories of love and courage and I had to participate in the card shower of course. I made this card this morning and it’s going into today’s mail from WISCONSIN. I also added some info on my blog (and that’s where you can see the card picture too). http://glitterinmyhair.blogspot.com

    I’ll also put it in my SCS gallery (jennifer-g).

    Entry #21

  22. Mine is on it’s way to Victoria from South Western Ontario Canada.
    Sorry I don’t have a gallery or a blog.


    Entry #22
    Beate added:Barbara showed me her gorgeous card in an email.

  23. Mine is on it’s way to Victoria, also from Ontario, Canada.

    Here’s a link to my scs gallery:

    Assuming canadian_stamper is post #22, I am

    Entry #23

  24. This is wonderful, Beate.
    Another one is on its way from Washington State. Here it is in my SCS gallery:

    Looks like I’m Entry #24.

  25. I’m spreading the word and mailing a card from Syracuse, NY.
    Entry #25

  26. Mine will be in the mail by tomorrow!

    It looks like I am entry #27.

    Oh, I am from Virginia!!!

  27. Mine is done and set for mail day on Thursday!!

    entry #28

    I am from Michigan!!

  28. Beate, Thanks for passing this on to all of us! Wouldn’t it be great if we can make this happen for Victoria! What an uplifting experience for this little girl!
    Here’s my card from Minnesota!


    Entry #29

  29. Such a wonderful idea! I put my card in the mail yesterday and hopefully she’ll get it in the next day or two since we live in the same state – Texas!

    Entry #30

  30. Looks like I’m #31 = )
    Thanks again for this awesome opportunity to send a card to this young girl…it’s the least we can do to brighten her day = )


  31. Such a wonderful idea…thanks for sharing. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to join the RAK on SCS…it’s nice to be able to do something. 😉 I had one already made and waiting for a special girl. Here’s mine from TX http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/650765?nocache=1

    Entry #32

  32. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1286/4746855/15794140/279084037.jpg
    I should have been sending a birthday card this week to a friend; unfortunately she died at the start of the month, after 10 years in remission and a 3-year struggle at the end. I am delighted to send this card to Victoria instead, with my best wishes and prayers for her recovery. It’s not girly – hope that’s OK. But even from Ireland it should arrive in time, it’s going tomorrow morning.

    Entry #33

  33. Here is the one I’m sending. I made 10 of these a long time ago and they just say “girl” to me. Glad I still have a couple. What a great cause – hope these cards cheer her up. I’m in Nevada.
    Entry #34


  34. Thanks Beate for sharing this with us. I hope we help surpass the 5000 cards goal.

    Here is my entry at http://scrappingdonna.blogspot.com

    Entry #35

  35. I am entry #36

    I made a card for her last tuesday (sending it from Halifax Canada)

    I think it is a fantastic thing to do and I thank you for making others even more aware,


  36. I do not need to be entered. I just wated you to know there is a card going out tomorrow from Massachusetts!

  37. here is my card that is going out tomorrow


    I also linked my blog to Courtney’s


    I am #37 and I am in South Carolina

  38. Here is my card that I am sending to Victoria. I was so moved that I just had to make her something. Even my husband thought that it was a great idea. Her card will be mailed tomorrow from Louisville, KENTUCKY. Hope it makes her smile!

    entry #38

  39. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful idea! http://pureinkspiration.blogspot.com/
    Hugs from Illinois!

  40. Mailed mine this morning…


    Thanks you for posting this!

    Entry #40

    West Virginia.

  41. I’m SO in on this!! What a wonderful idea. The card I’m sending is posted to my blog http://thequeenscreations.blogspot.com
    Prayers from Washinton State

  42. I have my card going out today! This is a great cause and I hope she gets just showered with cards. Here is my card:


    Entry #42 from Michigan

  43. Beate, Mine is coming from Ohio. here is my on http://Monica-FC.blogspot.com many thanks for a wonderful site as i truly enjoy it as the cards and sketches inspiring to me.

    Entry #43

  44. Entry #44 I got my card done and will be in the mail today! Here is the link to my blog where I put the card:

    Victoria’s Card

    Nova Scotia, Canada

  45. hi Beate, here’s our cards (my daughter made one for Victoria also) ~ http://inksomia.blogspot.com/2007/09/card-for-victoria.html


  46. Here’s my card: http://cindyvernon.blogspot.com/2007/09/winners.html
    I’m from CA what a great idea!

    Entry #46

  47. A card is on it’s way to Texas from Southern Indiana. It is on my SCS gallery, ANN L, and is titled “for Victoria”.

    Entry #47

  48. My card has a way to travel – posted in the UK this morning. It goes with love and prayers.

    Entry #48

  49. Hey there, I already posted this info on Courtney’s blog, but I have an e-friend who will send a card from France and pass the info along to her french scrapbooking friends. Another one from Australia.

    I did put an entry on the subject on splitcoaststamper’s forum (it’s under “announcements”) and also uploaded my card there with a link to Courtney’s blog.

    I posted an entry and my card on my blog here: http://dare2beecreative.blogspot.com/2007/09/for-victoria.html

    I hope we can spread the word even more… 🙂

    Some people have been asking if it was an hoax though. 🙁

    Entry #49

  50. Hi Beate!

    I made a card for Victoria, anything to help out. My blog is:

    Thank You

    Entry #51

  51. Here’s the card I’m mailing to Victoria tomorrow:

    …all the way from Alabama!
    Entry #52

  52. Here is the card I am sedning to Victoria tomorrow!!


    All the way from Cluny, Alberta Canada, hope it brightens her day!!

    Entry # 53

    Kelly S

  53. I posted yesterday that I made a card for Victoria from Southern Indiana. Here is the link on splitcoast. http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/674973?cat=500&ppuser=77629

  54. Here’s my card on it’s way from Sydney Australia!

  55. I think I’m #56 (the two in front of me didn’t have numbers). Anyway, here’s my card. I’ll get it out first thing Monday morning. It’s coming from TN (even though I know it’s already covered!)


  56. I’m glad I’m not too late for this! A card will be going out to Victoria from Maryland on Monday!

    Entry #57

  57. Looks like my entry # may be 58.
    is the card I sent from Virginia Beach (even though there is already a VA card)
    I have the info also posted on my blog site.

  58. What a great idea! I was originally going to give this card to my DH but I thought it would be a good one for Victoria instead since it has an Inuit on it and I am from Newfoundland and Labrador Canada!
    So…Off it goes…thank you for sharing Victoria’s story and giving us this opportunity to pass on a few smiles.
    Here is my card:

    Entry #59

  59. I am sending my card to Victoria tomorrow from Ohio. I put all the information and picture of my card on my Blog! I love seeing all the international cards being sent, too!


    Entry #60

  60. #61 — I will send this card to Victoria ! I hope she gets many cards and hope for her all the best. Sending some sunshine from MA!


  61. I sent my card off to Victoria this morning, used your fabby sketch #20 again, smiles! This one is from Bonny Scotland!



  62. Here are the cards we are sending to Victoria from Virginia! Entry # 64

  63. Oops! Let me try again from Virginia! Entry #64

  64. Made this one today just for her. It will go out in tomorrow’s mail. From Texas.


    Entry #65

  65. #66 – I must be a neighbor of Victoria because I’m sending mine from Texas. I made this card a couple weeks ago and have been looking for the person who should have it.

  66. # 70. Here is my card for Victoria. I have not been able to post it until today as I have had PC problems, so I hope it will still count. http://abi-in-tenerife.blogspot.com/
    Thanks so much

  67. Hey Beate, I made a card but my husband is away with the camera and the scanner was misbehaving. I’ll add the pic tomorrow when he gets back. Hope that’s okay!

  68. I know I’m too late to enter, but I mailed my card on 9/21 and finally got around to posting it on scs tonight at:


    Just figured I’d share it anyways.

  69. Here’s the card I sent to Victoria last week (from Massachusetts); http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/683598?cat=500&ppuser=44493; thanks for posting this Beate!

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