My counter crossed the 1,800,000 mark today! Thank you so much for always visiting my blog. It is very humbling to know how many of you check in with me. To celebrate the mailstone I am raffling away a Unity Stamp set.


It is an unmounted set called Daisy Days.

To participate in the raffle, just post a comment under this blog entry.

Please add your entry number (comment numbers + 1).Β  One comment per person. If you see the number is messed up, please don’t post again or the numbers will just get messed up even more.

I will pick a winner sometime tomorrow afternoon with the help of

Personal Note:
I started working out again and went on a 2.6 mile walk after doing my workout with my neighbor. It feels good to work out again, although my muscles are screaming today. Last night I played cards with the kids. We only have a few termites last night. Thank goodness. I have been working on SCS work and checking out all the WSC entries so far and hadn’t had time to stamp yet. Sorry! I have no stamped project to share with you today.


Stay at Home Mom of Three, Splitcoast Team Member and Copic and Spellbinders die Lover.

368 Responses to “1,800,000 Fresh and Fun Freebies – Raffle is over”

  1. #1?? Really, number 1? cool!

    I’m such a huge, huge fan! I find so much inspriation here… whenever I’ve lost my mojo (which is more than I like to admit), I come here to get the juices flowing.

    Congrats on such a momentous milestone!

  2. Congratulations on reaching such a great milestone! I’ve been visiting your blog for a few weeks now and really, really like what I’ve been seeing. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing lots more beautiful creations! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Wow, I am #3. Great blog, I always enjoy reading and lookin’!!


  4. #4 (wow)
    Beate, I just love your blog. I came here daily for all of your wonderful ideas. You ROCK!


  5. #5 Your work is such an inspiration Beate, thanks for sharing with us!

  6. #6 Congrats on 1,800,000, wow thats a lot, but I know why. Beate you have the greatest blog, I love coming here everyday to see your beautiful creations and get inspired by your work and challenges. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. #7 We bought Wii Fit the other day, and it was a rude awakening so I pushed myself too hard trying to get fit in a hurry. I feel your (muscle) pain. May we both get where we want to be soon.

  8. #8 Congrats on so many hits…not that I’m surprised. Your blog is fantastic! You inspire us all!

    How do you find time to workout and walk, and be so creative?? sheesh!

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Lori D.

  9. #9 I would love to win and congratulations on the hits!

  10. #10 I absolutely love your work!!! Congrats on the hits!

  11. #11 Love your challenges and your work! No mystery that you have had so many hits! Congratulations! Is it okay that I am in Canada? Wasn’t sure if you were willing to mail outside of the U.S.

  12. Seriously Beate – you rock! I love checking in on your blog!


  13. Whoo! HOo! I love some of the new Unity Stamps! Let me just go ahead and send you my address! lol!

  14. #14 – Congrats on the hits! WOW – way to go! ~chris

  15. #15 WOW Beate – your number of visits probably don’t represent just how much your talent and creativity inspire the rest of us. Thanks for everything!

  16. #16

    Thanks for the chance to win!! Congrats!!

  17. #17
    Thanks for the chance to win, and for sharing all of the great ideas with us!

  18. How wonderful this is! Congratulations Beate! Here’s to another 1,800,000!!

  19. #19 Beate, congratulations on the milestone! Good for you to get back to working out! I know what you mean about the screaming muscles. Sometimes the initial scream is what is hard to get over!

    Look forward to your next creation!


  20. #20
    Congratulations! So many milestones – you’re posting blog candy so frequently now!

  21. Thank you for the offer and congrats on the numbers. I check in here everyday to see what great work you have posted. #21

  22. #22
    Love you blog and all the inspiration you give me.

  23. #23 Love to see the new inspriations.

  24. #24 Woo Hoo, way to go Beate. There is a reason we keep coming back, you always have something wonderful to share that you or others have created.

  25. #25 Congrats on reaching so many people. I really love your blog, its very inspiring and you have so many great ideas. god bless u and your family

  26. I just love your blog. Great for inspiration.

  27. #27

    Wow Beate – congrats on your milestone. I really do enjoy your blog and your challenges and try to do them every week. Enjoy your weekend.

  28. I think I am #28–yippee, that’s my birthday date, so maybe that will be a lucky number.
    Wowza, 1,800,000!!! Keep up the good work, we love to see what you come up with!

  29. love the blog, Beate! I visit every day! Thanks for the opportunity to win such great blog candy. I have wanted to try Unity Stamps!!

  30. I think I am #30 if its comments + 1!
    Have a great weekend!

  31. Looks like i’m 31. Congrats on the blog hits. I love visiting here.

  32. 32 – congrats on another milestone! i check your blog everyday for some inspiration.

  33. What! 1,800,000!!!! THAT’S ALOT! How awesome is that? You are so talented and creative, I aspire one day to be almost as creative as you! Thanks for the blog candy, Beate. You rock!

    Have a great weekend!


  34. #34- what a lot of hits but it’s no surprise I love reading your blog and seeing all the things you create.

  35. #35= Cpngratulations, I check your blog everyday, I am faithful follower of your talents.

  36. #36 – I check your blog daily, what an inspiration you are. Can’t wait to see your latest masterpieces. Totally AWESOME

  37. #37 – What a great blog. When I am having a block this is the first place I go. Your projects are great! Monday my crazy stamping friends are making your card organizer. Must use that bind-it-all for something.
    Thanks for sharing your great work!!

  38. #38
    Beate, you know I love your projects – and am thankful to have your blog to search through.

    I’m glad the pests are gone today. Wanda


  40. Let’s hope #40 is lucky!!! I enjoy my visits!

  41. I enjoy your site. I am a newbie. I love your personal stories and fun ideas to try. Thanks
    PS I hope I did this right!

  42. #42 WOW, would love to win these. I love flowers. Thanks for a chance. I love visiting your blog. You are so talented. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  43. Congratulations! That’s a ton of hits. Your awesome. πŸ™‚

  44. 44. congrats to you. i love following your blog and have so much respect for military families and the sacrifices they make for us…including killing termites all by yourself πŸ™‚

  45. #45

    Congrats Beate! 1,800,000 hits!!!

  46. You are so energenic and talented, I love looking at your blog everyday. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  47. #47 wow that’s quite the milestone. Congratulations!

  48. Congrats on the walking! I got a Wii Fit today and my “Fit Age” is 53! Needless to say, I will be on that thing a lot!

  49. #49
    I have learned so much from visiting your blog, and am also very grateful for the time you took to give me advice when I first started mine. I so enjoy coming here and taking part in your challenges. I know how much time it takes to run my little blog, and can only imagine how much of your time it takes to run yours for the benefit of all your fans!

    Congratulations on your hit count – amazing number! And a little bit of trivia – Your position at no 5 on the Stamping Top 50 is right next to my local craft shop at number 4(Glitter Pot) – Two of my favourite crafting places together! And flower blog candy – just made for me!LOL!

  50. #50

    Wow — Congrats on so many hits! I’m glad you’re enjoying your workout.=)

  51. Congratulations on so many hits!!! Wow! I love your blog and read it daily. I’ve been working out a lot and walking too! It encourages me to read about other stampers out there trying to stay in shape too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. #52 maybe but I think the numbers are wrong. Anyway, I’m a big fan. Congratulations!

  53. Thanks so much for the chance to win these beautiful stamps.

  54. 54! I am the 54nd person to post! Your blog is inspiration for me….thank you.

  55. #55 … thanks for the chance to win.

  56. #56!! congrats on your milestone! thank you so much for your inspiration!

  57. #57 Congrats, Beate! I don’t always comment, but I do visit almost every day. Awesome blog candy!

  58. #58 I always find the cutest ideas here!

  59. #59 Wow what a huge number!!! Great job with the walk. I hate exercising but I have to do it all the time. Yuk I hate bugs we have carpenter ants!! Cynthia

  60. #60 Congratulations! You have a lot of ideas and things to think about when making cards.

  61. Not a surprise at all… You ROCK!


  62. Love your sketches! I looked forward to them every week it gets my creative juices flowing when I am in a rut! Thanks


  63. #63
    Woww Beate. Congratulations!!!!
    God bless

  64. congrats, first blog that I visit whenever the opportunity arises

  65. You are one inspiring gal!
    Thanks for your time, energy, and creativity!

  66. #66

    Awesome job on the blog and congrats on hitting so many views!

  67. #67 Wow, that is HUGE! You’re right, that must be totally humbling! Well just so you know, I check your blog regularly and am very inspired by you and your work! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Clearly you’ve touched a LOT of people! πŸ™‚

  68. #68 Love the blog, and love those unity stamps! Congrats on yet another milestone, Beate!


  69. #69

    congrats on the workouts. I have started again myself. Found out that I need to get up at 5:30…before everyone else…in order to make sure the workouts get done. Feels good.

    And congrats on all the hits!! :0)

  70. # 70
    I have recently started playing you WSC. Thanks for sharing all your inspiration and ideas with us.
    Thanks also for the chance to ‘grow’ my hobby with these stamps. They look so very fun!

  71. #71 (i think) that’s alotta hits!! great giveaway

  72. #72 Wow… going on 2 million hits! That is a lot! I do enjoy all the things you share… tho I don’t always comment. Thanks for all your great ideas.


  73. #73 Congrats on your hits! Woohoo! What a cute set – I hope I win!! Hugs, Jackie

  74. #74. An amazing amount of hits because your blog is amazing. Always one of my first stops of the day! Thanks for the chance:)

  75. #75 You have inspired me so much over the years. Being legally blind, I am able to slowly read your instuction and do many of your cards..

  76. 76. I would love to win that beautiful set!

  77. Hi Beate! Keep up the good work with working out! I just started again too and WHEW! You forget how both good and bad it can feel! You’re the best and I check into your blog several times a week. You’re such an inspiration!

  78. #78
    I am a huge fan! I love your site and check it just about every day. Thanks for all you do!
    Tammie Koehnen

  79. Wow! Way to go! That is quite a milestone! Love the set you are giving away.
    #79 Becky

  80. #80

    Thanks for a wondeful and inspirational filled blog. I check it every day….maybe more than once. πŸ™‚ Also, thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy. I’ve been curious about this company since I first heard about it a little while ago.

  81. Lucky number 81 here.

    Congrats on the hits – truly amazing!! πŸ™‚

  82. 82? Great blog, as always. Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. #83 Hearty Congratulations on the 1,800,000 blog hits!! Fantastic blog! You are such an inspriration to us all!

  84. I have gotten so much inspiration and learned so many techniques from your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  85. #85 Hi Beate, I really love your BLOG and you are a very talented lady. Thanks for sharing so many ideas with everyone. I hope all the termites disapper real soon.
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  86. It is not a surprise that you are a hit! Between your wonderful inspiration and beautiful personality who wouldn’t want to check in with you daily? I am so excited for you about walking again. I have to get myself back on the wagon as well.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  87. ROTF…I thought as it was a long weekend that MAYBE nobody else was blurfing..I’m #87..LOL
    Congrats on a great readership and content! Here’s to 2,000,000 more!

  88. #88??
    Congrates on the number of posts and getting back to working out.
    It is hard to get back to working out, I can always find something to do besides sweat. I started riding the stationary bike 3 weeks ago, I am up to 4 miles (Hey that’s good considering I have 2 bad knees. lol)
    Thanks for all your great ideas!

  89. Holy Cow!!! That’s one big number – congrats!! We love checking your blog.

  90. #90 from the comments posted.
    Congrats on reaching such a milestone.
    I love visiting your blog for all the wonderful inspiration.
    Your sketches and your Be inspired is great.
    I did your last 2 inspirations and was really inspired by them.

  91. #91 thank you for great inspiration. Congrats! on 1,800,000. That is terrific. Have an awesome day!

  92. Hmm… #92 am I πŸ™‚
    Your cards always inspiring me πŸ™‚

  93. #93 Congrats on the blog hits! Thanks for inspiring on a daily basis!

  94. #94 (I think!) Congratulations on all your hits! Love your blog!

  95. Wow, that’s alot of visits!!! I know you have offered so much inspiration, and helped so many of us, and challenged us! You are so appreciated!
    Thank you for your offer!!!

  96. 96 Congrats on the hits…I enjoy your site as I like the style in which you design. Thanks, Shirley

  97. #97 Congrats on the hits! Thanks for a chance to win.

  98. No wonder your blog is sooooo popular Beate….you share such beautiful work and give us all such inspiration. Thanks for that:0)) Cheers! #98

  99. I do my part to increase your hits – love your site and check it daily (sometimes twice a day). Your work is wonderful.

  100. #100 Happy Hits!!!

  101. #101
    What a milestone
    check your blog daily

  102. I love your site! Thanks for all the great ideas!


  103. #103-I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance and congrats!

  104. #104
    Congratulations on another milestone! I read your blog everyday and look for new ideas and inspiration. Thanks for all your great ideas, and a chance to win some awesome stamps!

  105. #105 – I Love your blog!

  106. Congratulations! your blog is great and your work is amazing! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win this great set.

  107. #107 Thanks for the inspiration, I stop by your blog every day for some new and fresh ideas. Congrats on your blog numbers!

  108. Thanks for the opportunity to win this set… its really cool. I also wanted you to know that I really like your blog, love all your projects.

  109. What a darling set! It looks awesome for backgrounds and such!

  110. #110 I love your blog and so appreciate all the time you put into it! I just stopped by for some sketch inspiration. Thanks!

  111. 111 πŸ™‚ Congrats on the hits and thanks for the chance to win a cute set!

  112. 112 Congratulations….Simply amazing, that is what your are!!!
    Thanks for being my inspiration. Shanna

  113. Congrats on reaching such a fantastic milestone!!!! You are so talented!!! Thank you so much for inspiring us!!!!

  114. #114 Gotta love flower stamps!!! Congrats on the 1.8 million hits πŸ™‚

  115. #115 – Wow, that is a lot of hits to your blog. Congratulations!

  116. #116–WOW~~ 1.8 million hits. I just love your site for ideas.
    Lori in KS

  117. #117 Thanks again for all your work – I love your ideas – and appreciate your sharing with us all. Claudia

  118. #118 – I really love the work that you do. I love the tutorials you do on Wednesday for Splitcoaststampers. It is so much fun to see the great 3-d and card projects you do! Thanks for being creative and sharing that with us!

  119. #119 – What an adorable and versatile set of stamps! Love this blog.

  120. #120 – Congrats! I love your ideas. I visit daily.

  121. #121 Congrats on your wonderful blog. You are listed number one in my huge list. Yours is the ONLY one I check every day, most days more than once.
    I appreciate all the time you must spend to entertain and educate so many of us less creative souls. Your creativity is a gift.
    Thank you, Beth

  122. #122-Congrats! Love your ideas. New to Stamping and loving it.

  123. #123 – Holy Moly that is an awsome milestone to reach. I truely enjoy visiting your blog regularly. I am amazed that you are able to create something new every day to post. Amazing!

    Charmaine G

  124. #124 ~ This is an awesome blog candy offer. I love your blog and challenges.

  125. #125 – I love your blog. You offer such inspiration to all of us and your challenges are fun! I feel a connection to your area to – Niceville – as I have lots of family in the Fort Walton Beach / Navarre area / Crestview. My grandparents retired near Eglin AFB in 1959. My grandpa was a Chief Warrant Office in the US Army. They still love the area although it’s sure grown over the decades!

  126. #126 Wow! Let me win, yeah! Thanks for letting me visit!

  127. #127
    Wow it seems as though you were just celebrating a blog hit number. Your blog is great and you have many fans, including me!

  128. 128

  129. 129
    You are on my google reader and i get excited to see when you have updated!

  130. 130

    CONGRATS on all the hits, Beate! We love ya!

  131. I love your blog. I discovered it a few months ago and check it often to view your wonderful designs. Your “About Me” section also caught my attention since you are a fellow military spouse, are from Germany (I lived in Hanau for 3 yrs), and have lived in San Antonio (where my husband and I call home). I just thought that was so ironic! Most of all, your work is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  132. 132 Woohoo! Way to go, Beate! πŸ™‚ That’s a cool set! You’re so generous! Keep up the walking! I miss it, I better get off my bum. (Thanks for the inspiration, chica!)

  133. Congratulations! That’s an amazingly huge number!


  134. No idea if I am #134, but it’s the number that make sense. So glad people are visiting your blog and giving you the recognition you so deserve. Congrats!

  135. 135 ~ whoa!!!! congrats on all the comments and can i just say “pick me! pick me!!!”. hehe!

  136. #136 Congrats and thanks for the opportunity to win some new rubber!

  137. #137…I love your blog! Congrats to the 1,800,000 hits.

    Have a wonderful day!

  138. 138, hope that is right and keep on blogging! Yours is one of my favorites!

  139. #139
    I too am a fan of yours. Love your work and find you to be a hugh inspiritation. Thank you for the chance to win a new flower set…which is very cute and could be lots of fun to play with.
    Stampin’ Smiles!

  140. #140
    Wow! Congrats!! I love your blog – you have such great ideas to inspire. Thanks for keeping up with it.

  141. #141… Counter Number 1802290…

    Love looking at your blog. I am recently new to it, but have been looking since becoming a member of your yahoo group.

  142. #142 Thank you for your inspiration! Congratulations!

  143. #143 thanks beate for the inspiration and congratultions on the milestone! teresa*~*

  144. #144,

    Congratulations on the blog hits. Thanks for inspiring others to think beyond their stamping style, and for encouraging others to try new techniques, sketches and so much more.

  145. #145 – Congratulations,well done, I have just added you to my favouties list.

  146. post 146
    Hello Beate and CONGRATULATIONS on your great success in blogging! You really are very good at it and you have one of the best stamping blogs out there. I especially love your search capabilities. I’ve used that quite a bit on your blog and really appreciate it. You are so talented and we are all better stampers because of your contributions to the craft! Thanks for the great blog candy too. πŸ™‚

    barb hendrickson
    [email protected]

  147. 147 You have so much talent. i read your blog daily and get alot of inspiration from you. Susan

  148. 148 I cant believe how wonderful all your creations are…I check your blog daily for ideas…and I really love your sketch challenges! You are awesome, keep up the good work!
    Amy Moore
    [email protected]

  149. 149 Wowsa…that is a LOT of blog hits! Congrats! πŸ˜€ I’m working out lately on my new Wii Fit. OH MY WORD! It is so much fun! LOL!

  150. #150 Thanks, Beate. I never miss a day!

  151. #151

    Congrats on all the hits! You’ve got a wonderful blog.

  152. 152 Wow…you’re so popular!!! (and with good reason) Thanks again for all you do.

  153. #153 I believe! Thanks so much for your blog! Love reading it and love all the tutorials on SCS! Jeanne

  154. #154 Congrats on ALL those hits!!!!!!!! WOW… you ROCK! Love your blog and all your wonderful tips. Keep em’ coming!
    Jenn πŸ™‚

  155. #155 Congrats on your blog hits. Love your blog!
    ~Crystal M.

  156. Wow what a great set. Have a nice day beate!

  157. Congrats on all the hits!! That is so awesome. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a cute set!!

  158. #158
    Thanks for the inspiration that you are!

  159. That makes me 159. You have a great blog and love your tutorials. Thanks.

  160. #160
    WOW!!! you go girl!!! you inspire so many! you are always my first stop and i am NEVER disappointed!! i appreciate the personal messages just as much as the stamping…thank you for sharing that part of your life too!!! package to rick is going in the mail on tuesday!!! πŸ™‚

  161. #161 ( I think) Congrats!!! Beate. Your blog is inspiring.Since a friend told me about your blog, I have looking every day to see what creation you have created.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Have a GREAT Weekend.

  162. #162 – Congratulations. I’m not surprised, once the word gets out about an outstanding blog watch-out! Love it and thank-you.

  163. #163
    Congrats!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration you spread!!
    Keep it coming!! πŸ™‚

  164. #164
    Love your blog and your weekend challenges! Congrats! Keep bloggin’!!

  165. #165 I love your blog and read it weekly!

  166. Beate- Way to go on the milestone. Keep up the wonderful work.


  167. comment #167

    I love your blog – you are a great inspiration

  168. Congratulations on all the visits to your blog! Thanks for continuing to share and to inspire us.
    Entry #168

  169. comment 169

    Congrats Beate on reaching such a phenomenal number of FANS!
    And thankyou for some great inspiration.

  170. Hello,

    I luuuuuv your postings, can always find something to keep me happy & stamping. You’re so talented, no surpise that you reached another milestone on your blog.
    Thanks for the “candy”

  171. #171

    WOW- Congrats on your number (and your fitness!!)

    Love your blog! and your sketches

  172. You have such a great blog! I check it every morning on my coffee break at work!
    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects.

  173. #173
    Congrats Beate! And way to go on the working out. I should probably do a little more of that, but the stamp table always calls first!

  174. #174
    Thank you so much for the inspiration! You work is incredible!

  175. #175 I look forward to all your ideas. Thanks for your creativity.

  176. #176

    Pick me- I am your #1 fan πŸ™‚

  177. 177 and going to bed. Meet me for a morning run? I am in Michigan and getting up early to beat the crowds at the gym (ha ha) I will be the only one on the track.

  178. 178 and I SHOULD be in bed! But just had to post for a chance to win! Love your blog! Thanks.

  179. #179

    WOW you rock. I love your blog. Thanks for all the great posts.. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing Rick with all of America!!! We are so proud of him.

  180. #180
    That’s awesome Beate. Thanks for all the inspiration, hope you keep going for ages yet!

  181. #181 First time posting, I love your work. Your blog is awesome.
    And you are my American Idol. Please keep up the amazing work.

  182. #182. I love all your work. I love your blog. Keep it up and Conrats.
    Michelle T

  183. Congratulations, Beate!! You do amazing work!!!

  184. #184
    Awesome blog, your so creative
    enjoy visiting everyday

  185. #185, Wow, congratulations for reaching so many visits! Although I do have to say I am not surprised. When I get a chance to look at blogs I always go to yours first.


  186. # 186!

    congrats on the hits!

  187. #187

    What a great blog I’ve stumbled upon, so much creativity!

  188. #188: Congrats on your wonderful blog. I am always inspired here.

  189. #189 – Ihope your walk ends up making you feel better later on Beate. Glad the termites have vamooshed!

  190. Thanks for a chance to win!
    Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  191. #191 Just love your website, thanks for sharing all your good ideas on stamping.

  192. #192
    You are so awesome…Unity Stamps wow!! Thank you for all that you share >”<

  193. 193
    Congrats on such a wonderful milestone! I really enjoy your blog and your amazing talent. Thank you for sharing so much here for the rest of us to learn and grow!!
    Thanks, Karen U

  194. #194
    I just “found” your blog…I always look on SCS before bed and couldn’t get on the site so I was looking around and found you! Thanks for the inspiration!

  195. 195–wow how awesome for you…thank you for being an inspiration…

  196. 196
    I love looking at your blog. You have such wonderful tutorials and very inspiring work.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.


  197. #197 – Thanks so much for your inspiration!!! I look forward to your reading you blog everyday.



  198. The counting here has gone wrong. I should have been #201 but better be #202 to avoid confusion. Good job your blog counter does better that we do. Well done on the milestone Beate – we can’t keep away because you post such great stuff. Hope the muscles improve soon! Janine


  199. awwwww… I never win anything… but just in case.
    thank you for your inspiration~!

  200. 200 Just so interesting I spend too much time at your blog!

  201. Comment 200 + 1 = 201 — I’m just a Stampin’ Up hobby person. Thank you for providing such wonderful and creative ideas on your website. I love visiting and am always amazed by your creativity. I also love how you provide web links to other stampers’ websites. I love visiting those as well but yours is always the first I visit.

    Yolanda Bauer
    16 yr resident of Boston, MA (by way of San Antonio, TX)

  202. Wow what a huge abount of hits to your blog. I guess I am not the only one who is a huge fan and loves to visit each day. Thanks for the lovely opportunity to win a Unity Stamp Set.


  203. #203
    Congrats on your hits!!! I wonder how many are actually mine? LOL!
    Thanks for the chance and all the wonderful inspiration.
    Allison L
    [email protected]

  204. #204–WOW! Nearly 2,000,000 views! That is UNBELIEVEABLE! Thanks for all you do to motivate and inspire me to new creativity! I am grateful for your time!

  205. Your challenges are unique and help us out of our comfort zones.

  206. #206 – I so enjoy your art. You are so clever. If I only wish I had some of your talent in mu little finger. I learn for much from your blogs.

    (SCS JudyOR)

  207. What an amazing accomplishment!!! Congrats!!! Thank you for offering the wonderful blog candy!!

  208. Congrats on so many hits – no surprise because we all love your work! Thank you!

  209. 209…Amazing!!! Congratulations!! Enjoy your weekend.

  210. #210 Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your lovely works of art …very inspiring! Barb

  211. #211 I love your blog! YOur sketches are the best! Congrats on your hits and getting rid of most of those nasty crawlers!! πŸ™‚ -Molly B

  212. #212 Congratulations on your successful blog! I am inspired by your work. ~Judy B.

  213. I love your website. I visit it daily for inspiration. Congratulations on reaching a big milestone!

  214. 214 Congrats on the huge #. Love viewing your entries! Thank you.

  215. Congratulations! Thanks for the blog candy!

    -Nancy Ann


  216. #216- LOVE to see your work – thanks for the inspiration!

  217. 217 -Visiting your blog is always a pleasure with lots of variety to give us inspiration.

  218. #222 – all the two’s…is that lucky I wonder? Thanks for all the inspiration.

  219. #219 Before you know it you will have reached to 2 million mark. I visit your blog everyday and love all of the ideas you share with us. Nancy

  220. #220 – LOVE this set and would be so thrilled to win it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  221. #221 – I visit your blog every day, I love all your cards and congratulations for the big #.


  222. #222
    wow! 1.8 million is a huge number to comprehend. But you and your work is simply amazing. Thank you for just being you πŸ™‚

  223. #223 ??? Congrats! Hope you get the termites taken care of! Thanks for the chance to win the stamp set!

  224. #224 I visit your site daily! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  225. 225 – I am not shocked at the number! You do so much to keep us creating! Thanks

  226. No wonder you can’t get any stampin’ done with all these wonderful and kind posts! Your work really does help creative juices begin to flow. And you should never apologize for not posting a stamped sample…the fact that you share on a daily basis is truly awesome.
    –first time poster, though I visit many times a week!

  227. #227 – Congrats on getting back into shape! I too did a 11km bike ride and my bum is paying for it this morning! Congrats on your blog hits… wow… that’s a lot!
    [email protected]

  228. congratulations!!! i love your blog!

  229. #229 – Thanks for your incredible blog! I try to check it every day and am just amazed at your posts. I have gained some really great card creating knowledge thanks to you.

  230. #230 – Enjoy your blog all the time. Thanks for this chance to win!

  231. 231 Congrats on your hits but it doesnot surprise me…your a leader in the field. …all that knowledge inside one talented lady. Again congrats. and please keep sharing.

  232. #232 – It feels great to start getting in shape, doesn’t it?? Congrats on your efforts!

  233. 233# wow Great job on your blog! keep up the good work.

  234. #234Congratulations Beate – it’s not surprising you have so many fans – your work is awesome. I love your blog, and love visiting each day to see what you have to show us. All the best.
    Anne – [email protected]

  235. #235 – Congrats on the popularity of your blog.. It is awesome and well deserved! Thank you for the time you spend to help educate us, too!

  236. Hi Beate, Congratulations!! I love your blog & regularly check in to see what’s new and for ideas. Keep it up!

  237. #237 Sounds like you have been a busy person. Best of luck dear

  238. Congratulations Beate on such a huge number. Your blog is definitely an inspiration to stampers everywhere.


  239. #239. Good job on walking- I need to do the same, maybe you will motivate me! Thanks for all you do to inspire us all!

  240. My dear, it is our pleasure to look on you each day. I look forward to it. Glad that you can get out and exercise. I sure am trying to do that myself. Have a great day and Memorial Weekend.

  241. Congratulations on reaching the 1.8M hits. I love visiting your blog daily.

  242. #242 – Thanks for you wonderful blog. I love looking at the cards you create, as well as the cards you receive from others. Keep up the walking, too!

  243. Hope I’m not too late. Congrats on your 1,800,000 mark – that’s a LOT of 0’s. Love your site, especially your color sense.

  244. #244 Wow taht is alot of hits!!! Congrats!!! Love coming to visit you and seeing all the beautiful work.

  245. #245 Congratulations on the milestone!

  246. #246….wow…love your site…got to it almost everyday…Suzanne

  247. 247 We love you Beate!

  248. Congratulations on starting your workouts again. Feels good, doesn’t it? I wonder why we can’t seem to just keep up the workouts when we do get such a great feeling from them? I’ve been craving a workout, but am 6 months pregnant and it’s not such a good time to start up again!
    Thanks for offering the great blog candy and congratulations on your hits!
    I should be post #248

  249. 249 Congratulations, that is amazing!! You do beautiful work!

  250. #250 I just love your blog and all your gorgeous creations!! Congrats on all your hits…..check it daily!! Thanks for the chance!

    Cindy C.
    [email protected]

  251. #251 Your blog is one of the very best and I visit you everyday! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent!

  252. 252
    Wow…that is an amazing amount of hits.

  253. #253 – Congrats on your hit record! I saw on PBS yesterday that they are trying to combat termites with killer ants in Africa – that’s an option I guess but I’m not sure which is worse…just a suggestion for ‘ya πŸ™‚

  254. #254…vielen dank fuer alles das du machst!!!

  255. #255 Wow congrats on so many hits. I love your blog. And I can’t believe you’re sharing your unity stamps with us. They are awesome!

  256. #256 Congrats on all your hits. I, like many others love your blog. You always have such wonderful things to see and try. Thank you!!

  257. I love your ideas!! I can see ehy you have hit your mark. Anyone that has not seen your things is missing out!!Lisa A #256

  258. #258

    Congrats! Your blog is full of inspiration and I love checking in e everyday. That is a cute stamp set. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  259. #259 Congrats on your awesome milestone. Though I’m not surprised–you always have such great ideas and techniques to share. Glad to hear the termites are lessening, maybe you can get some sleep tonight.

  260. # 260 ~ You have the best blog EVER!!!

  261. Hello Beate. What an adorable set. I love it. Hope you all have a great summer!! Will be watching your blog for more neat ideas!! πŸ˜‰


  262. #262
    Congrats Beate! πŸ˜€ That’s a lot of hits! You deserve every one of them though. You are incredibly talented! πŸ˜€

  263. #263 (#260 was posted twice so I am guessing that I am #263 and not #262?)
    Love to check in to your blog for all your great ideas. Glad to hear you had a pleasant evening with the kids.

  264. I love your blog and I check it every day. Congratulations on your milestone and thank you for inspiring so many of us.

    Good luck with those termites. I can totally relate!

    Donna Brown

  265. #265 I love your blog, so much information

  266. #266 – thanks for inspiring me each day…love your colour combos!! Have a wonderful Sunday…

    Moe, from Canada

  267. 267 – OH! This set looks like a fun one! I love stamping flowers

  268. #268 Way to go on working out. It normally feels so good, but yet it seems so hard to do it! I already have 3 sets by Unity and would love another!!

  269. #269 – great sight…find much inspiration. congratulations on having such great success. the hard work is most definatly noticed.

  270. #270 Your blog is such an inspiriation to me. Thanks for posting.

  271. 271… oh wow that is so great… love visiting your blog

  272. Sunday morning check-in. Great blog and love all your samples. Just got back on the exercise track myself, can empathize with the sore muscles. Last night too sore to even mount my die-cut Fresh Cuts! Pitiful, huh?

    Go kick some termite butt!


  273. #273 Wow, you are really closing in on the 2 million mark. That is amazing! Congratulations on 1.8 million!!

  274. Congratulations! A huge thank you for all the time you take to share with everyone!

  275. Thanks for all the inspiration you give me in sharing your creative gift!


  276. Congratulations on reaching another milestone. I am 276. I really enjoy your blog.

  277. #277…..YOU are the reason I enjoy SCS so much! Plus, you’ve turned me on to so many blogs; how could I EVER get stuck for an idea? Thanks for the chance to win a fabulous stamp set and for sharing your creativity with us.

  278. #278
    Congrats, Congrats, and CONGRATS on this milestone! I think your blog is the most viewed one that I know of. I just love your creative and inspiring artwork. Plus all the things you do for SCS. YOU TOTALLY ROCK! Thanks for a chance at your celebration candy.

  279. #279 Thanks for the chance to win! Your numbers are awesome!

  280. #280….Thanks so much for the chance! I love checking in with you! You are so inspiring…creatively and personally! You are a strong woman!

  281. WOW I’m number #281

    Thanks so much for the daily inspiration and the chance at some goodies! {sMILES}

  282. Wow what an accomplishment! Congratulations on your milestone. I’m sure it will triple in no time.:)

  283. Congratulations on reaching your milestone! I love your blog and would be happy to own this stamp set. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I think I’m #283.

  284. Wow, what a great milestone! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

  285. #285

    Congrats, Beate!!

    I love visiting your blog and seeing all your amazing projects; you’re such an inspiration!

    Thanks for the chance to win; you ROCK!!

  286. #286 Congrats Beate! Thanks for the chance!
    Michelle Adams

  287. #287 – Count me in! Looks like not EVERYBODY’s traveling on the extended weekend! LOL!

  288. #288 Unity has some really great stamps! Crossing my fingers! Good luck with the new workouts too!

  289. #289
    Congrats on all the hits and a bigger congrats on getting back to workouts!!! You go girl!
    I love the scrapbook page you did – that is an amazing photo.
    Have a great day.

  290. Congrats on the great milestone. I love looking at all of your ideas. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Sally Davis

  291. #291 Congrats on the hits! Thanks for all your great ideas, I love coming to your blog!

  292. #292 I love your blog! Congratulations on all the hits. Thanks for a chance to win.

  293. #293 Congratulations on all your Blog hits. I really enjoy all the great ideas you have. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  294. #294
    Congrats! You are in “my favorites” and I enjoy every time I come to see what you have new. I LOVE our visits and your creativity. Keep it up and have a great week!

  295. #295

    Those Unity stamps are cuuuuute! And I’m not surprised you have so many blog hits, your stuff is always great. πŸ™‚

  296. # 296

    I read you blog everday. I always like everything on it!!!
    your do such beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with everyone.

  297. #297
    I really enjoy your site. It is always great. Congrats on the number of hits.

  298. #298

    I look forward to you posts everyday…. My one guilty pleasure at work is checking my personal e-mail to read your latest post

  299. #299 – Hope I’m not too late! I love your site and love all you do to inspire me, even when I don’t have time to stamp!!!

  300. #300 Yeah, thanks for the great giveaway.

  301. 301 – I love Unity stamps but don’t have any yet. Thanks for offering blog candy.

    Shannon T

  302. #302
    Thanks for writing your blog! Always great to read. Congrats on such awesome numbers!!!!

  303. #303
    Congrats! You are an inspiration to me. I love your work. How very thoughtful to reward your readers. Keep creating!

    Gigi Gardner

  304. #304 Congrats on all your success!!!! i look forward to your ideas and inspiration everyday!

  305. Love checking out you master pieces! Congrats on so many hits!

  306. #306-
    Congrats on the hits! And on getting back to working out. I desperately need to do the same!

  307. #307-love love love this blog.

  308. #308
    Don’t miss the termite season in Fl! Thanks for sharing your success with all your fans. And I think it is safe to say you have many.


  309. #309 Congratulations on the number of hits. You are such an inspiration!

  310. #310

    Wow, 1,800,000 – that is fantastic! Congrats!

  311. #311 Thanks for your inspiring website! Corinne Somerville got me hooked on it! I’m a new demo and am always referring to your site for ideas and encouragement. Keep up the good work!

  312. 312 Love your blog and gets lots of ideas from reading it. Would love to win.

  313. 313 Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

  314. 314 I love your blog and sketches, and I always get lots of ideas! Congrats on the hits!!! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!

  315. number 315 her. Just finished working on my card for your sketch challenge and happened to see this great giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  316. #316- Wow that’s amazing! That’s a lot of hits. I enjoy your blog so much.

  317. #317 Thanks so much for the chance to win! You blog is always a treat to read!

  318. #318 – Wow, congrats on your huge milestone. You deserve it–your work is so awesome!!!

  319. #319 – Love visiting your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

  320. #320
    Holy Smokes!!! What an accomplishment! Congratulations and keep up the wonderful work!! Thanks for celebrating with your readers!

  321. #321 – Thanks for the inspiration and knowledge you continue to share with us. I’m so glad to hear the termites are disappearing. Thank you for the chance to win.

  322. #322
    What a great stamp set to offer your readers.
    You are a very talented person.

  323. #323 – What a fab stamp to offer – I just found Unity Stamps, and I want them ALL!!!

  324. #324 Congratulations Beate!!! This just shows what a talented person you are. So many of us come to your blog daily to see your beautiful creations, and learn new things from you.

  325. #325 I LOVE your blog! Congrats on 1.8 million — wow, that’s a lot! But I’m not surprised as you always have great cards, layouts, personal stories — a little bit of everything!

  326. #326 Your blog is one of my favorites! Can’t wait to check it out for new inspiration every day.

  327. #327
    congrats on that number! its incredible! keep up the great work!! =]

  328. #328
    WOW!!! This is such a great site. Love visiting as often as possible, lately not as often as I like. Congratulations and blessings!


  329. #329

    That is a HUGE number. I am amazed that you have the energy to do all that you do to contribute to the blogging world. You are a Splitcoast stampers ICON!

  330. #330 Hooray! for you!! That is fantastic.. and so good that you are back exercising.. Your health is more important that paper – right?!? ~Beverly

  331. #331 Wow, what an amazing number of hits! Not surprising though, your art is amazing. Congrats!!!

  332. Congratulations on all of your blog hits! I always enjoy viewing your blog and beautiful project!

  333. Wow, it amazes me how fast your hits grow. Just shows how much you are loved!! Thanks for the chance at great candy!

  334. Thank you for sharing all your talent with us. Congratulations.

  335. Love your ideas!!


  336. Beate, Congratulations on your enourmous amount of hits. Whenever I am blue or need some inspiration I visit your site. Splitcoast has some amazing talented people

  337. #337

    Congrats on hitting such a huge number!! I love to see your ideas and get great inspirtation from your creativity πŸ™‚

  338. Congrats on so many hits – ahhh success! You have a great thing going here. I love to visit. 338 – Is my guess at a number after looking at the last couple of entries – it is probably way off. Have a great day!

  339. Beate~ Your Blog is amazing. I have a few that I must check each day, Yours in #1! You inspire and challenge me. thank you so much for being willing to share with us!

  340. #340 Thanks for the chance at the stamps. I’ve been reading about the Unity company and they sound interesting. Thanks so much for your inspiration and for sharing your talents.

  341. Wow, congrats on the #’s! Your blog is truly awesome! It is so sweet of you to offer us Free Freebies after all the free inspiration you give us daily!


  342. #342 Still love browsing your creations! Congrats on the phenomenal blog hit number!

  343. #343 This is awesome! Congrats, pretty big number.

  344. #344 Great give-away, Beate! And congrats on all your visitors!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS!

  345. #345
    You ROCK!!!! The guru of the Stampin’ World. Thanks for all your ideas and for sharing you unlimited talents with us!

  346. 346 Hope I’m not too late… but why would Random pick the last number anyway! Thanks for all your hard work and cute cards. Love the fresh cuts!

  347. 347 – Love your inspirations! Congrats on so many visitors. I’m so glad I found you. Sorry to hear about the termites. I feel for you. Good luck.

  348. #348 Congratulations Beate!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  349. #349 – Woo, hit the 1,800,000!
    Congrats! It is no surprise it hits it fast,
    ’cause your site and your creativitiness is
    Whether you give out freebies or not,
    I would still give you this comment as an encouragement
    and appreciation.
    I especially like your banner, it is fresh as it has been.

  350. #350

    Congrats!! I love your site and visit as often as I can. You are truly an inspiration to all of us at SCS.

    Lost in the 60’s

  351. #351

    Wowzers, what a milestone! Congratulations, Beate!

  352. #352

    I LOVE yoru blog and appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. And once and a while I even find myself with time to participate in your Weekend Sketches!

    Keep up the great work!

  353. Love your blog and the details you put into the ideas. Thank you.

  354. #354 Congrats on your milestone! Love your blog

  355. Oh my heavens, that’s a big success. Congratulations. I’m one of your faithful subscribers–a silent one who does read your blog every day over a cup of coffee.

  356. WOW!!!! #356…I too like the others am faithful….YOU make me realize that I too somewhere deep inside have a little craftiness!!! I just started about a year ago but you have helped me love this craft. Thank-you for all you do!!!

  357. #358…….Huge fan of yours, I visit your blog almost daily. Thank you!

  358. #357 Ok, I messed up the numbers, I should have been #357. Sorry…….

  359. Love you blog and I just love when I get in my inbox and you have updated it… Keep up the great work…


  360. #360 I just love visiting your blog. You are so creative and inspiring. I guess I quietly observe most of the time and I do CASE many of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  361. #361
    Glad you are working out again. now that our weather is getting nice i’m going to be walking the baby in her stroller!
    thanks for sharing your art work with us
    SCS belledancr
    [email protected]

  362. #362

    Love your ideas Beate and your great tutorials.


  363. Congrats on the blog hits!! Love your work!

  364. #364
    CONGRATS on the 1.8 million, that’s awesome. thanks for the chance to win the awesome blog candy.

  365. #365

    Congrats girl!!!!!!

  366. vorrei tanto almeno una volta nella vita avere un pΓ² di fortuna per riuscire a vincere qualcosa,
    e spero tanto che questa sia la volta giusta….BLOG CANDY KISS ME

  367. kiss me fortuna

  368. # 366
    Love the site. Great blogs.. Would love to win something.. just like a lot of people im sure.. lol
    Thanks for the great stuff

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